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  • Make sure you are not attempting to medicate with food. If you are inappropriately hungry based on your intake and exercise -you are stressed and attempting to revert to the obesity habit of medicating with food. Fix the stress and the hunger disappears. Fixing the stress means being sad, mad, angry, bored, frustrated-just…
  • focus on why you want to eat when it is not time to eat or why you are craving an inappropriate food. You are likely desiring to return to medicating with food. Find the stressor and deal with it. Feel your feelings instead of running to food pleasure distraction and the feelings will pass. You can have the crappiest day…
  • I make this when all the yellow squash pours in. I don't use 3/4 cup flour, I use 1/4 whole wheat flour and 1/4 bean flour. I don't use the expensive cheese either, I use any shredded mix of cheeses-Mexican, Italian blend etc. and plenty of garlic powder.…
  • you were at wendys-the small chili is a perfect meal. the grilled nugget kids meal at chick fil a is also perfect with the fruit side and diet lemonade -17 g of protein. these are my fall back foods if I screwed up and didn't plan my meals. start planning your meals so you don't get hungry. hunger equals susceptibility to…
  • the good thing about NYC is you can just walk while eating street food.
  • SUPER!
  • Weigh your food. if you haven't lost wt for a month you have an intake problem. Eye balling or using measuring cups can be way off. also recheck the calorie count of your foods. I (amazingly) thought early on that sugar free coffee creamer was calorie free. soooo not calorie free!
  • If you are a female. Your BMR is 2000 calories. subtract the 1200 you eat and you get 800. divide a lb of fat at 3500 by 800 and you get 4.3 days per lost lb. 30 days divided by 4.3 equals 7 lbs per month. 500 cal burn for each workout x 6 adds 0.85 lb lost per week which is 3.42 lb per month. This totals 10.42 lb a month…
  • Prayer really helps me. I am not alone. if I can get to a quiet place I can hear that still, small voice. I am not dying, this is important and needs my calm focused attention. Getting on the hamster wheel of worry is the worst possible response to a challenge. Lets start eating this elephant bite by bite with clarity to…
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  • I get that if I didn't get in my nightly reflux med or if I am having lots of allergy nasal drainage. snot is a major cause of reflux. still check with nurse
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  • Yes, 5 months out I had lost a good amount of weight and my blood pressure had not caught up, any bending over for even a few seconds caused near fainting. I had to add G2 Gatorade for 3 months until I stabilized. I am assuming you are hitting your, liquid, vitamin and protein goals.
  • if only I had cut my hair immediately. I look back at those photos and my hair just looked awful. all the stress on the follicle of leaving it long probably caused me waaaay more loss.
  • Something I learned was that the difference between sizes goes down as you get into lower sizes. What I mean is that the difference between a size 6 and size 4 is like 5 lbs. the difference between size 18 and 16 is more like 15 lbs.
  • it is so wonderful when you finally realize that you can just put ANY food away when you are full. Maybe you will eat it later or maybe you will chuck it, you just aren't that obsessed anymore.
  • I just smile and don't respond if it is a goofy comment. I am sure I made lots of stupid, not thought out comments when I was obese. My happiness soooo has nothing to do with these peoples opinion on my wt.
  • I used to worry about failure too. I have discovered 2 Truths on this journey. Truth 1-You MUST LOVE yourself completely and unconditionally as an obese person. The reality is that we will ONLY work for, sacrifice for and care for that which we truly LOVE. Truth 2- A RICH FULL LIFE is filled with death, disease, divorce,…
  • Check into cash pricing for the surgery, Vanderbilt quoted me $24,000 for arms, boobs, belly and thighs-cash up front. I thought the price very reasonable but I am not ready to do it yet.
  • 1/2 lb 75/25 burger would be like 660 calories. too much for me
  • I'm a chicken- I'm gonna keep my Grandma Moses body for now, LOL!
  • Good luck! 2 in our group paid for theirs and are very pleased but both said it was the worst pain of their lives
  • yep, swallow a too firm solid and it is time to take a walk around the block-sitting not a possibility
  • Things I've noticed-men lose faster than women, tall people lose faster than short, young people lose faster than the rest of us, LOL! AND people who lose a lot the 1st wk usually stall/reset faster. What helped me was recalculating my BMR, subtracting my daily calories from that and dividing that number into 3500 to get…
  • Never thought I would be the weigh once a week person! But size 4 pants with no elastic will not close if you gain over 4lb so I have a choke collar on me, LOL!
  • I went to the plastic surgeon and they measured the panus. The insurance documentation was very specific and my panus did not hang below my genitalia. Also according to all the people in my support group you wouldn't want the ins qualified skin removal-because they just chop off the skin-there is no plastic surgery…
  • i concur, you are still desiring to medicate with food. you want the meal to be more than just nutrition. you want it to be an extended pleasurable activity to satisfy and relieve stress. When this happens you must ask yourself "What is wrong?" am I tired, bored, angry, afraid, stressed out, broke, annoyed....etc. Food is…
  • this is when I eat 2 bites of a protein bar,or slim jim mini, tbsp. of nuts, or cheesestick. This is part of my 3 meal 2snack life