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  • Weigh In Day: PW (Previous Weight): 319.8 CW (Current Weight): 317.4
  • Weigh In Day: PW (Previous Weight): 31.8 CW (Current Weight): 319 I was out if town without a scale last week and I have a sinus infection this week so I'm surprised that between travel, stress and sick that I'm not up more on the scale.
  • Weigh In Day: PW (Previous Weight): 319.7 CW (Current Weight): 318.8 I didn't sleep well this week as I'm in an hour early for training and did a bit of depression eating yesterday (because we found out our rent is going up over $200 :cry: ) so I was happily surprised there was still a loss!
  • Weigh In Day: PW (Previous Weight): 321 CW (Current Weight): 319.7 Finally, after a week of ounce fluctuations! Next week I'm training new people so my challenge will be to meal prep for an entire week.
  • Weigh In Day: PW (Previous Weight): 321.2 CW (Current Weight): 321 Crappy nights sleep plus introduction of a lot of walking methinks led to a lower weigh in. Clothes have definitely felt a little different.
  • Weigh In Day: PW (Previous Weight): 323 CW (Current Weight): 321.2
  • Thanks for the welcome. I'm in it to...err lose it! I hope everyone existing closes out April doing their best!
  • The storyline for this one was so creepy. Due to family issues I wasn't able to get into the actual race during the time, I just did it yesterday. So glad I did it during the day.
  • That #13.30 thread turned interesting, which is how I had hoped when it started. :smile: There are also many websites online for those who need to keep the budget low - just keep in mind they aren't necessarily low calorie, so use the recipe builder in MFP to play around with ingredients!
  • This makes me sad. The nearest store that sells the ice cream is 7 miles and not the nicest of stores (an old BI-LO). Might have to suck it up and grab some.
  • MFP does not take into account your exercise (not sure if that's what you meant). The NEAT method MFP uses is Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. If you're not using a really good accurate band or strap that calculates your burn, the 50% is to be safe in the margin of calories as MFP (and other exercise websites) are just…
  • Unless you're wearing the same thing every day (ew), clothes matter due to the added weight they can give. Shimmy down and take it all off, weigh in, put it back on. Edit: Unless it's the emperor's new clothes.
  • After I start getting better, I tend to be a little more hungry than normal. I would eat at maintenance for a few days to help your body recover, then head back to the salt mines. :smiley:
  • Did you not eat a lot while you were in the throes of infection?
  • Every once in awhile is not so bad, but fairly often/frequently/daily is not so great. I have myself eaten under 1200 when I've been stressed/overly worried, but I usually end up making up for it at some point during the week because I'm hungry. To try and hit 1200 consistently, add in some of the foods in the list of…
  • You can also go into the Reports portion of the forum (on the website, not the app I don't believe) and there is an option to export so you can extrapolate the data to use in excel (or whatever version you use). And if you need assistance on charting information on excel, Google searching is your friend (I hate you pivot…
  • If you're using MFP to calculate your calories, it uses NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), so if you are moderate WITHOUT exercise, then select that option absolutely, if you normally are not then go through and recalculate. Again, you should be at roughly .5lb/week loss when having MFP calculate your information.…
  • As @VintageFeline said, it's against the terms and also the Community Guidelines. 1200 at least ensures that you are getting enough nutrition/calories for your body.
  • Depends on the weight. Mine is sedentary and at 2lb/week I'm at around 1500, at 1.5 I'm at 1700. OP, 2 weeks in the grand scheme of things is a small slice. A really annoying one, don't get me wrong, when you want to see a loss. If you keep looking around the forum you'll find many similar posts like yours, or where people…
  • Stress of getting ready for vacation, travel for vacation, eating potentially salty food, travel back home, stress after getting home and having a billion things to do. How long ago did you get back? It's quite possible it wasn't from food, and you should see it dwindle down.
  • Depends. I like weighing every day (sometimes I forget - the horror!) to see the general trend. Yay graph! Some people get anxiety, frustrated, etc. over weighing every day, those are the people that should step away from the scale. :smiley: A friend of mine, whom I love to death but keeps vacillating on doing well then…
  • Ugh that's so annoying. Thanks standardized clothing sizing. :frowning: But I'm the same way. One pair loose, 1 pair semi-ok, other pair tighttighttight. I also loose similarly. Neck/Shoulders, cheeks, hands and feet have noticeable differences. I went down 2 shoe sizes, so annoying. My yoga mantra of "take it off the…
  • Are you taking Armor? I've been thinking about asking for that. I agree with @Psychgrrl if not asking for T3, to make sure they're at least testing both T3 and T4 as they both need to be in range and often they only check T4. Tighten up that logging and make sure it's accurate (double check entries when you can - entries…
  • I meal prep for lunches as I generally eat the same thing for breakfast. If you buy for the month, then you have a lot of options of things to prepare. If you google "meal prep month" there are several sights that come up, some have better recipes than other (for losing weight) but it will help you get an idea of the…
  • Go out on a limb and suggest 'food'?
  • Agreed, and perhaps a reasoning of why you don't eat them too
  • I was pointed to flax seed to add more fiber to my diet, and the pill form I never really saw recommended. It'd be cheaper just to get some flax seeds and a mortar/pestle or inexpensive coffee grinder (as you get better nutrients when it's broken up) and add it to your food.
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  • Eat the foods. Any of the foods. Eat at a calorie deficit. If you're just trying to lose weight, then macros don't matter. If you're not already, get a food scale so that you know you're as accurate as possible. Double check the entries, as they are user created sometimes they are incorrect ( frustrating) With…
  • Haven't heard at it, I'm bad at fasting. My body likes food. :smiley: I'm somewhat jealous of those that can! Regardless, keep an eye on your food and make sure it's being inputted correctly as even with a fast if you're over calories it won't help.