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  • When people say “muscle weighs more than fat” what they mean is that muscle weighs more than fat AT THE SAME VOLUME. For example, if I say that a cubic inch of muscle weighs more than I cubit inch of fat, I am 100% accurate. I am pretty sure that anyone who can work a computer and visit these boards understands that a…
  • When I make a pasta dish, I use the recipe builder and carefully weigh and input all ingredients. This gives me the calories for the whole dish. From here, I select the number of portions based upon my calorie goals for that meal. When I finish cooking, I weigh the finished product. After I calculate (total weight)/(number…
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  • Three days worth of data tells you nothing. Even three weeks does not tell you much. Weight naturally fluctuates even on a deficit and when the trend is going down. Usually, it’s water. Occasionally it is also food the body has not processed. People will advise you to use a food scale to weigh all solids. That is excellent…
  • I think for some of us, the precise form of the food matters. I deeply struggle to control myself when I start to eat potato chips. I can walk past the bag with no trouble. However, once I weigh out and eat one serving, my craving for the second is out of control. At the same time, I can easily eat a small portion of…
  • I am a competitive racewalker. I can assure you that walking is excellent for cardiovascular fitness. In my hard hour-long workout this morning, my H.R. was in the "red zone for 21 minutes and in the "cardio" zone for 38 minutes. The advantage with walking is that you can start slow and increase speed and distance as…
  • Don't we agree that without knowing stats that meaningful advice is hard? 1 pound could be an excellent result; we can't really tell without height and the time period over which the OP has been trying to lose.
  • I don't think the OP has her Fitbit synced to MFP. I think she is comparing the measurement on the watch to the reported calories burned on the Fitbit App. I have a Fitbit Blaze. For me, the app generally reports a few more calories burned than what the watch registers. I looked at my watch closely today during a workout…
  • There are calorie estimates for a popular chain restaurant Fogo De Chao for the items available at a typical Brazilian steakhouse. I am sure they are just somebodies guesses; but they don't seem too unreasonable.
  • For some, restricting salt is a good idea for health reasons. It also may be helpful if you are trying to make weight for the big fight-or maybe if you are trying to win a bet. However, most people on this board trying to lose weight are really trying to lose fat. Fluctuations in water weight are not material to this goal.…
  • Interesting. In my "after" picture, my BMI is 27.5 which was always my "target weight" in the old days. I totally forgot that in 1998 that would have been considered in the high end of normal (28 being the line between healthy and overweight for men before 1998.) I refuse to consider myself "overweight" at that weight,…
  • I would also note that we don't know how much the OP has to lose. One pound in four weeks could be very good if she is at or very close to a normal weight.
  • @monica182 I linked MFP and my Fitbit app. It's all available on the app.
  • PF Changs posts calorie counts for their items on their web site. Note that the calorie counts for the items do not include the rice that comes with it. Without being very careful, it is really easy to get into the 1200 and up range.
  • I have the Fitbit Blaze. My daily calories burned averages VERY closely to my TDEE estimate. I generally complete 20,000-30,000 steps each day. A percentage of them (~12000t to15000 steps) are usually done in a treadmill workout in the morning. I find that when my workouts are longer and more intense, my Fitbit estimate is…
  • Losing 20 pounds of fat in 2 weeks would mean burning 35,000 more pounds than you take in a week. Or a 5000 calorie deficit each day. It is not possible. There is no need to argue as to whether it's unhealthy or not.
  • Exactly. The OP weighs 106. If she is 4' 7'' or taller she is in the healthy range. If she is 5'2'' or taller she was underweight before she gained.
  • At my goal weight, I would have been given 12 calories less per/day at maintenance at age 29 as compared to 28. A female with the same numbers would be given 9 calories less.
  • Not primarily by consuming whole pineapples.
  • 163 cm and 55kg is a BMI of 20.7, which is towards the low end of normal. It is MUCH harder to lose weight when one is not overweight.
  • How are people able to give such specific advice without seeing stats? I would interpret the situation as WAY different if the OP were 5'7'' 150 compared to 5'7'' 180. It is possible the OP is doing everything right but is very close to a reasonable BMI. But I couldn't hazard a guess without knowing that.
  • I have a similar scale. I never use it to measure fat. I have seen it vary several percent in the same day. THAT is not physically possible. As others have said, just weigh yourself with the scale. Using it to measure body fat is REALLY inaccurate.
  • @rosie3660 I purchased mine on Amazon. The brand name is "Ozeri". I don't remember the exact price; but it was under 10 dollars. There are many god ones to chose from.
  • Not my scale. 100% of the time when it says "1.00" ounces, when I then switch to grams is says "28".
  • My scale goes to the hundredth of an ounce. Therefore, ounces are actually more a more sensitive measure for me, since a hundredth of an ounce is less than a gram.
  • I just finished the article and agree with @jospen83 This article does not offer direct support for any of the points you have been trying to make.
  • This is what I do and has always worked fine for me; but I also eat these foods very infrequently.
  • Aren't we making this a little complicated? The answer to the question is emphatically YES. Of course different types of pizza can vary in calories; but if it fits, it fits!