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  • 99.9% of the time I am a very clean eater but when those DAMN peeps come out or those jelly beans I usally turn into a very dirty eater!!! just give me the stale peeps and no one will get hurt!!!:laugh:
  • I personally don't believe that cutting anything 100% from eating unless necessary... I can do PLAIN greek yogurt but god forbid I touch milk, cheese or a flavored greek yogurt, I could clear an entire city block!!! I have cottage cheese but have not tried that just yet, aftaid of the horrid stomach pain if I am not able…
  • only way women get "bulky" is usually if they are on steroids... we have leaner muscle mass then guys do.. no worries, lift some weights
  • some things are more but you just have to know what to buy and where... get seasonal produce, or frozen veggies... sometimes I will get organic but rarely...
  • insanity is tough... some people will lose pounds but others will see it more in measurements... I am going to do insanity again after this round of p90x2... just because I love insanity so much, like that drowning in sweat feeling.... then maybe anoher round of combat :bigsmile:
  • i TRY to stick away from anything with additives that I cannot pronounce.... try to stay away from things with added sugar/salt or anything with "nautral flavors" added (seriously WTF is natural flavor?!!)
  • boobs don't talk... least I have not trained my "girls" to speak... its rude and very annoying when someone you know or don't know stared at your chest... I make it a point to let them know that I have caught them staring... :bigsmile:
  • I usually get between 40-60 grams of fiber a day.... but be careful, not all fiber is equal!!! My quest protein bars have 17-19 grams of fiber and do not give me gas but if I have ONE fiber one bar I am bloated and farting like crazy!! get your fiber from veggies and fruits..
  • I just put my calorie intake up to 2000, I am burning between 700-1000 calories with just my exercise a day... I had my calories set to 1500 but was not seeing the results i should have been...
  • yup they do, and lunges as well... just make sure you have proper form and if it becomes too easy for you hold onto some dumbells...
  • i believe that you are eating too few calories... you run the risk of screwing up your hormone levels therefor slowing you metabolisim (sp).. I would find out your BMR and your TDEE, usually most people subrtact 20% from their TDEE, but do not reccomend eating less then your BMR....
  • I burned about 800 calories doing "game day+overitme" asylum workout.. I and not overweight in any way... the more muscle you have them more calroies you are going to burn since your engaging all those lovely muscles..
  • to further cut the sodium try using panko bread crumbs and just sprinkle with a little garlic/onion powder...
  • I don't think doing ANY cleanse is a good idea if there is not healthy food involved... should at least be eating vegetables in my opinion...
  • they say stevia is ok to use... I will use whatever I feel like using at that point in time... I have raw dark agave, raw unfiltered honey, nectress, splenda... I think it is all fine in moderation.... :drinker:
  • drink it every morning... but mine are only 160 calories a shake... 170 if i do the vegan... it is easier for me since I workout first thing in the morning and need to get out the door fast...
  • lol yeah I agree that it is probably just water... I use protein powder, vitamins, pre-workout drink.. want that pre workout drink, otherwise getting up at 5 am to workout (p90x2 again) would be tough...
  • city of angles... went to theater to see it right after my father died... wrecked me for a while.. have not watched the movie since then
  • I don't think that guys want a "body builder" look, but a lady who is toned and yet still soft (ladies know what I mean, guys don't want to snuggle up to a freaking rock!)...
  • a.) GET A NEW DR!! B.) get better shoes but do seek out a store that will fit you properly for the correct shoe c.) you have a lot of medical issues with your joints, I seriously would not try to do more then walk until you get the "all clear" from dr... you don't want to cause more problems later down the road, you are…
  • just working out I will burn between 500-1100 calories a day... Les Mills Combat in the morning then walking and running up steps on my lunch break... everyones burn will be different... according to my "body media link" on days that I workout (I take one day a week off but always end up doing SOMETHING!) I will burn over…
  • hell breakfast with my boyfriend last week he diced up some leftover london broil, tomatoe, avocado to mix into eggs...(topped with mexican blend cheese!!) along with buttered toast! was very very good!!
  • I have a polar ft4 and I just got a body media "link"... the link measures exactly what you burn throughout the day, your sleep and some other stuff..
  • :bigsmile: straight black, no sweetner added...
  • I have found that I feel the best when I take vitamins from GNC... have tried different ones over the years and always go back to them...:smile:
  • I try to stick to a "lean and green" for dinner (pretty much vegetables and protein) then have some sugar free jello later on at night... I find that I sleep better.. :bigsmile: play around with different things, see what you and your body like the best... it is different for everyone :wink:
  • mmm lately i have been getting the "muscle weighs more then fat" NO IT DOES NOT!!!!! I have to explain to them OVER AND OVER again that if I hand them a pound of muscle and a pound of fat it will still be A FREAKING POUND!!! IT JUST LOOKS DIFFERENT!!!! I sitll get the "maybe you should cut back on the exercise, its not…
  • salad, greek yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, low sodium v8, unsalted nuts, berries, grapefruit, apples, "kind" granola bars, quest protein bars, protein drinks, grilled meat, raisins... have to mix it up, otherwise it gets BORING!!!
  • i got them for the health of them... i put them on my cottage cheese or on my yogurt along with almonds and fruit... :bigsmile:
  • my dogs are my kids!! they are better behaved the most peoples human kids :bigsmile: