Thoughts on Body Cleanses

Just curious as to what you all thought about full body cleanses. Does it really get a diet going?? Or is it a complete waste of time?? Or worse yet, is it bad for your health???

Those of you who have done it, did you do your own Home Version, or did you buy all the drinks and do a "GNC version" of the cleanse??


  • navyrigger46
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    I do a full body cleanse daily, sometimes more than once a day, it starts with the toilet and ends in the shower.

    As for that snake oil and fancy marketing, it's just snake oil and fancy marketing, but it's very effective in separating people from their money, but not much else. Save your money.

  • raneylfrick
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    Haha...I appreciate the advice!!
  • jwdieter
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    Rigger is on target. Achieve a reasonable calorie deficit and you will lose weight. The most you will need to do for this is a free calorie tracking app. You don't need to spend anything.

    The diet industry is nearly entirely smoke and mirrors - at best designed to achieve calorie deficits at an unnecessary additional cost, and at worst purely taking advantage of the desperate and ignorant.
  • bethannien
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    I read an article recently where the author tried a cleanse. She lasted 3 days, spent most of her time on the toilet and struggled to make it through her regular spinning class. She did lose weight but it came back pretty quickly once she started eating food again. Our bodies are pretty efficient at cleansing, from what I understand. Not much intervention needed
  • sabinecbauer
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    I tried a 'cleanse' once. The short version is that it screwed my digestive system six ways from Sunday and it took me months to get things back to regular.
  • victorianesque
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    I don't think that the cayenne pepper/lemon water cleanses are worth try or are safe for your body. However, if you're stuck on a plateau, sometimes doing an "eat clean" cleanse does help to restart your metabolism. This just involves some calorie shifting, with higher deficits some days than others. A lot of diets do this (I think even Weight Watchers had a sort of "quick start" the first few days you joined, which involved eating cleaner), and it really can help you work through a plateau.

    One that I have tried recently and really liked was from the blogger Taralynn:

    I found that after the 7 days, I felt stronger and had more energy. I also lost about 5 lbs, helping me get over a 2 month plateau. Now, I'm back to the normal calorie deficit set by myfitnesspal, and I'm still losing weight.

    So, again, I think that traditional tabloid version of the word "cleanse" is no, but if you're just trying a short term deficit paired with clean eating, then I think yes.