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  • I think it just depends on how important it is to each of you and if you can live with/without getting married. Marriage is not a necessity for me, but I think if someone was so staunchly against marriage that they wouldn't even consider it, that mindset would be a concern for me more than not actually getting married.
  • I agree with you. There have definitely been times I regretted not eating something like at a street festival or whatever else and then they're out later or I end up having something else instead that isn't as good. Food is definitely an experience for me so I've had times I'm bummed to miss out on something awesome. But,…
  • I also just find it hard to believe that negative comments and insults are productive in helping someone lose weight and become healthier. Sure, in the moment it might be motivating because you're fueled by anger or hurt or whatever else and maybe that day or that week you eat a little healthier. But most people struggling…
  • Pumking is my favorite pumpkin beer, but I don't drink as many pumpkin beers as I used to. I like when a brewery does a fall IPA or some kind of fall/festive version of other types of beer.
  • Is anyone else's head exploding at how many people actually think it's acceptable to comment on someone else's weight or appearance? And then defending it with the logic "well it's true, they're fat, so..." I don't know if people are really this ignorant and act this way in real life or it's just the internet so people…
  • Not at all. It is also not OK to comment on your coworker's struggle with drinking or alcoholism. Both can be potentially serious issues but it's not being "touchy feely" to not want your coworkers to comment negatively on either scenario. I love when people want to mask being a *kitten* by rephrasing it as "society is too…
  • It seems pretty clear that the coworker in this scenario is probably well-meaning and not the worst human being alive and is mostly just socially clueless, but it's more disturbing that people are defending it like "well if you are fat, it's OK for him to call you out on it". Like, what? That's not how human interaction…
  • You realize most employees are at-will right? An employer can discipline or fire an employee (I'm talking about the one making the fat comment, not the OP) for any number of reasons. It's not like employees are insulated from making nasty comments as long as they're against a non-protected class LOL. In any event, it's not…
  • It doesn't have to be a protected class/discrimination situation to take it to HR. People still aren't supposed to behave like dbags in the work place.
  • I find nothing really satisfies me like the BBC. It just goes deeper than any of the alternatives.
  • So this woman was already coming from doing one class, then did additional stuff at the gym, and that's her making excuses? Am I missing something? Sounds like she is already spending more time at the gym than I do.
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  • Allegedly some people just enjoy making others happy? I don't really know how that works.
  • This reminds me that I should add "only gives so I can get" to the "why I'm horrible to date" list.
  • I've never really been able to accurately control the rate at which I lose weight. I just kind of plug away as best I can and it comes off when it comes off. Everyone is different but in my own experience, I lost weight much more quickly the first 14593483 times losing weight and gained it back. This time I lost much more…
  • I don't like them and don't usually do them unless my after-work schedule is too crazy to get enough evening workouts in. So, what gets me there is knowing I have no other choice. It's not a happy experience but it gets the job done! And it's nice knowing you have it out of the way early.
  • I also used to post on the WW boards for years and years until they shut them down (I mean seriously WW, why???) A new forum was started on Proboards- a lot of it stems from the original General Daily Thread but also many other boards are on there: I did WW…
  • - I talk way too much - I can rarely make myself sleep in so I'll wake up early and inevitably start flailing around until I wake him up - I use an obnoxious amount of emojis when I text
  • I've been on BC for 15 years and none of the 3 pills I've been on have had any effect on my weight.
  • How much you weigh in your wedding photos is a tiny fraction of what the photos are actually capturing. And in the end they're just photos and have little to do with the significance of the day or your marriage. I look back at pictures of me when I weighed 300 pounds but if they captured me doing fun things when I was…
  • I'm an Eagles fan so less excited going into this season than usual, but still excited. Penn State, Oklahoma and Clemson for college football.
  • Hi! I'm 33 and also live in Philly. What kind of back injury and what are your limitations? I had lower back problems off and on earlier this year so I know how limiting and frustrating it can be. I'm about 15 pounds from my theoretical goal weight but after being stuck here for 4 years now I might just need to accept that…
  • I really like whipped PB, I prefer the fluffier consistency and you get a bit more for your calories (by volume if not weight, at least).
  • If you're losing 100 pounds there is inevitably going to be a little bit of loose skin but hopefully not a lot. I don't really think there's much you can do to control it because it's really more about genetics, and even with good genes skin only snaps back so much. Strength training and hydration and losing at a…
  • lawyer/aspiring prosty
  • Up until a few months ago I weighed once a week, sometimes a little more. For the past several months I've been doing about once a month just to kind of check in.
  • I think it is kind of pointless to compare calories burned for walking versus running from a distance/mileage perspective when they obviously take very different amounts of time. Of course everyone knows that per minute and per hour, running burns more. It looks like the same is also true per mile, but to a lesser degree…
  • I know it's cliche, but don't think of it as failing, just think of it as another step and a helpful lesson. We're all going to struggle now and then and someitmes regaining weight is part of the learning process and figuring out what we need to do, or do differently. Be patient and be kind to yourself. It's not always…