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  • You have been doing great!!!!! Be patient. Weight loss isn't linear. It doesn't go as fast as we want it to. Put your focus on making sustainable changes that you will continue to do after you've met your goal weight. Then trust the math.
  • My minimum is logging. Just logging.
  • Late dinners are no problem unless you feel like you are starving until then.
  • ^^^^ I really agree with this. Please be patient with yourself. It sounds like you are trying too hard too fast. Change your focus from weight loss to healthy eating - focus on eating ALL the calories in the proper macros (fat, carbs, protein) because that is what is good for your body. Then trust the math. The weight loss…
  • Losing 5 pounds is an AMAZING loss in your first week. But weight loss isn't linear and the scale isn't one to cooperate on a daily basis. You're going to need to slow down and relax. One, because you're going to burn out. And two, because weight loss requires patience. Your body has an ebb and flow to weight. If you want…
  • Leave yourself some calories to accommodate the late night snacking. Or go to bed earlier. I'm a late night snacker and I log my night snack in the morning to make sure I account for it.
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  • Easy!! The right salad is your answer. Go for some albacore tuna packed in water for good protein. Pile on your favorite lettuces, and add tomato if you like. Finish off with Walden Farms calorie free dressing, which I genuinely love. (It's vinegar based and they have several choices.)
  • Just keep on keeping on! You can adjust your calorie goals as you see fit.
  • Don't set yourself up to failure by having too aggressive a goal. That weight didn't happen in 7 weeks. It's not coming off that fast either. Log accurately and consistently. Get a food scale. Be patient. Don't make it too hard.
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  • Usually once a week. Sometimes once every two weeks.
  • I totally get it!!!! Doing this again myself. I've sent you a friend request.
  • ^^^^This.
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  • It is great!!
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  • I put sliced almonds on salads all the time to add a nice crunch.
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  • I love donuts! :-) But I might put some fresh strawberries with it.
  • Try the Unitarian Universalists or Ethical Society in your area. You will find many like minded people there.
  • Start today by buying a food scale. Set MFP to lose 1.5 pounds or 1 pound a week. Start learning to eat based on your long term goals. There is no fast that is healthy and sustainable. Just gotta dig in and do it.
  • I look at my weekly average. There is always a day or two that I eat more, so eating a little less the rest of the week balances everything out.
  • Since you enjoy it and see yourself continuing, biking is great!
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  • Walden Farms salad dressings would be a good alternative. I've also been known to use a little mayonnaise (Duke's is my favorite) along with a greater amount of substitute, which worked out pretty good. Your plan sounds good.
  • Buddha's Delight Chicken and Snow Peas Egg Drop Soup
  • Do you measure everything you eat on a food scale?
  • I like the data. And when I am paying attention, I have control. When I am not paying attention, I gain weight...and I don’t want to do that anymore.
  • Carbs are good. Protein is good. Fats are good. They are all good in moderation. Even water is bad for you in excess. And we need all of them. I love Nature's Path raisin bran, heritage flakes, and multibran flakes. Enjoy some pasta again -- my favorite is whole wheat angel hair. Oh and couscous! Black eyed peas and…
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  • It would help if your diary was open...but here's my two cents. If you just started exercising, you will see water retention to repair muscles. Also, we women are notorious for retaining water during our cycles, so that may be another culprit. Be patient. Weight loss is not linear and it never goes as fast as we want it…
  • Dizziness like that may indicate low blood sugar. Up your calories. And ditch any high GI foods you might be consuming (like rice cakes and potato flour products).
  • Whole grain cereals Brussels sprouts Lentils, beans Popcorn Fiber One products
  • I have a feeling this post is spam.... No real question, just parroting what she heard at a WW meeting. (Not trashing WW at all. I successfully lost weight on it years ago, but I prefer the flexibility of counting calories instead.)
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  • Totally normal to be hungry when you first start on a deficit. Sedentary sounds right for your activity level. Log your actual exercise (walking, running, biking) and eat some or all of those calories back. You can also reconsider your goals...if you have MPF set to lose 2 lbs a week, you may want to consider 1 lb instead.