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  • Ah welcome back! There's a stickied thread on the forum that would allow you to choose whichever program may fit your needs. Bodyweight, dumbell only, etc If you have any questions regarding exercise in general feel free to let me know.
  • Soreness isn't an indicator of progress. Are you progressing in weights? If yes then you are getting stronger.
  • It sounds like your quads are compensating for weak glutes. Try to focus on pushing off your heels as opposed to thinking of pushing with your whole foot. (Really only really use this cue for hip thrusts) Lower the weight being used and really focus on pushing your hips upwards towards the ceiling. Hold at the top for a…
  • Apologies for the delayed answer. I'll invest a bit into a few more 10 lb plates. I tried out seated and I'm not really a big fan of that. Thanks for all the suggestions :)
  • Is it alright if I send it on Wednesday? Tomorrow is a rest day. Thank you in advance for offering help!
  • I should've mentioned I dropped that much because my inner elbow area started to hurt so I dropped it until it didn't. I'll start building back up to where I was, I mean it could've been worse I suppose. Now I just have to figure out why that upper back cue caused me to injure myself lol
  • Yeah the app is great! It literally tells you what to do, your only job is to lift the weight and to input how many reps you've completed. I chose Stronglifts because it doesn't require much equipment and it seemed simple to follow (especially with the app) I ended up making a nice little home gym in my basement, again not…
  • Youre correct, you reduce the weight by 10% after failing 5x5 3 times. I'm unsure about dropping to 3x5 as I'm only 2 months in to it. I'd say I'm doing alright. It's the first program I've ever done. I have deloaded a few times but I am improving slowly! I've went from: Squat: 45 -> 135 Bench Press 45 -> 105 Deadlift 95…
  • I'm new to all of this. I just started SL 2 months-ish ago and my knowledge on a lot of this isn't all that great. I only ever knew to deload 10% after failing 3x. I didn't know what to do after weeks wasn't sure if strength would be affected or anything. But thank you for the answer. I am not at a point where I'm having…
  • Thanks for the advice. I'll continue with the deload and stop immediately if I encounter any pain throughout the way. It's the first time I've gotten any sort of injury, fairly new to lifitng.
  • Gotcha. I'll start off with regular clamshells to get things going and then attempt band walks. I'll gradually work up to those bands, thanks for the info! Thanks! I'll take a look at those 2 links whenever I have free time. Will update once/if I find out if it is indeed that and will try to find the cause.
  • Thanks! I'll try out some clamshells. I'll try them with a resistance band to hopefully get my glutes firing more.
  • More so in that resting pose, though I find it difficult to do it on the left side. I may have built an imbalance. I've been making more of an effort to stay balanced, raising my chest seemed to have helped a bit. At the moment, being straight feels like most of my weight is on my left side which is probably due to my…
  • I had quite a wax build up in both ears about a year ago. It could've possibly made an appearance again. I'll book an appointment with my doctor to try and sort out this balance issue.
  • That could well be a possibility. I'll try to have that checked out. Thanks for the quick responses!
  • I always feel really hungry whenever I wake up, I eat down a large meal every morning. Plus, it gives me a nice boost of energy:)
  • Alright thanks for the answers!
  • I entirely stopped drinking soda when I decided to eat healthy. I completely forgot about it in about a month or 2. Replaced it with loads of water or milk with occasional coffee. I can't even drink the stuff if I want to now, tastes too sugary for my liking
  • Unfortunately, there are no Starting Strenght coaches near me at all. I think I'd be better off just with a personal trainer, I've read on how to do it and I'm attempting that but no matter what I do I can't properly do it.
  • Just a little update. I started doing third world squats about 10 minutes daily as suggested by @sgt1372 it still is difficult to do but I'll keep at it. I've also started to actually squeeze my glutes and stopped dive bombing. I'm going a bit shallower and not noticing any pain whatsoever. Here's a update vid…
  • I'm slowly investing in a home gym, I've got myself a press bench, a power rack and a barbell. Like mentioned before I didn't want to get plates right away, I wanted to make sure my form was correct on a few exercises before adding weight. Also, the fact that my basement is messy doesn't help