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Scale wont budge.

gburgos3000gburgos3000 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
So i’ve been in a caloric deficit for a while. I have taken some breaks here and there (longest was 3 weeks) and have tried refeeds but the scale wont budge as of late and I don’t want to go into a bigger deficit as im afraid i won’t get sufficient nutrients in.
I lift weights 5-6 days a week, do LISS (Low Intensity Cardio) around 3 times per week and 1 HIIT training session if I have time. I generally eat pretty healthy but I do have 1 or 2 days where I often splurge at the end of the day due to my extreme hunger from restricting for so long. Im a 4’9 20 year old female weighing 107.2 lbs.

Any advice? I was thinking the reason the scale hasn’t been budging is because ive been building muscle (which apparently weighs more than fat) but I feel as if my fat is still there and just not budging. I just want to lean out and lose 5 more lbs without killing my muscles.


  • gburgos3000gburgos3000 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    How many calories are you actually eating and how are you measuring them? I suspect that the answer to that question is at the crux of your problem.

    You’re quite right to be mindful of your nutritional needs but as an under average height female your deficit is going to be really, really small as a result. This means that your logging is going to have to be very accurate and your deficit could very easily be wiped out by your bi-weekly ‘splurges’, unfortunately.

    Do you use a kitchen scale and weigh all your food?

    (It’s pretty unlikely, as a woman, that you can build sufficient muscle to influence the scale, by the way, unless you’ve been intensively trying to do so for a very long time.)

    Ive been consuming around 1250 cals a day but with the cardio and lifting i do my daily net is usually around 1000. On days i splurge I usually hit 2000 but my weekly net will be around 1300. I weigh my food pretty accurately but maybe it’s just the splurges. They’re super hard to resist though, especially on my TOTM.
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Member Posts: 28,074 Member Member Posts: 28,074 Member
    Check out this thread, showing why a food scale is such a powerful tool for weight loss.
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