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Eat different day before weigh in??

xxpeople2xxpeople2 Member, Premium Posts: 18 Member Member, Premium Posts: 18 Member
Does anybody eat any differently the day before they weigh in?!

Last week I didn’t pay attention to sodium or what I was filling my macros with & lost 2 lbs! But I weigh in tomorrow and i seem to be overthinking what I should eat today!!


  • TacklewasherTacklewasher Member Posts: 7,131 Member Member Posts: 7,131 Member
    If you are doing that kind of thing, you are losing sight of the process.

    Kinda why I prefer weighing daily and would never do WW (regardless of the program of the week). Focusing on one days weight seems a bit counter productive to me given how weight normally bounces around.
  • spiriteagle99spiriteagle99 Member Posts: 3,193 Member Member Posts: 3,193 Member
    I generally only weigh myself once a week, sometimes every other week. I never weigh myself if I've eaten out the day before. I also don't weigh myself if I've had a hard workout, making water retention likely. I know enough to take the numbers with a grain of salt, but I still get discouraged when I find my weight up 2 lbs. I'm doing maintenance and don't really need to know to the oz. what I weigh, as long as I'm within 5 lbs, so weighing myself less often works.
  • JMcGee2018JMcGee2018 Member Posts: 273 Member Member Posts: 273 Member
    Hopefully you're getting iodide in your diet somehow if you're so strictly avoiding sodium, including table salt (which is usually fortified with iodide).
  • ashliedelgadoashliedelgado Member Posts: 815 Member Member Posts: 815 Member
    I weigh daily and on Saturday the average weight is what gets updated in MFP. But I agree that if it's from some sort of score or bet or something, I would probably stick to lean meats and veggies the two days before and drink lots of water.
  • pamfinpamfin Member Posts: 169 Member Member Posts: 169 Member
    I weigh every day and only pay attention to sodium because I have high blood pressure. Like someone else said, it's about the big picture.
  • ahoy_m8ahoy_m8 Member Posts: 2,500 Member Member Posts: 2,500 Member
    Is it a competitive event weigh in or a track-your-fat-loss-progress weigh in? E.g., in one design sailboat racing, most classes have a total crew weight max. (More weight hanging on the rail puts more sail area to the wind in windy conditions; no advantage in light air.) It's actually pretty funny seeing what some people do to make weight. It's not a weight limit per person (having a really light person allows you to have a heavier one), so generally everyone is trying to weigh in as light as they can.
    I'm interested to know if there is a protocol for that just because I've seen people do dumb stuff.

    OP, if it is a track-your-fat-loss-progress weigh in, having more or less water doesn't shed any light on your fat loss. Better to weigh daily and use a trend app or rolling average to smooth out the water variation.
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