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  • I use Lavash. I use half a sheet per sandwich.
  • I agree with those who have suggested having a Dr. diagnose you. I have had Reactive Hypoglycemia for many years (diagnosed). For me, it is staying on a schedule and getting protein. Here is a typical day for me: 9AM Breakfast Greek yogurt or shredded wheat and milk 11AM Snack 8 unsalted roasted almonds Noon or 1-ish Lunch…
  • I am on my scale every morning...even if I don't want to get on it.
  • I make most of my meals. I eat out 2-3 times per month. I never eat fast food. My restaurant visits are at higher end restaurants and I watch what I order.
  • I just sprained my foot, five days ago. I am in a lot of pain...all the way up my leg. X-rays showed no break and no joint displacement. I am swollen, sore and now cannot do my walking nor dance routines for at least two weeks. So frustrating. Guess it is upper body workouts until I am back on my foot.
  • Yep, it is fine as long as it is within your daily calorie goal. I have some chocolate, every day, with lunch and some type of "dessert" with dinner.
  • I log every day, usually after each meal. It becomes very automatic and keeps me on track.
  • My right ankle is bigger than my left 95% of the time. Noticeably bigger. My Dr says that it is due to blood flow from that foot. I am not sold on that, even though I have been told that by the two previous Drs as well. Drives me nuts, because there are days when I cannot wear certain shoes.
  • Normally, I do not do anything on Easter. This year, I was invited to a friends home with about 20 of her friends. I am sure that I will be over my daily calories by the end of the day, but not by a horrible amount. The sodium is another story. I live a low sodium lifestyle, so when I have some I feel it for a day or two.…
  • Other than simply leading a healthy lifestyle and genetics. :) Hydration is important....not only drinking enough water, but also moisturizing the skin and not overdoing sun exposure. I actually use coconut oil as a moisturizer. I bend it with a little cosmetic moisturizer. I also use coconut oil as hand lotion. It is…
  • This is how I enjoy pizza. I use lavash as a crust. I am not a big "American" pizza fan.
  • I buy no salt added tuna and make a tuna wrap. For snacks, I do 8 unsalted roasted almonds in the morning and hummus with vegetables in the afternoon. I am sodium restricted. My diary is open, if you want to take a look.
  • I only went under 1200 for two days...when I had food poisoning and couldn't keep food down. Do not go under others have said, it is not healthy.
  • Tonight, it will be salmon...not sure what I will have with it...some salad and some type of vegetable. Need to be good tonight. I went out to dinner with friends last night and went over my daily intake by about 170 calories. I was up 2.3 pounds today (sodium got to me....I am usually sodium restricted.) Photos are from…
  • The only nonalcoholic beverage I drink is water.
  • I drink wine, everyday. Bottom line (for me) is that I am not on a diet. I have changed my eating habits. This means that I keep track of what I eat and drink. My wine consumption is included in my daily logging.
  • I love roasting pumpkin as well as using it in stews. I cut a small sugar pumpkin in to small chunks and add it to stew. During the holidays, fresh roasted pumpkin is the only kind that I use for pies, rolls or cheesecake. Here are my pumpkin rolls.
  • I am in Portland, too.
  • There are 19 calories in a Tablespoon of paprika. That is a lot of paprika. :)
  • Min was high, when I started my journey. Then it went up....even though I had lost over 100 pounds. I am still on meds. I do think that mine is stress related.
  • I love quinoa and farro.
  • Actually, consuming 500 calories by drinking alcohol is not that hard to do, depending upon what your drink of choice is. There may be a shot of vodka at 67 calories, but what is that vodka mixed with? 500 calories is also 4 glasses of wine. That being said, if you consume a few cocktails and it adds up to 500 calories,…
  • Making things that are low in sodium is actually very easy. You just need to get used to it...make it a routine. Use salt substitute instead of salt, or tore herbs and spices instead. Read labels. I will emphasize READ labels. Look for ingredients that are "no salt added". Avoid processed foods (pre-packaged foods, cured…
  • As others have said, I enter individual ingredients in to my diary. If there is a particular type that I make more often, I put it into a recipe format. I use lavash as my crust. Love it. Thin and crispy.
  • I am a foodies and in the wine business. I do not compromise on eating "diet" food. I find the way to make real food and have it fit my daily goals. My diary should be open. :)
  • I was very thin....then gained weight over a few years. Then I was very fat. Ugh! So, I went from 120 pounds to a high of 240 pounds. In about 2 1/2 years, I am now at 138 pounds. 8 more to go to my goal.
  • I eat 8 unsalted almonds every morning as a snack. I love them. Tasty and easy to take with me anywhere int he world. I also love hazelnuts. For me, nuts are enjoyed as they are. I do not like them baked in to foods. I do, though, love hazelnuts on a salad.
  • I am on a sodium restricted diet. When I have an occasional high sodium day, I pay for it for two days. The scale and my ankles will tell the story of too much sodium. :)
  • I will also suggest using coconut oil as a body lotion. I use it as a moisturizer and hand lotion. I have also found that it works well on cuts and scrapes. I just buy the solidified version on the cooking aisle.
  • I am a vegetable *kitten*. The more vegetables, the better.