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  • Hi All, from Timmins, ON Feel free to add me, as I'm at work and kinda pressed for time at the moment!
  • I did Keto for approximately 5 months leading up to June. It's part of how I lost all my weight and hit goal. For me it worked very, very well. About three months in, I decided to go back to a balanced diet to see if it would give me added energy for my workouts. It didn't, and I gained 6 lbs in a week. I went straight…
  • Rule #1 Don't overeat! You still have to maintain a calorie deficit. You don't get to eat as much as you want. Rule #2 Eat enough fat! That's the whole point of Keto, you need to replace carbs with fat, not protein Rule #3 Hydrate!
  • 30 lbs in five months is 1.5 lbs a week. That's hardly unrealistic. I lost 30 in exactly 5 months, and 80% of it was probably in the first 3.
  • I love food too! Everyone loves food. But you gotta find a balance of how much you love food vs how much you love being a healthier version of yourself. Many people on here advocate eating all the foods you love, just staying within a calorie limit. If that's something you're disciplined enough to do, great! Most people…
  • Hiya Alex. I'm doing alright!
  • Whatever works for you. What you will find on these boards is that there is a ton of people who believe their way is the only way. I love my shakes. I don't take them daily, but after 8 months of doing this, I get sick of chicken breast too, no matter how many ways you can prepare it.
  • Loved it. Really, wish we had more time down there. Saw a lot of cool sites and had fun at the Escape Manor lol
  • Timmins here, added you, and just visited your beautiful city for the first time two weeks ago!
  • Make your meals simple, and do it all on your last day off before your longest run of shifts. Kate's a PSW on 12hr shifts, and I work 10's. We have twin 19 year olds and a 12 year old and we manage week in, week out. Do it all in one day, throw it all in the fridge, and it takes five minutes to microwave after your shift.
  • 120 is a lot of carbs, just stay away from the calorie dense stuff like pasta and bread. I aim for less than 30 a day, and my shake is 11.
  • Ontario Canada
  • You guys all got this! You just have to find what clicks for you. It took me years of tries to find something I enjoy and a plan I can live with. This past winter was my year, hit goal about 4 weeks ago. Now I'm not stopping, set new goals and keep on going! Add me if you like, I'm always around!
  • Setting up our challenge group as we speak lol!
  • How much fat are you allowing for?
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  • Not Pagan, but genuinely interested in learning more about its teachings and that of many "less conventional" religions. Buddhism, Native American, etc. Feel free to add me too!
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  • Been on Keto for 6 months now, lost 30 and hit goal. Love it. No secret miracles from it, but I found it was way more along the lines of how l already like to eat, and thus easier to follow. And I also never feel hungry, where when I eat carbs at the same calorie level, I'm starving all the time!
  • Funny, I used to be so sore after workouts when I was younger, now it's less, sometimes not at all....
  • Don't feel ashamed, and welcome to the boards. Did physio give you exercises to do? I only started on this path in the past six months, but my mother at 62 has join in with us on our workout programs. She's doing Yoga and a dance based program. We work out from home and love it. Just modify around the shoulder and don't to…
  • t25 kicks *kitten*. You will get more than a great workout!
  • I believe you can only do it from a phone. It should say add picture
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  • Kate and I have both lost 30+lbs and have gotten a ton stronger in the past 6 mths without setting foot in a gym. It's all about what floats your boat. In the winter here, -30 is common, and -40 happens often enough too, so it was always the perfect excuse to not go. Started working out at home with my TV and I'm never…
  • I hear ya! I have a plan in place, but I've gone from an all time high of 194 a few years back, to 177. Then I've gone from 177 to about 143 in the past six months. Keep in mind I'm only 5'2". Now I want to build some size, but it's always in the back of my head I'll get fat again lol
  • What do you do as far as diet and exercise?
  • Good stuff! Be wary of the almonds! A handful doesn't seem like much, but you're looking at up to 800 cal a cup!
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  • click on the name below the profile pic, then when the window pops up click on their name again. It will give you the option to add as a friend
  • welcome! I've been doing Keto for several months now
  • Just finished a round of x3 a few weeks ago! Amazing results, I was actually blown away. Check out my profile for before/afters of a round of p90x and a round of p90x3. Add me if you like!
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