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  • CW 280.3. I feel stuck. Going to change it up...water aerobics this morning. Never would have considered wearing a bathing suit in front of someone but I'm about to do just that.
  • That weight should be 280.4...dang fat fingers.
  • My weight on Monday was 180.4. Working 6 twelve hour shifts this week and next. Will catch up soon
  • CW 280. I just can't get in the 270s for nothing. Maybe next week.
  • CW 280.4 I weighed yesterday but was so tired from a very tiring weekend at work I completely forgot to post. Going for a mani/pedi this morning and grocery shopping. My boyfriend found a recipe he wants to try so I'm going to get the ingredients. It calls for some dried chillis that I have never heard of.....hope I can…
  • @DD265 A trip to Dubai sounds amazing. One of my bucket list trips for sure. I can imagine all the pre flight testing is a hassle but I am sure it will be worth it. Have a great trip. @jugar I only recently discovered hummus. It is amazing. My favorite to dip in it so far is cucumbers. I am trying to get him to try that…
  • We are having a Super Bowl party at work. There will be wings and finger sandwiches. Everyone has agreed to bring 3 things for a salad bar. I know a salad is not typical game day food but I will feel a lot better about eating that then wings and chips and dips.
  • OK I am going to pose 2 questions. I need suggestions. My boyfriend has got on board with weight loss. I am having trouble packing his lunch. He works for the power company and is in a truck all day. No refrigeration and no microwave. I've tried soups in a thermos but sometimes it's 8 hours before he can eat and even the…
  • @jugar Feeling so much better. Glad to see negative numbers on the scale again. My boyfriend has finally jumped on board the weight loss train. I think this is going to help me even more. My goal for Febuary was to be 275. That was kind of a lofty goal but I'm gonna keep trying for it. I don't know how all of my new…
  • Oh and his name is Gizmo... :) <3
  • Hey everyone. Seems like everyone is doing well. That steps report from January was jaw dropping good. And @PlaneMonkey Those casseroles look delicious. Work has been super busy. I'm so ready for Covid to go away. I know some people don't want to take vaccines and I am perfectly OK with that. It is your body so you should…
  • Feel like I am back on track. Been killing it at the gym and my food has been awesome. Water is ok but there is always room for improvement there. Seems like everyone e is good. Can't wait to catch up with everyone. I'm at work now so I better concentrate on all these freakin covid patients.
  • @jugar CW 286.2.
  • @jugar 290. That's my weight as of this morning.
  • Hey everyone! Back up and running. I finish cardiac rehab in a few weeks and will be able to go back to the gym. I can hardly wait. My diet is doing better. I am not 100% back to following it but getting close. @jugar I will be ready to join the team again.
  • Hey everyone. Looks like everyone is hanging in there. I'm finally feeling like my old self and back at work once again. My weight has started dropping again and I am super happy about that. Going to take a trip out of town next week for some rest and relaxation. I'm counting down the days.
  • @jugar That might be the best option for this month for me. I hope to be off the support team in February
  • Hey everyone..I am back. I was in the hospital having a rough time. 😞 Feeling better now. I had some heart issues again causing massive swelling in ny legs. After a Lasix drip I lost 8 pounds of fluid. I still have swelling but we r working on it. My current weight is way up at 302 but that is better than the 310 last…
  • @jugar Sorry for the delay. Having medical issues. Will have to skip weigh in this week. I will get back here as soon as I can.
  • @ashleycarole86 Sunday Dec 12: 1890 Monday Dec 13: 7805 Tuesday Dec 14: 4451 Wednesday Dec 15: 7065 Thursday Dec 16: 3565 Friday Dec 17: 7953 Saturday Dec 18: 6024
  • Hey everyone. Feeling much better today. I don't know if you know how gout works, but it is a build up of uric acid and it feels like it locks up ur joint. Mine affects my big toes making it nearly impossible to walk. Have to take medicine that makes u crap yourself to death but it is worth it for pain relief. Needless to…
  • PW 296 Cw 296 Been a bad week. In the middle of a gout attack and can barely walk. 😩 Hoping to be up and moving around again soon.
  • @ashleycarole86 Sunday Dec 5: 1576 Monday Dec 6: 11394 Tuesday Dec 7: 5772 Wednesday Dec 8: 3603 Thursday Dec 9: 4295 Friday Dec 10: 3097 Saturday Dec 11: 4621 @jugar Was rushing out the door this morning and forgot to weigh myself. I will weigh in the morning.
  • I have to share a story that has broken my heart. My boyfriend is in a motorcycle club and they adopt 10 kids every Christmas and buy them gifts. Out of the 10, some asked for bikes, others for scooters, some asked for art supplies or board games. But the heart breaking part is 5 of the 10 only asked for food boxes. How…
  • @conleywoods I can't imagine what you are going through. Remember the good times and know that your dog is not suffering. I know some people will say oh it's just a dog, but my dog is like my child. I would be devistated.
  • It seems like everyone is getting into the swing of the holidays. I have not bought one gift or made one cookie. Hoping to change that today. My body is still mad at me for going back to work and staying up all night. I'm trying to stay positive but eating at 2am one day and 2pm the next has not helped the scale. @jugar…
  • Hey everyone. Been a rough few days. My big return to work went OK but my body is resisting staying up all night. I work 12 hour night shifts 4 nights a week and I just finished my third one. My feet and ankles are swollen and I'm run down. It's been over 6 months since I worked last so I have got to give myself time to…
  • 5 hours into my first 12 hour shift back at work after 6 months off. This place has changed so much I feel lost. No problems thus far though just running behind schedule but I will get there.