Foods that ACTUALLY get you full?

What are some healthy foods that will really get my full so I'm not binging all the time? :/

Or any tips/tricks that will keep you from stress eating/emotional eating, etc.


  • sabinecbauer
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    Protein will get you really full and you won't feel hungry again for a good while, because the body has to work at digesting protein. So low-fat meats or poultry or soy products or eggs are really good. Lots of satisfaction for few calories.

    I also like avocado (which obviously isn't a protein). It makes me feel really full, contains a ton of fiber and fatty acids that help your body break down fat reserves. You just need to watch it, because avocados are very high in calories--240 kcal for a whole small avocado.
  • MildredBarhopper
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    Greek yogurt! The plain is sour, so you can either get flavored or get plain and flavor it yourself (this is what I do since there are so many yummy combinations, plus less sugar than the flavored kind).
  • Food combinations work great for me. Combine a hi-quality protein, with good carb & a little bit of fat and you will be satisfied. For example: chicken, broccoli/onion/mushroom stir-fry (tossed in coconut oil or EVOO) & sweet potato. Very nutritious and will keep you full.
  • I like homemade hummus with no oil and veggies, carrots, cucumber, pepper slices, radishes, broccoli, grape tomatoes whatever you like.
    You can eat a lot and the fiber fills you up.
  • chrisdavey
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    cottage cheese, protein powder and banana

    about 1.5lbs minimum of meat and veggies.

    oats, protein powder and peanut butter.

  • betweenthesedays
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    Fiber, fiber, fiber. It'll fill you up and signal your body that it's full...because it is. Try overeating's nigh unto impossible because you'll be literally full. Same goes for just about any other veg, bean, or whole grain. The key is, though, to focus on something less calorically dense. Avocados and nuts, while they contain fiber, also have more calories than starchy or green/yellow/red vegetables. Plus, besides filling your belly, fiber will also do wonders for your digestive system, your lipid profile, and feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut.
  • harphy
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    whole wheat products, cottage cheese, protein shake, eggs, peanuts (just 1 handfull!), fatty fish.
  • Slacker16
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    This is an important thing for me as well. I've found fiber and protein to be the most important.

    I like eggs and bread in the morning. The bread gives quick energy, the eggs keep me full until lunch.
    I often make a barley pilaf with meat and veggies for dinner. Very satisfying despite its measly ~450 cals.
  • cebreisch
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    Protein and FIber.

    About 2 years ago, I told my nutritionist that despite getting in plenty of protein. She told me to up my fiber. That did the trick.

    So my two best tips:
    Focus on the protein, and the carbs and fats will take care of themselves
    Up your fiber.

    To up my fiber, I started having Chocolite Protein bars. They have about 100 calories, 10g fiber, 10g protein, they're sugar free, and gluten free. I really like the triple chocolate fudge and the cookies and cream. I'll have 1 or 2 a day. (
  • lebbyloses
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    Ok, I've been having this as an easy dinner lately and it is so filling and low-calorie I've had to add to my other meals to make my numbers. In the freezer aisle of your grocery store, buy one of those family size stir fry packs. Your store brand is probably good. Stir-fry it with a tablespoon of peanut oil. Eat the whole thing. You could easily use less oil, too. I like to add sriracha or chili flakes for a little spice, but they don't add many calories. Obviously you could do this even more cheaply by just buying veggies, but this way I can have dinner ready within ten minutes of walking in the door and I can buy a variety of veggie packages so it is different every night.
  • vanguardfitness
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    White fish!

    Tilapia, dolphinfish, cod, halibut. I find that when I eat about 8-16 ounces it just sits in my stomach for a very very long time.
  • Carnivor0us
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    Meat and lots of it.

    Also, eggs.

    Sometimes baking two chicken thighs with a small amount of green lentils really helps fill me up. Fiber doesn't really help me fill up, I need something more substantial than plant cellulose.
  • Mr_Knight
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    What are some healthy foods that will really get my full so I'm not binging all the time? :/

    For many (possibly most) people, there aren't any. It's not natural for the body to feel "full" all the time, you'll need to readjust your expectations.
  • ShapenerFiterrati
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    Try oatmeal with banana and fruit. Eggs. Fish.
  • tedrickp
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    Boiled potato tops the Satiety Index - also low in cals and great source of potassium.
  • ILiftHeavyAcrylics
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    First make sure your calorie goal is reasonable. If you have less than 50 lbs to lose you should set MFP to lose 1 lb per week and eat back half your exercise calories.

    Then try some different combinations. I find that combinations of fat, protein, and carbs work best for me. I never get very full on veggies unless there's something else to the dish. I also don't get very full on protein alone, despite what most people advise. It's going to be somewhat individual so play around with it until you find something that works.
  • Hungry_Annie
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    Ditto what everyone has said about protein and fiber. I've had that problem too. I was never full, even right after eating. Lately I've tried upping my protein and fiber and I'm starting to notice that I am snacking less and able to stay satisfied most of the day. Everyone is different, but I need a bigger breakfast. If I skimp on breakfast, im super hungry all day. I've experimented and its what works for me.

    I just bought a box of Quest bars, and there is 20 grams of protein and 17grams of fiber in each bar for only 160 calories. I had one with breakfast this morning and I was good til lunch. Which is rare for me.
  • BeachGingerOnTheRocks
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    Meat and lots of it.

    Also, eggs.

    Sometimes baking two chicken thighs with a small amount of green lentils really helps fill me up. Fiber doesn't really help me fill up, I need something more substantial than plant cellulose.

    There's a poop-ton of fiber in lentils. 30 grams per 100 grams. It's crazy.

    And seriously good with chicken and curry spices.
  • daw0518
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    I love eating a giant plate of veggies with hummus & greek yogurt ranch. It's a lot of food, so it fills me up & it's really low calorie. Tonight I added turkey slices, string cheese, & wheat thins to my plate & it was still under 550 calories.

    Scrambled eggs + a plate of veggies is also one of my favorite meals. I use one serving of egg whites + one whole egg, & scramble it with onion & turkey, & put cheese on top. Usually under 450 calories, even with my ranch & hummus to dip my veggies in!
  • Cortelli
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    Just had a small plate of really thick (tree trunk-like) steamed asparagus with a tbsp. of mayo and a glass of wine. Feeling really stuffed. And one of those "stuffed" that feels like it will be around for several hours (though I have been grazing all afternoon) And I am usually all about the meatz and proteins.