Is Bread Really all That Bad?

I love bread, but I only have 1 serving , if that per day (typically to make a sandwich for lunch OR for toast in the morning (and then obviously there are some exception days where i have more bread than normal). I use Honey-Wheat bread mostly. However, my mom is always on my case that it's fat even though I rarely have it in the first place.

Is bread really THAT bad, that it'll damage my diet if I have it occasionally?


  • Francl27
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    Not at all, as long as it fits in your macros/calories, or you're allergic to gluten.
  • FredDoyle
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    There is nothing inherently wrong with bread. If you have a low calorie target you may feel more full with proteins and fats.
  • _Zardoz_
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    No food is bad in moderation
  • Jett_05
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    No food is bad in moderation

    ^ This....well to some extent. Some "food" is kinda bad. (See Splenda). I will admit to packing on 15lbs when my boyfriend became a baker at an artisan bakery. I think some off this might have been the smell of fresh bread at 3am in the morning wafting into my half asleep nostrils...waking me up and forcing me to consume it. :P I try to avoid it now because we have such an affair.
  • JesterMFP
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    I eat bread most days and haven't had any problems losing or maintaining weight. If you eat it every day, then I'm sure you'd already know by know if you have an intolerance to it.
  • melaniecheeks
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    Ask your mom to tell you why its bad. .

    Foods dont fall into 2 bins handily labelled good or bad. Any food is ok to eat, just depends on how much of it eat.
  • SusanB148
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    And whole grain bread is much healthier than white bread.
  • magerum
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    Eat it daily or even with every meal if you want. It's fine.
  • acpgee
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    It's only bad if you are insulin resistant or pre-diabetic. White bread has a very high glycemic index. Almost the same as refined sugar in terms of spiking blood glucose and insulin levels.
  • Joshyusernametaken
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    All the responses IMO are spot on! However, If you want to get technical, bread isn't so much as bad but very refined and hence not a natural form of food. So technically your body might have a bit of trouble trying to break down the processed grains and other additives. You best best is to have a wholemeal bread which has had less processes applied and is there for going to be easier for your body to break down and absorb the nutrients as well giving you a higher form of complex carbohydrate.
    Depends on how picky you want to be with your diet. If your goal is just general weight loss and fitness then make sure if fits inside your macro nutrient levels. But if you are aiming for a 100% clean diet, with minimal unnatural/ unprocessed foods than stay away from bread. Also comes down to how well your body deals with breaking down certain foods, just find what works right for your body.
  • BeachIron
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    Ignore the anti-carb, anti-gluten, anti-wheat, and the bread is processed crowds. Unless you have a specific medical (you know, diagnosed by a MD) then there is absolutely nothing wrong with bread, either white or whole grain. The whole grain will have more fiber but there is nothing wrong with a good baguette.
  • trisH_7183
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    I love bread too.Usually buy the lower cal type & have a lunch sandwich most days.I add lts of lettuce,shredded cabbage,tomato slices etc.Very tasty & filling.

    Portion control works for me,not banning food.That can just make you want to eat even more. If you are on food boards long enough,you'll find people against every food. Take advice with a grain of salt & do what works for you.
  • neanderthin
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    Of course it's not bad, barring any intolerance. That's all folks.:smile:
  • sabinecbauer
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    If you're really worried about it, bake your own. That way can have your bread and eat it :wink:

    Seriously, baking your own bread, puts you in control of what's in there, so it's all good.
  • torysresort
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    I love the carbs, be it bread, or pasta, or chips. I've been most successful keeping away from them. Though I've never cut them out enough to put my body into ketosis. I've found that I am better off without. Some people, it seems are fine eating them, just not for me. Look into the blood type diets. I like the idea of putting my body near ketosis, it makes me metabolize the sugars better, but you gotta keep you're protein up so your muscle isn't effected. Also.... eating primarily protein makes me fuller longer. Fat and protein equate to less calories than carbs do when looking at the same amounts.
  • Soccermavrick
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    Bread is a carb, which turn to fat quicker than protein and the Glurcerine index affect diabetics, but for most people, in moderation, and inside of a healthy diet I do not see a problem with it. (Now a Bodybuilder right before a competition maynot want it, but for most people, I have more important things to cut back and worry about than a slice of bread every now and again.) Everyone's diet needs fiber. So as long as you are not eating and entire loaf a day, I would not see an issue with it.
  • ereck44
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    Not a bread eater until I joined mfp. Now I eat 1 piece of whole grain sprouted bread, usually an open face sandwich (60 cals) and am losing weight gradually (which is what I want) and feel satisfied. In the past, I would eat out at some Italian restaurant and eat the whole bread basket. So now I feel like I have more control.
    Recently a friend of mine who is on her umpteenth diet ( she has to learn the hard way) told me how she was on a gluten free diet and how difficult it was to stay on it. (no doubt. Now my friend has no allergies to gluten--so it's a choice not a need.) I told her that I was losing weight and it helped that I ate a slice of bread a day. Her eyebrows raised, and she said, "you're kidding"
    I just decided that I didn't want to go on any more diets.
    So, if you want that piece of bread, eat it--make sure that you leave room and that you eat plenty of healthy food and it will be okay.
  • Biodemon
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    Ask this to a "caveman" and they will tell you its bad. Well, that ALL grains are bad. Personally, I would ditch the bread. It'll help make your body burn fat instead of carbs. :3
  • kbeech06
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    You'll get differing opinions from people, but honestly, there are many of us STILL eating bread and STILL losing weight. Just make sure you keep within your calorie goals and you'll be fine.
  • ninerbuff
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    Only if there's mold on it.

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