Which body lotion do you use?



  • JennaM222
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    I love nutregena firming body lotion.
  • hypocrisy8
    hypocrisy8 Posts: 26 Member
    I love Aveeno!
  • sevsmom
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    I buy my body lotions and sprays from Bathed & Infused. (bathedandinfused.com) They have HUNDREDS of fragrances and a great line up of items you can buy in those fragrances. I like the body lotion and the "In Between Cream". . .skin is soft and smells great!! I also like to get cuticle oil pens from them in the same fragrance as my lotions.

    Full Disclosure: This is a business that my friend owns. But, that doesn't diminsh how awesome I think the products are. :-)
  • wellbur
    wellbur Posts: 240 Member
    I use neutogena comfort cream, I have had ezcema since birth and since using this about 8 years, i don't get any ezcema now only on my hands
  • I use Victoria Secrets line (lotion and sprays) or Curel.
  • Linda_Darlene
    Linda_Darlene Posts: 453 Member
    What I use is locally made by a small Austin company. It has no chemicals and is the best. It's from South Austin People (SOAP). Unscented or a variety of natural scents. Too bad it is not yet available nationwide but it can be ordered online.
  • Angie_1991
    Angie_1991 Posts: 447 Member
    St. Ives Cocunut and Orchid extract. Love it.
  • Sixalicious
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    Cerave. It was recommended for my daughter's eczema, but I've found that it's great for my skin. I alternate with concentrated cocoa butter (Palmer's).
  • I actually use Lucas Paw Paw ointment on my problem areas (tummy and thighs) it's helping incredibly with my stretch marks and my skin feels tighter and softer the next morning (I put in on before bed) it can be a little pricey, but a little bit goes a loooong way! I've had the same medium sized jar for over a month now, I love it!
  • I use Nievia 48hr moisture... LOVE THAT STUFF!!
  • sewerchick93
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    Coconut oil.........the solid stuff from about any store. OMG skin feels like a baby's butt. Addicted!:)

    same here!!
  • bwdcjk
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    I make my own using Vitamin E (2 pack 'lil canisters found at Walmart - lotion aisle), baby lotion (largest container of the pink kind - Johnson & Johnson or store brand) and Vaseline (name or store brand). Mix all together in a large bowl (I even use my hand mixer since the Vaseline is quite thick). Can spoon back into the Vitamin E and Vaseline containers for storage but there is a lot left over so I also use old butter containers to store in.
  • sirrah17
    sirrah17 Posts: 26 Member
    I use Medline Skin Repair Cream. The hospital where my Dad stayed for a few weeks used it, and we fell in love with it. I ordered it from Walgreens -- kinda difficult to find.
  • Bxrlvr73
    Bxrlvr73 Posts: 82 Member
    Aveeno, simply the best!
  • Has anyone tried Classic Sugar Boutique yet? They have a 100% organic and vegan lotion I like to use.
  • AmyRhubarb
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    I love Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter, and good ol' Aveeno.
  • LeviLeDoux
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    I can't use products with petrochemicals because they make me itchy, so I religiously slather on a jasmine scented almond, peanut, and lanolin oil blend after showering and before drying off.
  • 5n0wbal1
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    I have really bad eczema on my hands, so I use Eucerin Calming Cream. It isn't the cheapest of the Walmart lotions, but I love it because it really works. It doesn't take a lot, and it absorbs well and moisturizes for a while. I put it on within 5 minutes after getting out of the shower and after each time I wash my hands, to ward off the eczema flare-ups.
  • sabinecbauer
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    Body Shop body butter, a variety of scents. Alternatively, Jergens for extra-dry skin.
  • april27kelli
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    I like anything made by philosophy... the pure grace scent is my favorite... it doesn't smell like candy or flowers or anything like that... just the clean smell of soap & water...