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  • I started August 1st! On Day 9 and loving it!!!!! I'm going to add you for inspiration!
  • My husband gave me a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet a few years ago that never fit me right, they are supposed to be a little lose and this one was tight on my wrist it fit but I could barely wear it. I was looking for something else in my jewelry box last night and saw the bracelet and decided to try it on and guess…
  • As a recent bride myself (married in June), and also a person that experienced the same thing as you are now but with more time to spare. My dress wouldn't zip but this was in November 2013 and our wedding wasn't until June 2014. I would recommend you get it altered. Yes it is possible to lose some weight and inches in a…
  • How did I not know that there was an app for your smartphone, downloading this immediately!
  • bump! YUMMMMMM
  • *FOLLOW UP* So I used my Saucony's Ride 6's (bought from the fitting at the running store) and I laced them differently as per searching the posts on here and BAM no pain! Granted I do not want to jinx myself as my workout was an indoor DVD (Dirty 30, 21 day fix) however the warmup included running in place and jumping…
  • I am going to try the Minimalist shoes as a last resort, if not going to the doctor. The Nikes I tried last night took a bit longer to start hurting my foot, but they did hurt it. And it was only the right foot, I am stumped cause as soon as I take them off I can complete the workout with no pain? It is very frustrating!…
  • Tried a pair of Men's Nikes I bought this weekend (can't remember the brand, wasn't Pegasus but it had a really wide toe box) Tried those last night doing a Cardio workout DVD and they still hurt. Took a little bit longer for them to start hurting but it hurt and I had to take the shoes off to continue the workout.
  • I know, thank you for being helpful. I am referring to pain that I have only when exercising and wearing tennis shoes. I don't have pain when I wear other shoes, flip flops, heels etc., but then I am not doing the same activities in those either. My pain comes only when I wear shoes and workout (walking, running, exercise…
  • Grease, Dirty Dancing, Footlose, The Princess Bride, Indiana Jones (all of them), The Notebook, Finding Nemo, The Green Mile, O' Brother Where Art Thou
  • Yeah I am definitely going to try the doctor if these extra wide shoes don't do the trick. Thank you!
  • @Pipsg1rl Thanks for the info! What about the pain not being there when I don't wear shoes? And my pain is different than any of those in that link, the closest area would be #3 and that is not what I am experiencing...
  • Week # 1 – August 4th -- Goal 180 minutes: Mon: 60 (Plyo Fix and Heavy Cleaning, yes I count it!) Tue: 0 Wed: 30 (Upper Fix) Thur: 0 Fri: 30 (Lower Fix) Sat: 30 (Yoga) Sun: 0 Total 150/180 Still needing improvement! Plan on beating that and more this week! :)
  • @Lisa I tried on a pair of Men's Nike Running shoes this weekend and they were very wide (4E) going to try them and report back ASAP. The only thing is I can't try them outdoors if I want to return them... But I will keep you posted!
  • Bumping for ideas :)
  • @Lisa Thanks. It helps to hear that someone is experiencing the same issues. Do yours hurt for all types of exercises? I think people think I am crazy when I say barefoot is fine. I really would like to start running though, so it is frustrating!
  • EAS Lean 15 is my favorite. Low in calories too, 2 scoops is 100 cals, but only 15 grams of protein. Best part it is super yummy, I use the chocolate flavor with skim milk and 2 TBSPs of PB2 and it tastes like a Peanut Butter Cup!
  • OMG Fat Bombs look amazing, googled it and saw recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter "Fat Bombs." YUMMMM OP, I bought some Extra Virgin Coconut Oil just recently and have used it in place of butter or olive oil in cooking. Salmon was very good baked in the oven using the coconut oil (melted) mixed with herbs/spices as a…
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  • Smoked pork butt is AMAZING try it!
  • I like to MOVE IT MOVE IT! LOL I am in :) Week # 1 – August 4th -- Goal 180 minutes: Mon: 60 mins (30 cardio, 30 mins heavy cleaning ;) Tue: Wed: Thur: Fri: Sat: Sun: Total / min left: 60 / 120
  • I wasn't able to complete the program :( I had a rough couple of weeks with the loss of my grandfather. I just started back to the workouts yesterday and plan on maybe restarting the food plan or just counting as usual. Anyway, I am interested in you alls final stats though! What was your total loss and/or measurements?…
  • I started out walking, then bought some Jillian Michaels DVDs to do at home. Love them! They are less than 30 mins. I have done the 30 day shred, yoga meltdown, banish fat boost metabolism, and shred it with weights. WAY TO GO with quitting smoking also! I have been a non smoker for almost two years now myself :)
  • Hey Lo. I just got the 21 day fix a couple weeks ago. I LOVE the workouts, I am restarting them today after a break for over a week.' The food plan was a little much for me (it focuses on portion control and clean eating), I feel like I am only successful when nothing is limited in my diet (everything in moderation). I…
  • I am still tracking on MFP, I can't get a hang of how they want you to do it on those tally sheets. Basically I am using the portion containers but keeping within calorie goal set by MFP. I am not doing it right, but I felt weird counting containers!
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  • Thank you! I didn't have one yesterday, so maybe it was a fluke those first two days! Let's hope so!
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  • I gave it up in January when I started back to MFP. It wasn't hard for me, I only drank diet soda anyway (which is prob worse) and I truly believe that giving it up helped to curb cravings for sweets! Glad to here you are doing good, I used La Croix when I needed something carbonated it is really good!
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  • THANKS! I will have to check that out! I am the Amazon queen! LOL :)
  • Thanks for the advice. Yes I drink tons of water, I usually have at least 70+ ounces before I even leave work for the day. And I am tracking still too on MFP and my calorie goals have been met, even though the program wants me to eat more. I am struggling with meeting 6 veggies, 4 fruits, and 6 proteins! That is a lot of…
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  • I miss my coffee creamer :( I tried some creamer made from Coconut Milk this morning and EWWWWW :noway: I'm not sure I can make it with no flavored creamer for 21 days....