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  • After twenty-five years of not eating breakfast for precisely those reasons, I tried to do breakfast because of all the learned people (who obviously are intimately familiar with my personal metabolism) telling me that I have to because... world peace, alien invasions and the welfare of the burrowing owl. I ended up hungry…
  • Everyone's feet are different. I've got the Brooks Ghost, which I love, but that may not be your cup of tea. Go to a store specialized on running shoes and gear and get yourself assessed. How you run is as important as your shoe size for the correct choice of shoe :flowerforyou:
  • It could be an iron deficiency. Try upping your iron intake (my favorite: cream of wheat; one serving has 50% of your daily requirements) and if that's not sufficient you might consider an iron supplement--they're to be treated with great care, though, because most of them will make you constipated. In any case, you should…
  • In general terms, you're better off getting some high quality whey protein powder rather than using prefab shakes (and never mind the brand, they're pretty much all the same). Check out the ingredients. How many grams of protein do you actually get per serving? A good whey protein powder gives you at least 27 g of protein…
  • Buy the ingredients and make them yourself--saves you $$$. Don't expect to lose inches, but they'll leave your skin really nice and soft :happy:
  • Chemicals aside, the smell that wafts from the door of every Subway I've ever walked past is enough to make me avoid them! :sick:
  • I definitely subscribe to the anti-sugar message. Not for ideological reasons, but because my body has made it very clear that sugar (or refined carbs in general) is bad for me. If I don't eat clean and have too much sugar, my heart rate goes through the roof and I even get palpitations. Cut out the sugar, and I'm fine.…
  • Protein will get you really full and you won't feel hungry again for a good while, because the body has to work at digesting protein. So low-fat meats or poultry or soy products or eggs are really good. Lots of satisfaction for few calories. I also like avocado (which obviously isn't a protein). It makes me feel really…
  • If your cramping is really severe, there's one way of dealing with it (though your grandma will object :wink: ): get your nose pierced. Seriously. When done on the left nostril, the piercing sits on an Ayurvedic pressure point and will relieve menstrual cramps (and labor pains, BTW).
  • On a recent flight (fully booked, no free seats left) I ended up sitting next to a lady who was so large that she didn't fit in the seat. The armrest couldn't be lowered because she needed part of my seat as well to accommodate her size. I'm sure she's a very nice person inside (despite the fact that she never so much as…
  • Sorry about the delay--I was away for a bit :) Uh... it took about a month or so. Mind you, I was down to five cigarettes a day by the time I quit, so it probably was less of a deal in my case.
  • Two-pronged answer: a) Nicotine is known to reduce your appetite. So there's that. b) Plain old oral satisfaction. You're sucking on a cigarette not for the smoke or the nicotine or the tar (if you're really weird :wink: ), but in order to put something in your mouth--well, it's a large part of why people smoke. So, if you…
  • Cream of wheat. One serving delivers a whopping 50% of your RDA of iron. And it's yummy :happy: A previous poster also mentioned Floradix as a supplement. Yes, absolutely, although it's pricey. The upside of it is that you won't be getting any of the side effects (constipation, constipation, and constipation) you'd get…
  • Yes!!! :happy: I also love cottage cheese with Splenda and a grated apple and cinnamon. Definitely works for nixing those cinnamon bun cravings :laugh:
  • Having had a look at your diary, I'd suggest you try to cut down on your carbs, especially the sugars. You're eating box cereal and cereal bars--both tend to be loaded with sugar, and you'd be better off replacing those with unsweetened cereal (such as steel cut oats, for instance) and nuts. Thing is, carbohydrates and…
  • Try working in the food and candy aisles at the dollar store :devil: It's diabolical!
  • I love my juicer, but... juicing is NOT a sensible diet. Been there, done that, regained every gram I'd lost the moment I went back on solid foods. This despite the fact that I was very careful with the transition. :ohwell:
  • Body Shop body butter, a variety of scents. Alternatively, Jergens for extra-dry skin.
  • I tried a 'cleanse' once. The short version is that it screwed my digestive system six ways from Sunday and it took me months to get things back to regular.
  • Me three :ohwell:
  • You know the moment you take one sip of one of those fancy Timmie's coffees. Loaded with sugar! :sick:
  • Simply ask yourself if you could continue either the shake diet or the water fast ( :noway: ) for the rest of your life. If the answer is 'no,' don't do it.
  • I'm not sure porn is allowed on this thread... :wink:
  • Try 1 cup of fresh blueberries with 3 tbsp of cottage cheese. That's my late night go-to. Sweet enough to appease the sweet tooth, filling thanks to the protein in the cottage cheese, and really, really tasty :happy:
  • I love bread. I bake my own. Having said that, I've almost eliminated it from my diet, because it triggers major carb cravings for me. In plain English: once I have a slice, I can't stop :grumble: If this doesn't happen to you and you won't go nuts, there's no reason why you shouldn't be eating bread.
  • It's NOT temporary. At least not in all cases, take my word for it. Lost most of my hair in my late teens, thanks to a medically supervised and completely benighted weight loss program that screwed my metabolism and thyroid function six ways from Sunday. My hair never recovered. The OP definitely should consult a physician…
  • If you're really worried about it, bake your own. That way can have your bread and eat it :wink: Seriously, baking your own bread, puts you in control of what's in there, so it's all good.
  • Hair loss is one of the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism, and I am on synthroid, thanks. The trouble is that the medication isn't a cure-all.
  • Congratulations! You've now reached a level of understanding metabolic function that nutritional science had achieved 35 years ago. Nutritional science then proceeded to recommend extended, medically supervised fasts for overweight teens, 'cos hey! Your body doesn't think, so if you limit caloric intake to one protein…
  • Welcome, sister. The more the merrier :drinker: 52, been suffering through this perimenopausal BS for three years or so and counting. The horrible news first: the weight gain, alas, is NOT water retention. It's all too real, I'm afraid. Basically it's to do with the body cutting down on estrogen production and, to make up…