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I’m not losing weight, please help me

hraymond223hraymond223 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
I have been under my calorie goals almost every day for almost a month now, and I have lost 1 pound as of right now. I keep bouncing between 155 and 151, not getting any lower than that. I’m mildly active and young; why am I not losing weight? It makes me really sad because I’m trying hard. What am I doing wrong?


  • L1zardQueenL1zardQueen Member Posts: 8,760 Member Member Posts: 8,760 Member
    How tall are you? Age? Your stats.
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  • RobD520RobD520 Member Posts: 420 Member Member Posts: 420 Member
    Don't we agree that without knowing stats that meaningful advice is hard? 1 pound could be an excellent result; we can't really tell without height and the time period over which the OP has been trying to lose.

  • SeffellSeffell Member Posts: 2,194 Member Member Posts: 2,194 Member
    @RobD520 Is that you on the profile pic?

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  • SilentpadnaSilentpadna Member Posts: 1,305 Member Member Posts: 1,305 Member
    I just went to a nutritionist to help for the same reason. They weighed me on a special scale and were able to tell me exactly how many calories I should be eating to lose weight. The weight loss plan they gave me was to have:

    15-30 grams of carbs for breakfast (which I don't usually eat),
    15-30 grams of carbs for lunch,
    15-30 carbs for an afternoon snack,
    30-45 grams of carbs for dinner,
    and 1-2 grams of carbs for an evening meal

    My calorie intake should be around 1300 a day. I'm 4'11 and when I went to see the nutritionist I weighed 152. I've been doing this for about a week and I'm 148.8 today.

    Also, are you exercising at all?

    Don't expect a 3+ pound weight loss every week. You lost some water weight here. That won't happen every week. You haven't been doing this long enough for a 1-week result to mean anything. You could just as easily have retained water with new exercise and be wondering why the scale went up (even when you might have lost some fat).

    I'm not saying you're doing anything wrong - other than maybe focusing only on carbs. I do see that you have a calorie intake in mind, but if you ate just the carbs and nothing else, you would be woefully short. If you limited your carbs to what you are saying but eat a lot of fat and protein without counting, you could blow out your 1300 as well.

    Your weight loss "plan" is woefully incomplete. You can limit carbs if you want to, but you're missing out if you don't target enough protein and fat. If that's all the nutritionist told you to do, I would question their credentials.
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  • positivepowerspositivepowers Member Posts: 902 Member Member Posts: 902 Member
    This is the best posting I've ever seen about plateaus:
  • yvonne_beavisyvonne_beavis Member Posts: 39 Member Member Posts: 39 Member
    The advice of Manderson27. Also, it really does help to get some exercise, whatever is possible for you. It's perfectly possible to be disciplined in not eating back all the calories earned (because it is difficult to be accurate about them, so be cautious), and at the same time have a few more calories for whatever you like, and a sense of wellbeing. Good luck.
  • amusedmonkeyamusedmonkey Member Posts: 10,280 Member Member Posts: 10,280 Member
    In addition to accuracy and patience, make sure your activity level is not set higher than your actual activity. Many people think they're more active than they actually are.
  • sschauer513sschauer513 Member Posts: 313 Member Member Posts: 313 Member
    to lose weight regardless of how you define your "diet" you must obey the laws of CICO. CI (calories in) must be less than CO (calories out) when this happens your body burns fat/muscle because if it didn't you would die. Follow the plan of MFP, log everything correctly and exactly gives you your CI the CO part is harder to gauge because different people burn differently doing the exact same thing but follow the estimates for TDEE and exercise and if you are still maintaining or gaining you must reduce the CI that is the secret answer. It takes a long time, you will be hungry at times, you don't have to be perfect everyday, but you do have to be honest with yourself and the journey.
  • 39andfat39andfat Member Posts: 144 Member Member Posts: 144 Member
    you might need to speak to doctor if you are having calorie deficit (500) a day every day and there is no loss
  • SparkeysworldSparkeysworld Member Posts: 107 Member Member Posts: 107 Member

    A simple 500 calories deficit is enough for good weight loss.

    The key to any diet is knowing exactly how many calories you need on a daily basis, and just eating under that number).

    First you need to workout how many calories your body needs in a day (Total daily energy expenditure).

    Weigh yourself first thing in the morning.

    Input your data in this website
    Choose whichever activity level is closest to yourself.

    Then click the cutting calories button (under the macronutrients heading), this will give you your starting calories, and what you need to stick to on a daily basis.

    Try to get as close as possible to your cutting calories every day, a little over or under is fine but no more than say 20 - 30 calories either way.

    Foods to eat:

    Absolutely anything you want, Just weigh and track everything you eat and drink inc milk in tea & coffee etc. (don't add calories back in when you've exercised, MFP will ask if you want to do this).

    Check your TDEE on a weekly or daily basis, because it obviously drops as your weight comes down, and adjust calories accordingly in Myfitnesspal.

    If you want quicker weight loss you can obviously add in cardio and or resistance exercises, not only will this help build muscle but it will also create a bigger calorie deficit.
    If you were to do this I would recommend just a 30 min incline walk on the treadmill or walk outside at a steady state.

    Drink plenty water, at least 2-3 litres a day.

    And that's it, just carry on until you are at the weight you want to be.

    Good luck and have a great day!
  • kommodevarankommodevaran Member Posts: 17,891 Member Member Posts: 17,891 Member
    Everybody loses weight in a sustained calorie deficit. If you aren't losing more than 1 pound/month, you're only in a small calorie deficit. You may have to reset your calorie target, but most likely you just need to log more accurately - not guess, estimate, forget or cheat - not reward or comfort yourself with food, not eat more because you think eating less "isn't working" - and be more patient; weightloss is a slow process and becomes slower the less you have to lose.

    Everybody who has successfully lost weight (lost weight without feeling deprived, and kept it off afterwards), has come to terms with these facts, and come up with practical solutions for themselves.
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