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  • Second Chucks. They're flat and great to lift in
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  • Thanks so much for all the advice! I'm currently doing NROLFW again and hoping to do the three times a week. But I'll make sure to drop to two if gets too much When home am doing long walks around my parents place, they live on a golf course so lots of space! Will prob also buy a Kettlebell while over there. My stretching…
  • I have been stretching daily and just added a morning one. Just a 10 minute YouTube video. It's been building up. I've been riding daily for a few months and gyming in the arvo 4/5 times a week. My only 'worry' is while I'm home for Xmas I'll get out of the habbit! The DOMS this morning after doing proper weights are…
  • One clarification the ride is 20 min each way, so 40 total.
  • Charge HR is amazing. It might not be as accurate as a chest strap but chest straps are horrible to exercise in IMO
  • I love my Charge HR. It gives me a better idea on what I'm actually burning. (I ride to work 20 min each way. MapMyRide and MFP tell me I should be burning between 300-400 calories on that ride. I average 185. It gives me a better estimate for my TDEE
  • Riding my bike outside. I commute to work so I do 14km each day. Plus a 40km ride on the weekend. I LOVE it. With every fiber of my being. Get me on a stationary bike and I hate it. In the gym really love my HIIT classes. Did love my Kettlebells but my gym no longer offers that class
  • If you're eating 1600 calories and then burning 400/500 calories (entirely possible in gym classes) it's likely you might not be eating enough. Up your calories and see if that helps.
  • When I say Kettlebells class it's a HIIT class that uses Kettlebells. It's a class that makes me feel amazing and I really love it. I'm thinking from the advice I'm getting so far that what I'm doing isn't ideal but will maintain muscle. I might continue with it for the rest of the year and then reevaluate in 2016
  • I have a goal of under 100kg by the time I go home for Xmas. That's about 2kg in a month. I also want to be at a healthy weight by Xmas next year. That's about 30kg in a year. I also think that's doable. I do better when I have plans.
  • Thanks for all the advice guys! My main focus right now is muscle prevention. My main goal for weight loss is looks. (I want that toned fit look I know you can only get with weights) tHe best thing I can do for that right now is lose weight. Once I'm closer to my goal I want to do heavier weights (I've done NROLFW before)…
  • I am! I'm doing a challenge at my gym and on week 5. Ive lost 'only' 2/3kg but my clothes are looser, and everyone is commenting. My face in particular is getting smaller. Deb only been doing Pump for five/six weeks. Am working my way up but am currently working on squat form. I had issues with not getting my knees over my…
  • It does. It's an hour of doing weights set to music. Most I do is about 10kg on squats but there's something like 600-800 repititions each class. I enjoy weights but right now my focus is on losing weight. I still have 30kg to lose so I want to maintain muscle and when I'm closer look at doing a weight program to get the…
  • The estimates for calorie burns are hilarious. 500 calories an hour? I burn that in Step! I did yoga for an hour today and burned 119 calories.
  • Honestly for me it was eating the right amount and exercising regurally. I am on a plan that give me exactly 1500 calories. I eat that, it's all measure out for me and I lose weight. I exercise five/six days a week (with my partner) and can lose normally.
  • That's Definitly something I'll be looking at. The machine I use is lying on my back so can't use that one. There are others that have you sitting up. It might be worth finding out if there's someone who is trained in pregnancy fitness and pay for a program.
  • That's what I thought! I've dropped all my weights (leg pressing 120kg now down to 80kg) Will listen to my body with weights.
  • Thanks everyone. I'm talking to my doctor tomorrow. That baby centre was good until it told me I can't lift more than 5kg! Hopefully that's after first trimester.
  • Probably the best way to get advice is to open your diary. Also current weight and height. I was going to say don't worry about your specific time frames, but from looking at your profile, you're getting married in Feb so I do understand that feeling a bit more.
  • If you refuse to open your diary all you're going to get is generic advice. It won't help you but you'll feel better. Because that's going to help right?
  • I did give you advice which was to open your diary. No one can give advice without looking at that.
  • OP you're one of the 'lucky' thinner cysters but it still sucks if you're having the other side effects. How tall are you? You're already at a very low weight so losing 6lbs probably won't achieve what you're wanting. Y advice is to look into weight lifting as this will give you a more toned look.
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  • When someone comes into a post and states 'It's so hard I'll go do pro-Ana diets' then yes I'll be harsh. It's incredibly immature thinking and it does actual harm both to the OP and someone who reads it and think that makes it OK.
  • So to sum up OP you've been told to drink more water. You wont do that. (Not can't, you're choosing not to) You've been told to eat more, as your body is giving you signs it doesn't have enough nutrients. You won't do that. Why are you asking questions when you flat out refuse to listen to anyone? What are you wanting from…
  • Noones shaming her for doing WLS. People are shaming her having done it before and not followed the instructions. Now she's going for round 2 the excuses are coming beforehand. This will fail.
  • I did. Gained 10kg back. Back to counting calories and only 6kg off where I was at my lowest. Do I want to eat **** food and feel bad about my body? No I don't. Counting calories isn't harmful.
  • What you have is a good program but it's not HIIT. It's steady state.
  • It's a number. It tells you if you need to lose weight or are in a good range of healthy. It's not the only indicator of health but it's a good baseline. I will never understand people who don't want their doctor to advise them on their weight. Your body weight is a fairly big part of your health. Like I said above it's…
  • There are the extreme outliers but they are the exception not the norm. Even then, they still have the same issues with weight related issues (such as joints) that others would. Majority of obese people are not as fit or healthy as international rugby players
  • Overweight yes. Overweight is an indicator that you need to do something about your weight. Anything over obese though, no you're not healthy. You can be exhibiting good behaviors but you're putting extra weight on all your joints, and putting yourself at increased risk of numerous health issues. Just because you're not…