Shocked about Tim Horton's & Weight Loss



  • rabblerabble
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    Calories in coffee can be brutal. Just lots of cream and sugar. I'm drinking all of my coffee black this year.
  • mazmataz
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    Are you really surprised that removing 3x coffees that have double cream and double sugar would cause weight loss?? lmao. Not to be rude but... double doubles are basically drinking a donut

    Haha during one of my 'off the wagon' stints, my regular Friday order from Timmie's would be a small French Vanilla (basically a cup of warm sugar!) and a Canadian teeth hurt thinking about it. Sooo much sugar!
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    cofee has no calories..just say no to alcohol and drugs
  • LishLash79
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    I drink tims still.. but just med one cream.. its my treat.. won't give up that one cream.. but honestly lately, finding Mc pukes coffee tasting better?
    I was surprised about the muffins.. i logged 1/4 of a muffin (because I stole a bite from my daughters) and it was like 100 cals.. on friggen bite... WOW
  • Topsking2010
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    Tim Horton is getting rich while Canadians are getting fat by going to his coffee shops.
  • SezxyStef
    SezxyStef Posts: 15,270 Member is the link to the nutrition calculator and a large double double has

    230 calories, 14g fat. and 30 g sugar...because they don't measure with a table spoon...they have a machine that calculates based on a button pushed for the coffee cup size and it's a lot of cream trust me.

    But think about this...a large ice cap with cream is 470 calories and 20g of fat and 62g of sugar...

    Yah Canadian stuff...
  • Snooozie
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    I was a certified Tim addict.... used to get 3-4 "double doubles" but started cutting back and gradually reducing to one cream, now at a "half cream, 1 sweetener" and down to just one in the morning LOL.. BUT I also used to buy the grilled chicken sandwhich on whole wheat with mustard, tomato and lettuce farily often, thinking it was a relatively good choice when travelling.... until I discovered one small sandwich had over 1200mg of sodium! yikes... I spent a lot of time perusing the TH nutritional site LOL.. and have discovered the two chcolate timbits I used to treat myself to have more sugar and cals than one chocolate dip LOL.. I rarely get anything other than coffee there now that I've spent a year changing my eating habits.... but now and then admit one MIGHT find its way onto my desk!
  • silken555
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    I actually don't understand WHY their coffee is so high in calories. The exact same coffee at mcd's is 70 cals. Makes on wonder just what kind of cream they use...or how much volume one cream encompasses. Since I found that out I avoid the coffee from Tims.

    Besides, the new mcd's coffee tastes a lot better!
  • norahwynn
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    Thankfully we don't have Tim Horton's in Colorado. :happy:
  • sabinecbauer
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    You know the moment you take one sip of one of those fancy Timmie's coffees. Loaded with sugar! :sick:
  • Grenon
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    Yeah cream and sugar add up quickly, I dropped sugar from my coffee a long time ago. I usually order my Tim's with half a cream, was able to drink it black for a while but the after taste from it isn't the best.
  • daniellegwilliam
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    Yeah, Tim Hortons uses a button for the cream. Im pretty sure that buttons shoots out alot more than 1TBSP per push. Its crazy.
    as a canadian personally hate smells weird everytime i get near a timmy ho's
  • seabee78
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    Not only are the paninis high in cals they are gross and made with processed cheese. Mine tasted so nasty.

    Yes, they are gross. I failed to mention that in my post above.
  • BaconMD
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    Tim Horton is getting rich while Canadians are getting fat by going to his coffee shops.
    I hear he uses his riches to really bling up his coffin.
  • 3dogsrunning
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    Hmmm, according to the Urban Dictionary, a "double double" means coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars. If I enter it intot he MFP database, I get this:

    Coffee - Brewed from grounds, 3 cup (8 fl oz) 7
    Hood Half & Half Aseptic Creamer - Individual Half & Half Creamer, 2 Container (10mL) 30
    Domino - Individual Sugar Packet, 2 packet 30
    Add Food Quick Tools 67

    Are the 2 creamers something other than those 2 little creamer cups? Is it 2 packets of sugar? Or 2 tablespoons?

    P.S. I'm curious because I also have a coffee with 2 creamers in it (although I use Equal not sugar), so I hope this info is accurate!!

    From a former Tim Horton's employee I can tell you that "single cream" is more than what is in a creamer container. They use a serving machine. I actually can't recall for sure (its been awhile) but I believe that there are different size service for each - ie a large "single cream" is more cream than a small "single cream".
    And it is not half and half, it would have more calories.

    Some locations have sugar dispensers as well but when I worked we just used a tablespoon.

    It also confuses me now because the medium is now a small, large is medium, etc. a medium double double used to be smaller.

    ETA - another word of warning - don't trust that the "light" cream cheese is light. It used to get mixed up all the time when I worked there.
  • sdereski
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    Love my Timmys. So glad I have finally gone black. :happy:
    Their Americanos aren't bad, but that's about all I enjoy, drink-wise, if I have to go there (socially, with friends). Try one next time you go, if you haven't! They're pricier, though.

    Decaf Americano - black, is my coffee of choice! :happy:
  • Yah the double double isn't great for you, but Tim Horton's sandwiches are some of the best fast food choices calorie-wise . When I'm on the road for meetings I try and eat there because many of the sammies are low cal because they use honey mustard as the sauce instead of something creamy, and their whole wheat buns are a reasonable portion.

    ...Just don't choose the Panini sandwiches. I was appalled to find the Grilled Cheese Panini was 600 cals!

    and don't eat the extreme italian sandwich either. 750 kcals (it's packed with sausage, ham and cheese)
  • carlytenney
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    Or you can get double double with milk. Just as good.:smile:
  • amandarawr06
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    Ok... I am a Tim Horton's Coffee addict. I admit it. I love my double double coffee

    I added by medium double double coffee on the wrong day and was greatly surprised when when I removed it and completely my entry again to see that I would lose an additional 3 lbs in 5 weeks by omitting one cup of coffee each day. That is more than 30 lbs in one year.
    Explains my weight gain when I drink 3-4 a day.

    :wink: :wink:

    Better stop drinking double doubles. I order my timmies with just milk.
  • romesakhan
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    Wow I am definitely very late to this conversation thread but reading all you guys say how bad the DD is for you is giving me the motivation to cut it out except for once in a while. I have become so dependent on coffee in the last two years whereas I was never a fan of coffee, now if I don't get a large iced coffee or my double double I'm cranky all day! lol