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  • I finished my first half last Sunday. I think I'll try Galloway for my fall races as I have my second half and first full. I'm slow and am faster with Galloway but usually prefer to just go slow and steady. I went for an 8-mile slow run last night using Galloway run/walk but walked a lot more for the last couple of miles.…
  • They have new stuff for the king crab this year. Frederick has three sponsored training runs. Tomorrow is the 6 mile. There will be 9-mile and 12-mile runs later. It may be posted on the site.
  • I'm an extremely slow new runner, in as people can walk faster than I run. I started last April with C25K and I've very slowly increased my base to 25/32 mpw. I've signed up for two halfs this year and a marathon next November.
  • 14 miles today. I used intervals for the first 12 today instead of just running to give my shins a break, and then picked up the pace for the last two miles.
  • Last summer was really nice. Maybe we'll be lucky again. BTW, there are training runs on the frederick half route coming up before the actual race. I don't know how far away you are, but it may be fun to do.
  • 12.5 miles today. I'm super slow but it was so nice to run outside. The trail was mostly clear, with a few slushy/muddy sections.
  • Snow/ice last night, so 8 miles on the treadmill today. I'm hoping to get outside tomorrow for another 8/10 miles before the next storm moves in. I did a trail run on smow a few weeks ago and it was really hard on my back so I'm trying to avoid a repeat.
  • I'm in Frederick county. The local running group is starting a half marathon training group targeting the frederick half. We start next week and some of the long runs will be the Saturday training runs that will be on the race site later on. This will be my first time doing anything as part of a group, so I'm looking…
  • My first will be May 3rd
  • My first half is May 3rd and second will be in October. I started with c25k last April and have just been adding distance. I'm super slow but love running. I'm being totally optimistic and sign up for a full in November. My only other race was a file miler on thanksgiving.
  • I signed up for the Potomac river run full in November. Maybe I'll be ready to try the Baltimore full next year.
  • Give it a try. I've signed up for the maryland double, so two of the same races.
  • You've done a lot more than me. I've signed up for a half in May.
  • I agree on increasing distance. Also, I'm actually faster when I do run walk intervals than my slow easy run.
  • I'm in maryland too. I usually run on the c&o canal towpath. It was snowy last weekend but not icy. It was really different running on snow compared to a clear trail. Our sidewalks in our neighborhood were okay, but some were icy. Overall though I ran outside instead of the treadmill. I'm hoping the trail will be clear…
  • I found that going slow really helps avoid shin splints, and having good shoes made a huge difference as well. I'm a life-long non-runner, but now love it. I'm super slow, but I'm moving and it feels great. Good luck with your running!
  • I did this program last spring and am going to do a modified version starting today. I'm planning to just do one phase per week along with my four days of running, and dropping the cardio DVDs. I just finished ChaLean Extreme and wanted to do something different for a few weeks before starting that one over. I'm in much…
  • I would not recommend doing sculpt after lean circuit 3 and followed by a run. Just saying....
  • I just need to pick a day where it won't affect my running (with legs turning to mush)
  • Does slowing down more help?
  • You've scared me off sculpt, but I may try it this week.
  • I started c25k with the shoes I had and had pain in my knees and shins. I went and got fitted with shoes that really made the difference. My shins started hurting again recently and another new pair of shoes fixed the problem. Just pay attention to how everything is feeling and avoid injury. I was a lifelong non-runner…
  • I'm still working through ChaLean, which I love. I only do the circuit videos. I run 3/4 times a week for cardio and added piyo for additional strength and flexibility. I love the combination and really like the piyo workouts. I'm not following the program, but just pick a workout to do. I usually alternate my selection…
  • I'm definitely starving and finally decided I have to up my calories. My arms feel like jello right now. I like it when I understand what's coming up in the videos as I get really confused when I can't see the screen. The more I repeat, the easier it's getting to follow along.
  • I'm not really following the program yet. I'm doing chalean lean phase (just the lean circuits), running 4x/week, walking a couple of times /week, and piyo 2-3 x/week. I tried putting together a hybrid with ChaLean and Piyo, but was too sore the first week of lean phase and had to keep moving things around. I've been…
  • I actually made it to 163 this week. I'm 10 pounds under my challenge goal which surprised me. I think this week's loss is partly water as I haven't been working out as much. Thank you so much for this challenge!
  • I was at 165 this week. I'm hoping to get to 164 by next week, but this may be unrealistic as we've started fasting Ramadan and it will be hard to get my usual workouts/runs in.
  • I always go with protein for breakfast in ramadan and try to drink 2-3 glasses of water. The first couple of days are a bit of an adjustment. Just see what works for you.
  • I walked 14.25 miles today. It remains to be seen if I will be hobbling about tomorrow. I had trouble walking a half mile last December. I can run (jog very slowly) for 3 miles, and I've never really run in my life. Best of all, my knees aren't hurting.
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  • I haven't been posting but love the group. It's always fun to see how everyone is doing. I've been trying to start running and walking a lot more.
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