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  • I'm hypothyroid. But my levels have been dropped recently and I feel terrible. Do you guys also suffer with any digestive problems?
  • My advice is, it's only been 1 week. You've changed your exercise which means that you're most likely building muscle. Check your measurements with a tape and record them. :) keep going and soon enough the fat will come off. Not all victories are on the scales ;) Good luck and don't give up yet.
  • :) I love my vivofit. Name is scarjunior on there if people would like to add me on Garmin
  • Raspberries, Peas Pears Blackberries. I'm sure there's more that that but here's a couple.
  • You can create recipes on MFP I usually do that when I want to know exactly what I'm having. Food scales help
  • I talked to my dr about this today, he said he is happy with how I'm eating (I also see a dietitian) but told me it can be apart of my hypothyroidism and gave me some type of laxatives.
  • Not sure about the other people, but I have hypothyroidism. SW: 295 CW: 255 GW: 160
  • I don't drink all the time but when I do I binge drink. I drink roughly twice a month. It's just easy to find yourself on a slippery slope when it comes to alcohol. I have noticed my habits lately have been a little worse. So I'm trying to be proactive about it.
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  • Yeah I believe I need to remove all temptation to be honest.
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  • And losing weight hasn't been short term for me I had to change my life style a few years ago due to health reasons, it's just recently alcohol has become a problem.
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  • I was thinking a few months so that I don't feel like I need to binge drink anymore. I do catch up with a couple of friends here and there over 1 or 2 drinks. Maybe instead of alcohol I could have just a soda or something.
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  • Personally I gave up milk about a year ish ago but I tried soy milk & it made me so sick, so I just gave up on milk for a long while. But lately I've been using coconut milk for cooking, and unsweetened almond milk for smoothies. But I'm not doing that very often
  • I think my stretch marks have stretch marks. They don't go away m, I've tried creams but they do fade.
  • Oh gosh if I wear anything over my ladies of a night I wake up so sore. (Sometimes I have sore days anyway) I can't wait to take my bra off some days.
  • Maybe bring your calories back a little bit, instead of 2000 try between 1500-1800? See how that works over a week or so. Also make sure you weigh things so that the calories are right just incase you may be overestimating a few things by "eyeballing"
  • I don't have a real New Years resolution. I guess my main thing is keep increasing my fitness and plodding along at my long term goal. The only thing I really wanted to do is buy a jar and fill it with all the nice things that happen or anything that made me happy in 2016. And open it on either the last day of 2016 or the…
  • I had just a vivofit and upgraded to the vivofit 2 yesterday. If anyone would like to add me my user name is scarjunior
  • Yo looking for more mfp pals
  • Hi john. I hope you enjoy mfp and it helps you achieve your goals
  • :smile: could always use some more mfp friends.
  • After having a bad day myself I really needed some of the positive comments on here
  • Great job :smiley: it's an achievement be proud ! I have been working on my willpower too. Tuesday I had a blow out day. Since then I've good. Takes practice.
  • I don't count in lbs, but I've converted to make it easier for the convo. So far I've lost 32lbs I'm still looking to lose about 90-100lbs. I'm 23 and I'm looking for new people to help me stay motivated as well. :smile: add me if you would like.
  • Haha I think I'm like this now too. Only problem is that I don't have enough friends on here :)
  • Hi I know the feeling. I was 293lbs at my biggest I'm only 260 now. Still wanting to lose a hell of a lot more. (About 85lbs) i have a vivofit I only bought about a week ago. :smile: good luck with your goal
  • Good motivation :) I ended up giving away all but 2 pairs of jeans. They are my next goal jeans lol. :)
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  • Thanks, :smile: I'm not unhappy about this, I'm actually pretty happy that I don't have some more serious health issues. I just feel like I lost myself underneath all this weight a little bit. I don't like not being able to find clothes that look good in stores, or having people make jokes at me about being overweight. I…
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