What's your 'Can't have in the house' food?



  • Mlkmaid
    Mlkmaid Posts: 356 Member
    Cheetos, Bugles, Cheese-its, Fiddle-Faddle, etc. Anything you can scoop up by the handful and munch on.
  • lilbearzmom
    lilbearzmom Posts: 600 Member
    Fig Newtons

    Totally. And cashews.

    To address the Nutella addiction I see here on the boards- I'm not sure I have ever even tried it, and I probably will never buy it- you guys have scared me off of it. LOL
  • laele75
    laele75 Posts: 283 Member
    I don't make the healthier peanut butter chocolate candy recipe I found because I will eat the whole thing in a couple of days.
  • Cordy1228
    Cordy1228 Posts: 245 Member
    Totally varies based on mood.

    At various times I have control issues with the following:

    Good baked goods (choc chip cookies, cheesecake, brownies)

    Crap baked goods (boxed donuts, boxed snacky cakes like Suzy Q)

    Crunchy cheesy snacks (Doritos, Pirates Booty, cheesy Wheat Thins)

    Candy ( M&Ms, Reeses PB cups, Kit Kats)

    Sweet cereal (Froot Loops, Honey Graham Oh!s)

    Hot, melty spinach dip

    Corn muffins with butter, real toasty bagels with cream cheese
  • Hennessy Cognac and Häagen Dasz
  • happydayzz
    happydayzz Posts: 64 Member
    Veggie egg rolls from walmart. I know it's weird, but once I get a box (each box has 5), they are gone by dinner.

    Texas Toast.

    Cadbury Milk Chocolate.
  • kazsjourney
    kazsjourney Posts: 263 Member
    Things like family blocks of chocolate....I live next door to a grocery store....so i can easily pop over there and buy a small piece of chocolate....if i bought a full block of chocolate in the house it would be gone within 15 minutes lol....also chips (crisps), and biscuits (cookies)
  • Kasuko
    Kasuko Posts: 42
    I "thought" mine was Ice Cream ... but I just found a really old tub in the freezer I just "resisted" so long I forgot it was there. I didn't forbid myself from eating it but eventually I felt no need.
  • Mr_Excitement
    Mr_Excitement Posts: 833 Member
    Oreo cookies. I can eat two packages of those in an evening, which is something like 3000 calories, lol.
  • AllyCatXandi
    AllyCatXandi Posts: 329 Member
    For me it's less, "can't have in the house" and more, "can't have in the house when PMS strikes" :grumble:

    Would like to think I'm getting better at this moderation thing, but it's a lot easier for those few days if there aren't any chips/chocolates/cookies/biscuits/muesli bars/cakes/whatever in the house. And if they are in the house, that I not eat them. Because I find it a lot easier to not have any than to just have a little :tongue:
  • Jestinia
    Jestinia Posts: 1,154 Member
    I'm testing willpower and portion control right now with every junky food under the sun, but one thing I haven't dared buy yet are caramel filled chocolate chip cookies. I might try in a couple weeks, but I don't think it will end well.
  • teamAmelia
    teamAmelia Posts: 1,247 Member
    Potato chips. I'll eat half of the big bag in one sitting and the rest the next day. :(
  • amandabrooke17
    amandabrooke17 Posts: 24 Member
    Chips. Can't eat just one.
    And I swear, sometimes I think DH gets them to test me :P
  • Brownies, Chex Mix, and Homemade Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have no self control when it comes to those 3 foods.
  • sabinecbauer
    sabinecbauer Posts: 250 Member
    I just found a new one. Cake Batter Batter Batter pre packed ice cream from coldstone. It is not a "creation" from the wall it is in the fridge ready to grab and go. It's cake batter ice cream with cookie dough and brownie chunks. No crunch, no chewy, nothing but smooth with highlights of gooey chocolate and moments of buttery and sugar sprecked cookie dough...


    I'm not sure porn is allowed on this thread... :wink:
  • ptammyw
    ptammyw Posts: 27 Member
    Long list unfortunately: cereal, crackers, bagels, pastries, any dessert (seriously, anything sweet), pita chips, trail mix, granola bars.

    My husband and 2 kids almost staged a mutiny when I cleaned out the pantry!
  • Peanut butter M&MS or any sort of junk food I would like.
  • I do not have forbidden foods. Though, I have learned to keep chocolate in the freezer and things like Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered caramels and brownie bites in the refrigerator. It takes longer to eat them when they are cold and I get more satisfaction out of them.

    That being said. I do keep a number of 100 calorie pack and other snacks in the house that find an early expiration date with the trash when I feel particularly susceptible to them. That is when the celery comes out in force!!!
  • yes , I remember the cheese gimmick . that worked for me before..if.. I only have crap shredded cheese, I wont take big huge bites .... no ice cream ..... 1 soda a day..... and no fast food..... those are the best for sures I have
  • xapril77x
    xapril77x Posts: 248 Member
    Chocolate cupcakes or really just any chocolate cake... I can eat a package of 6 cupcakes in 1 sitting if they're there...