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Why is (carefully planned) rapid weight loss bad?



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    candistyx wrote: »
    At the moment when I break a fast it's around 5pm, I eat my meal, I feel good, full, satisfied, put kids to bed, hang out with husband for a few hours then go to sleep still full. It's amazing. When I was trying to just stick to a calorie limit I felt like I wanted to snack all day long, but this way I can say, I am not eating today/till 5pm/after 6pm depending on the day and I feel fine with that. Surely yo-yo dieting happens when it *doesn't* feel manageable, when you feel deprived all the time and hungry and eventually say "screw this I am eating what I want!"

    Hi, I don't understand something: what you're doing right now, eating only after 5pm, seems to be working for you, so why are you looking for other patterns? It is not the same as not eating at all for two days, so why are you treating them as if they were? I've seen a lot of posts on the forum of people who eat just like that, I think is called intermittent fasting, why don't you look it up? I think it may be best for you, if you are "triggered" by many little meals, to eat just once a day, so why not?
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