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  • This is my only go-to place to eat out usually. Sure; if you get everything they offer into your bowl with double the portions then it will be a lot of calories. (By the way; my chipolte is stingy with everything so i cant see what you're talking about when it comes to more food in the bowl) I eat here at least once or…
  • 1) a woman who was clearly on her own weight loss joruney told me that I was her hero! I was very humbled 2) I've gotten compliments on my back progress! I got excited because I feel like my back progress was lacking since I cannot really see my back :p 3) A guy asked if I was married; to which I said "yes" and he said…
  • lolllll i did this yesterday with my husband. We went into a comic book store TOGETHER because we both like geeky stuff; I was looking for a particular comic book and I kept getting stared at and asked if i needed help. haha
  • My husband and I got engaged and married young. He was 21 and I was 20. My husband did not have a lot of money but he bought me a single diamond ring with a beautiful design as an engagment ring. We later went and shopped at other stores and found another ring with a similar ring design and had the jewler attach the rings…
  • welcomeeeee!! :D You are among fellow geeks/nerds! :D
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  • I really need to learn how to sew! I want to cosplay so badly. lol probably need a sewing machine first. :p
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  • HAHAH! oh YES! that is true. LOL
  • Oh yah. super tired of all this CRAP! and You know what I tell those that call me selfish? I tell them I AM. I'm not ashamed.
  • No kids. Happily married since 2007. I am really getting tired of the "When are you having kids?" Me: "Probably never" ..."oh, you'll change your mind" shut up.
  • meow! so CUTE!
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  • oooooh, i like you already!! :D i want a dragon tattoo so badly. Currently, i do not have any geeky ones but i do have a small star design on the inside of my left wrist. I do know for sure that my geeky tattoo that i want is the Deathly Hallows one from Harry Potter. I know a lot of people have it but I love it and its a…
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  • I squat 105lbs at the squat rack. And my thighs are not bulky or abnormally large. i love my legs.
  • Is the Sailor Moon shirts for gym apparel? *crosses fingers* and i want that Doctor Who shirt!!!! I would rock that thing at the gym with no problem! hahh
  • hahah yes! i remember in the older games if you jumped over the butler; he would fart. hahah! But, lara has seriously been a hero of mine; even though she isn't real. She's just so badass!
  • Well, Lara Croft isn't an RPG but I totally find her to be badass and i want to be like her! haha
  • taking anger out in the gym is great! but also so is shooting characters in a video games helps too :p
  • Me too! She and Rory are my favorite companions of the Doctor!
  • OMG!!!!!!!! I"M SO JELLY!!! :( I went to the Wizard Con in my hometown of Sacramento earlier this month. Both my husband and I met the original Green/White Power Ranger; Jason David Frank! He was super cool in person! Childhood memories! My husband and I want to meet as many original Power Rangers as possible. But, i was…
  • oh ladies you will hate me. I dont get benedict cumberbatch. lol David Tennant, sure! :D ****DONT HATE ME!*****
  • fun! I really want to make my own costumes for Cons! Although, I havent sewed in over 7-8 years. I eventually want to start to make my own because my husband and I want to go to more Cons and actually dress up. As someone who is interested in making costumes; do you just come up with an idea on your own and then go and sew…
  • I couldnt stop laughing with the 50th!! both 10 and 11 together is the BEST!
  • LOLLLL! i totally laughed loudly in my office. someone just asked me what i was laughing about. ahahahah
  • hahah awww its okay! We all go through the process of losing a Doctor!!! :D A lot of people; including my husband, like David better than Matt or Chris. But, for me, I find that Matt's portrayal of the Doctor is just amazing. haha I think Matt's Doctor is more childish and fun (not to discredit David at all) and I love the…
  • ^^^ YESSSSSSS! :D
  • OHHH YEAH! i loved Silence in the Library too! Honestly, I couldnt wait until the episode Human Nature/The Family Blood was over with! It just irked me for some reason lolllll
  • Man, my love of video games is nuts sometimes lol I've been an avid gamer (as far as I can really remember) was when the GameBoy handheld came out. I remember "borrowing" it from my neighbor to play Mario. haha. I love a lot of adventure/shooter games like Tomb Raider. I fell in love with Tomb Raider when the first PS1…
  • You could be reading into this too much. Sephora gives out samples of all types of products. I've recieved things that I wouldnt even use. its a toss up...I just wouldnt take offense to it
  • This comment was from a regular gym goer that I see all the time. He walks up to me, using hand signals to get my attenetion while I was squatting. He says "whoa! look at your quads! You're starting to look like Chyna (the female wrestler)" Um, excuse me? Like my I asked for your opinion on my body. I told him I look…