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  • Not to my face. I’d shred them. It’s no one’s business but mine what I eat.
  • I was also anemic with menorragia. I’m about to have my second placed in a few months. I get spotting once a month at period time, but still get other symptoms- moody and bloating. Just very little bleeding. Good news- my iron is finally showing up in normal levels for the first time in years! And I was able to stop the…
  • The point behind the anonymity is that you can say your part (by admitting you went) but that you shouldn’t break others anonymity- like how you told her share (presumably without her permission)
  • I used to. I haven’t had a real binge episode in a while. I suggest Brain over binge (book or podcast- both are about the same info) I still overeat. But I can’t remember the last time I had a whole pizza, or a whole box of cookies. And that’s a good thing to not be able to remember! 😊 good luck!
  • Always looking for more support, please add me if you’d like. 😃
  • That Never Binge Again is complete crap. Its immature and badly edited. Not a great combination. I like the mini habits. I have it on audible too.
  • 5’3 and similar stats but my diary is closed. I found I’m much more brutally honest with myself that way. Friend me if you want. :smile:
  • I get up every hour (saw something online about this is good for heart health) and move around a little. I also spend my lunch hour walking the halls. It’s too hot to go outside, and wasps. :neutral:
  • I’d love to incorporate protein powder into my diet but I’m having a hard time finding any I can tolerate. If you find one that’s passable in taste- share the news! I eat plenty of high protein stuff but not even chicken gives as much as a scoop of powder
  • Thanks so much for all the nice comments. Tomorrow we are going to be getting the new unit- thank goodness! And my calories were on track yesterday. So I think I must be leaving the pity party. Lol.
  • Thanks so much! That’s a good wake up call for me.
  • I’m an ex smoker! (Feb 2008) and also on a 1500 calorie limit- although I’m not hitting that goal right now. I am logging honest and my diary is open to friends
  • More likely than me not caring, it’s a matter of not taking random internet people’s comments to heart. Jumping on her for her opinion is that exact thing people are doing to her. Thus my entertainment remark. It’s really not that hard to comprehend.
  • I appreciated the message the OP was trying to convey. And I also enjoyed all the resulting snark. Thanks for the entertainment! Feel free to now smack me down or insult my children. Lol
  • Hi! Been there. Make sure you make a dietary change to include more iron as well. Supplements are fine, but I've found the most seamless additions are food. Plus- you don't get the nasty side effects that come with a daily iron supp(find a nice fiber additive to water or coffee- if you haven't needed yet- you will soon).…
  • Easter (jellybeans) and Halloween (candy corn) are like crack to me. And also like crack- if you don't buy it, you don't consume it. To me- those things come in a single serving size- the entire bag. And I don't want to spend all my calories (or the dental bills) on a bag of sugar.
  • I don't eat after 7 for a couple of reasons. The big one is I don't sleep well on a full stomach, also I am a binge eater. So if I pick food up after my last meal- there's a good chance it's going to be an excessive amount of useless food because I'm not eating for hunger at that point. It's just easier to 'close the…
  • I lost ten pounds in two months with it several years ago. Then I stopped taking it, because I was doubling the dose and running out early. Gained it all back in a week and didnt lose a pound for two years. I'm not saying that messed up my metabolism. I'm not informed enough to know how that works. But the timing made me…
  • Apple juice might help.
  • It's definitely slower with the hormones. That's simple biology. I have lost 30 pounds. But I have to work twice as hard for every ounce that comes off. In the long run, I have to use a Mirena. It's the best solution to what ails me. If I didn't need the hormones, I sure would pass on it. But posting to chip into the other…
  • I use frozen meals as my lunch option. I like it because there's no guess work. Plus- I hate cooking. So instead of trying to face the fast menu (at this point in my journey) it's just better to get a frozen dinner, add veggies and call it a day. It's not a 'great' option. But it's better than what I'll get if I…
  • I've been reading every single post. I've got a meal plan for next week and a strict list for shopping. I just want to thank everyone for the help. I don't want to waste another year in the losing phase. I'm ready to get to maintenance. Eyes on the prize.
  • Their premade shakes make my digestive system angry. I like the taste of the chocolate royale one as a quick breakfast option. But I make my own with unsweetened almond milk.
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  • I do something like this but with a different goal. I don't care if MFP says 'and was under her calorie limit' when I finish up... I use it as a tool to stay in my guidelines. I have a history of restricting, so I set my MFP to 1200. That's my daily minimum. My Fitbit screen is 1750 which is the absolute maximum amount of…
  • 5'3 and 210, down from 240. Hoping to hit 150 and see what it looks like on my frame (which is large, despite the small height! Lol)
  • I do this too. I like seeing the trends. Plus weighing everyday just feels like data now. Which takes the emotion out.
  • My goals are different on mine. I have my MFP set to 1200 so I hit that minimum daily. Then I have my Fitbit set to 1750 which is the absolute maximum I can have and still lose weight at about 2lbs a month.
  • I look at logging sort of like a checkbook. I don't like balancing it everyday. But it has to be done, as a responsible adult. That mindset helps me.
  • I just want to thank everyone. Harsh words, encouraging words, all of it helped. I will save this thread and read it early Saturday morning to arm me against my grocery shopping sins. lol. Thank you all!