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  • I also prefer training fasted but I take a banana and a energy drink to have on the walk home after
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  • I am going on holiday tomorrow and I don't want to worry about my calories to much so I have worked out every day and ate super clean all week and I will just get back to normal eating when I'm back
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  • I suffered from constipation when I was cutting I think i went to far into limiting fats and to high protein once I incorporated a little more fat into my diet it helped alot
  • Yeah same as everyone else just gotta keep plugging away I lost 56 pounds since I stacted diet and although I am happy with my body now I still got little bit at bottom belly that hasn't shifted
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  • depending on where your exercise numbers come from they may be off so most tend to eat back a portion of them but not all I believe
  • yeah pretty much what every1 said try weigh yourself the same time to get the most accurate results I find morning best
  • yeah I just typed Tesco white cabbage into the search bar thought as it was a veg that any entry would be pretty close lol, didn't know about that database thought thanks I will bookmark that
  • aww phew thanks I was worried cause I wanted to take the rest to work today to snack on but didn't wanna up my sodium that much
  • perhaps u have ur weight loss goal set too high its better to set it lower and keep at it rather then set it too high and be unable to stick to it
  • i have it a few times a week as I love it u can get slightly healthier ones but just don't have bowls full of the stuff, I usually have 60 grams of granola, 150 ml of almond milk and 100 grams banana in it and it comes to 344 calories so not terrible
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  • it can be hard to resist but got to remember that your the one trying to lose weight not them, my wife constantly is snacking on biscuits and chocolate and has takeaways frequently and yeah sometimes it sucks but she doesnt want to lose weight and i cant expect her not to eat what she likes just cause im trying to avoid…
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  • your diary isn't open so cant see what foods your eating but maybe need change some I tend to stick to chicken breast, turkey steak, turkey mince, egg whites stuff that fills me up but are quite low on cals
  • what are snickerdoodles?
  • oh wow I haven't had cheesy chips in forever that sounds so good right now
  • yeah people get so picky about certain terms on here maybe I worded it wrong lol, but I know for sure there is no way my fave meal would fit macros for a certain day but I don't care because I work hard and eat pretty clean most of the time so I don't think it hurts to go over every now and then, I'm dam sure it isn't the…
  • nothing better then a chicken vindaloo with peshwari naan bread
  • I don't break my diet I bank calories a lot mainly my exercise cals I very rarely eat more then 10-20% back so get to bank a few lol
  • I prefer to eat clean 90% of the time then just enjoy the odd treat I just find that works for me, pizza is always good but ribs I never really enjoyed to much fat lol
  • Turkey breast steaks with egg white omelette and mixed veg
  • mm aside from chicken vindaloo I think creamy pasta is my next fave
  • people who go 6-7 days must have really good partners lol my wife hates the amount time I spend there now and I only go 4 days
  • 4 days a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday and sunday for around 3 hours a day mostly cardio
  • i been using them for week or so now and if nothing else they help me drink more water I make a big bottle up in the morning and drink it through the day
  • yeah it is great just wanna make sure it right lol, ok I tried with weights and its seems right my 10k weights come up as 10.1 so seems pretty close
  • i couldn't manage it lol I used to drink none I have upped it to 2-2.5 litres but thts about all I can manage
  • i make most my meals very healthy so I can have a few snacks that fit into my daily macros, and also like people said just accept that it isnt gonna be a quick fix and just aim for slow steady weight loss its better to set it at 0.5 pounds a week loss and stick to it then go 2 pounds a week and fail all the time
  • I had a quick look at your diary maybe nuts or ice cream for quick calories I see some days u eat 600 ish calories that cant be healthy
  • wow I dunno what you eat to be that full from 800 calories for a whole day of eating lol I have 1870 allotted and use all every day pretty much easily
  • tbh then if you spend 2 hours at the gym 800 is kinda low I normally spend 2.5-3 hours at the gym and depending on how hard I push I normally log between 1500-1900 ( I know most machines are never that accurate so only eat back 20-30%) so I would have thought 800 is not that hard in 2 hours