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  • Pass day #1 Tracked: yep exercised: yep - less than I had planned earlier in the week though... which is why ... Calories: nope! Boredom at work = snacking like crazy! And there was so much sugar around me which I chose to eat. Totally worth it.
  • yes x 3!
  • Yesx3 April 18
  • April 17 Yes x3
  • I eat chocolate almost every day - definitely every work-day. Dark (85%), 4 squares. I am lucky to afford it financially, and in my calorie "budget". It's a small pleasure which I very much appreciate. Had a catch up with a friend ... at the pub... between work and gym. I thought it was going to take a LOT of willpower to…
  • First day in the April challenge for me ... better to start here than to wait and forget and miss the start of May! Exercise: Yep - ~1hour @ the gym Calories: Yes Tracked: yessssssuuuum even the chocolate :smiley:
  • Heya! I fell out of the March challenge due to a number of "sick" days, then needed a little break to get my mental health back into good shape. Unfortunately that meant missing the start of the April challenge... but I realised that falling off for so long, I have gained weight back, so here I am, to start mid-month, and…
  • I’ve not been checking in daily since I hit my third pass this month, but I have been consciously making decisions on every bite and making time for exercise. I think I’m not able to commit to checking in every day every month, so maybe I am a month on month off kind of person! Who knows, we’ll see how April goes! I wore…
  • Thank you all for the kind words and support! I’ve been to the doctor who says it’s nothing serious I am just stressed and tired (pretty sure I told her that!) Another pass day yesterday, when I can’t get my exercise in the morning, my will power and motivation quickly fall as well. I’ll be working on that this month as a…
  • Yes x3 ... took a 40 minute walk while waiting for computer to complete updates at work today
  • March is proving to be a challenge for me. 6 days in an fi am already using pass day #3. I’ve pinched a nerve in my shoulder (I think...), have aggravated my childhood glandular fever, and am struggling to find any routine. I’m keeping going, but will be surprised if I don’t need more pass days this month!
  • Yes x3
  • March 3 / pass day #1 So early in the month too! But it was a friends wedding, so despite all the dancing for exercise, it was not enough to counter the drinks And desserts!
  • March 2 Yes x3
  • Was certain I had posted here already... March 1 yes to all 3
  • hoooooo-eeeeee I did it! yes x 3!!
  • Rick I am in! Also yes x 3 for 27th
  • Way to go @Ceceev !!! yes x 3 today, and as long as i don't bugger up the next 2 days... I'll be a Circle Qualifier! eeeeeeeeeeeee yay!
  • yes x3!! It was a bit touch and go there... thought i ate waaaay too much... luckily my lawns took almost 2 hours to mow, so made up a lot of calories.
  • This is the perfect summary for my day as well! Pass day # 3 for me.
  • yes x 3 ... only just stuck within calorie target!
  • Totally signing up for March after I complete this post. January was too hard for me to keep up with, but I’ve really got into a habit with this group as my commitment focus. Thanks everyone! Today yes x 3 ... have just been at a community garden committee meeting, it got a bit heated between a couple of the members.…
  • Good luck! You'll get a lot of mixed opinions and approaches on here to try for yourself, so keep trying and you'll find the solution that works for you.
  • So true @RangerRickL , and I think thats why I found myself so exhausted last weekend. I feel much better now that i have increased my calories (even after just 3 days!) I have the energy to do the exercise that I WANT to do. It's not a chore. We'll see how I go when the weekend swings around and my morning routine is off.…
  • Thanks for the well wishes everyone! The "storm" so far has just been a bit of rain, and the wind is starting to pick up... very normal for where I live! I was able to run to work this morning, and with the extra calories, felt like I could eat a proper amount today! Thrown a bit off guard, as my 18month nieces were here…
  • Yes x3, including a little treat of some delicious chocolate cake! I've been doing some research, and have decided to increase my daily calorie target (increase by ~120 cals/day); hoping this will see my energy and health remain more balanced, instead of the crazy spikes I have been experiencing the last 8 weeks. Hard to…
  • This month I have found myself tempted to just take another pass day so I can have that biscuit or wine... then I get determined to be in the winners circle, so I reconsider my options, and manage to avoid it. 9 days to go :smiley:
  • Yes x3 - only just made it on the exercise. Been feeling ill all weekend so did a few chores and some stretches and foam rolling. Not impressed with my lack of health so far this year. Seems like my body got a different plan than my mind for 2018.
  • Yes x 3... only just. Felt really ill most of the day, so exercise was a long slow walk, but better than nothing. Slept so much I didn’t have much time to eat, so calories are way under. Here’s hoping tomorrow has better health. Think I am a bit burnt out lately.
  • Yeeeaaah...so...pass. Yep. I mean...it started well with exercise, and even said no to Friday Fives... then hubby wanted wine, and dinner was cheese on toast. Pass day #2 in use.