Best way to analyze My Fitness charts

Ever since I had a stroke in Oct of 2016, I kept a close record of what I ate and how I worked out on My Fitness Pal. The problem is, I lost weight and gained it back. I need to keep it off.
Is there a way to analyze the data I've recorded and find a better plan?


  • CaladriaNapea
    CaladriaNapea Posts: 140 Member
    I use an Excel spreadsheet, in which I record my calorie intake, exercise calories burned, my daily weigh-ins (and the caloric loss they show), as well as my Fitbit information with my estimated TDEE (from Fitbit and my heart rate monitor), my estimated prediction for weight loss, versus my actual weight loss and what that shows about what my average TDEE has actually been for the last thirty days. It took less than an hour to set up (most of that time was entering data) and it provides a fairly accurate examination of what I thought would happen contrasted against the reality check of my actual weight loss.
    If you made your own Excel spreadsheet, it could help you examine your data and real-world results and see where you went wrong.

    Good luck!
  • Afura
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    You can also go into the Reports portion of the forum (on the website, not the app I don't believe) and there is an option to export so you can extrapolate the data to use in excel (or whatever version you use). And if you need assistance on charting information on excel, Google searching is your friend (I hate you pivot tables!).