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  • Yup, I haven’t been doing so great. I’m out this month. I’ll check in later when I have more time. Hope everyone is well
    in January 18 Comment by taurie January 20
  • 3 x yeses for me. I walked loads and did 30 mins on the cross trainer. Feeling much better/ stronger
    in January 15 Comment by taurie January 15
  • 3 x yeses for me. I did a bodypump class. First time in a while. I’m quite sore today but it’s nice
    in January 14 Comment by taurie January 15
  • It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to post but I’m keeping on track. ✅✅✅ Only walked but I was quite achy so I couldn’t do much more.
    in January 13 Comment by taurie January 15
  • Good topic @LazyBlondeChef Carby meals increase my appetite and I feel hunger pangs. With lean protein and low-ish carbs I don’t get hunger pangs. I’m currently on a vicious carb cycle that I need to get off of! With high carbs I struggle to keep my calories at maintenance. When I focus on lean proteins and veg I can…
    in January 9 Comment by taurie January 9
  • ✅ exercise - spin class ✅ calories - at maintenance ✅ tracking
    in January 8 Comment by taurie January 9
  • ‘Oh, no. You don’t understand. This is an Alaïa.’ A quote from Cher in Clueless
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  • Hi everyone, I have posted for a couple of days. Just wanted to report I’ve been eating at maintenance as planned, however walking has been the only exercise I’ve been getting.
    in January 7 Comment by taurie January 7
  • Do you track everything? Every day? Or do you skip higher calorie times? I do my best to track every day. Sometimes is tricky when eating out but I do my best to guess by comparing items to my hand (palm, thumb, etc) Do you weigh your food or eyeball it or both? Both, I need to get back into weighing. It’s more accurate.…
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  • Thank you!
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  • @biketheworld the exhibition is amazing! Glad you were able to go. We went before our son was crawling and he loved it too. It’s really beautiful and great for people of all ages. I’m afraid that’s 3 passes for me. I ate at maintenance but as we were travelling all day I didn’t manage to exercise. That’s the last one and…
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  • @jamcnewman thank you for the encouragement ☺️ I plan on filling up on protein and non starchy veg. I have soups/broths ready and eggs (for boiling) if I get peckish.
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  • Pass day - ate too much. Not off to a good start but we are still on holiday and go back tomorrow. I’m still exercising every day and being very active but eating close to 3,000 calories a day 😕 it’ll be much easier to control once I’m home. I need to lose at least 20lbs by May so I need to get my act together!!
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  • Happy New Year everyone! 🥳 It’s a pass day for me. But I did a lot of activities and kept active all day. I’ll get et back on track for sure when I’m back home.
    in January 1 Comment by taurie January 1
  • Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! 🥳🎉🍾🥂 I didn’t make it into the winners circle. I lost track of my pass days… probably close to 31 🙈 I went for a run today and lots of walking and dancing.
    in December 31 Comment by taurie January 1
  • I’m definitely not in the winners circle but excited for those who made it during December. No small feat! We are enjoying an all inclusive holiday which can be dangerous food wise but it just the meals and drinks that I have to navigate as we aren’t snacking. There’s a nice gym here and they do lots of classes and…
  • My accomplishments in 2021: Exercise regularly Generally more active Started meditating Feel better - happier Lost 15 lbs
  • Yesterday wasn’t great food wise. I ate too much. We left the house we were staying at and travelled back home. We had a takeaway and ate really late so in between lunch and dinner I was eating stupid things like chips & biscuits. However, apart from 2 hours in the car I never stopped moving. I clímed 29 flights of stairs…
  • Happy belated birthday @WhatMeRunning Another pass day for me. It was one of my in-law’s bday and I overdid it at lunch. My plates have gotten a l bigger I’ve noticed. I start loading up on veg but there were so many options of veg I ended up with a mountain of food on my plate followed by two serving of cheese 🧀 The…
  • I’m disqualified anyway for December but still got ❌❌❌ for Christmas Day. I didn’t go too crazy but I know it was more than I needed and I didn’t get a chance to exercise unfortunately.
  • Such an amazing and insightful post. Please share any resources you would recommend.
  • Such a timely topic! Definitely resonates with me in a big way. Thank you for posting it @StayFITTer. I was expecting this holiday with the in-laws to be very stressful and surprisingly it has been very enjoyable. I’ve been practicing mindfulness as much as possible. I think everyone has been on their best behaviour…
  • Day 2 of being away with the in laws and I’m doing my h better than I thought. I did yoga and ate at maintenance today 🙃 We ate out for lunch and dinner so difficult to know calories but estimated high. Lunch - I had an appetiser (3 x seared scallops) and side tomato salad for lunch. Instead of ordering a starter, main and…
  • I wasn’t able to exercise yesterday because we were travelling. Apart from the two hours in the car I never stopped moving from 7am until 8pm. I ate reasonably well with the options I had. Breakfast - protein smoothie with strawberries and tsp of chocolate powder 😋 Lunch - ham & cheese bap. Gave the buttered bap to my son…
  • I’m on a similar boat to @mshawski with stress/boredom eating around in-laws. They are all big eaters, huge portions and a lot of processed foods. Thinking about being there gives me anxiety. To give you an idea, we lived with them for a month and I put on 30lbs during this time; I had never been overweight in my life…
  • So many great messages today! Love the tip about not closing diary.
  • December is turning into a slippery slope for me. I need to reign it in. I over did it with a cheese board, homemade pies and wine at a friends house by around 100 calories. Right after the slivers of pie (two flavours) I felt so nauseous I had to lie down. I don’t do well with sweet stuff and it seems the covid booster…
  • Thank you @Mrs_Hoffer for everything that you do for this group. Sorry you haven’t been feeling 100% this month. Hope you feel better soon. As for my plans the rest of this year. I’ll be away with husband’s family for a week. I need to plan some coping strategies to avoid the constant snacking and big meals. Sadly they are…
  • Still struggling with fatigue and nausea from my jab. I didn’t do much today. ❌ exercise ✅ calories ✅ tracking
  • I was just saying yesterday how I’ve been consistent with exercise… errrr, I got a covid booster jab today and ended up missing my class but I did track and stay within budget. ❌ Exercise ✅ calories ✅ tracking NSV this month; increased upper body strength. YAY!