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Has Weight Watchers gone insane?



  • jasondjulianjasondjulian Member Posts: 182 Member Member Posts: 182 Member
    I couple of years ago I decided to go to my local WW group, but when the leader was introducing the plan I interrupted her because something she said shocked me and just had to point out how scientifically wrong that was, she stopped mid sentence and said "You're new, how could you even know this sort of stuff?" so I came back with "Well having lost 50% of my body weight inside 2 years and having maintained it for a year doing exactly what you're advising everyone NOT to do, I think I might be living proof that your pseudo science is wrong" ... She thought about it for a moment and said "So if you know so damn much, what exactly are you doing here, maybe should shouldn't attend again" I was slightly taken aback, but I said "I'm here because my daughter wants to join next week, so asked me to come and check it out, but I'm not impressed so far, so I think I'll tell her to try Slimming World" and got up and walked out.

    My daughter didn't try Slimming World and I wouldn't give these "Pay to lose weight" programmes a penny - if it's making money out of your desire to lose weight, it will not lead to long term success, because if everyone eventually wins the battle of the bulge, then they're out of business and then what do they do - as a business demographic that is severely flawed, so you have to keep failing and returning ... simple!

    What was the psuedo-science the leader was spouting? Do you remember by chance? I'm always a glutton to watch others get put in their place like that. (see what I did there? lol)
  • RobD520RobD520 Member Posts: 420 Member Member Posts: 420 Member
    But who eats a whole pineapple? I love it, but that's a lot of food.

    How do you think people get fat???

    Not primarily by consuming whole pineapples.
  • sadiepie10sadiepie10 Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
    Here's a more fulsome list:

    •Boneless skinless chicken breast
    •Boneless skinless turkey breast
    •Ground lean chicken
    •Ground lean turkey
    •Thin sliced deli chicken breast
    •Thin sliced deli turkey breast
    •All fish and shellfish (this does not include smoked or dried fish)
    •Canned fish that is packed in water or brine (i.e. canned tuna or canned salmon in water)
    •Tofu and smoked tofu
    •Quorn fillets, ground Quorn, and Quorn pieces (meat substitute)
    •Nonfat plain regular and Greek yogurt
    •Plain soy yogurt
    •Fresh, frozen, and canned beans and lentils that are packed without oil or sugar (Lentils, chickpeas, black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, split peas, soy beans, and more)

    Wow.. that list is... LOL...

    Seriously. Again, they're making unfounded judgment calls on foods. Like, sodium aside -- if an ounce of canned salmon is 47 calories, and an ounce of smoked salmon is 33 calories ... why does the canned get to be unlimited but the smoked does not?

    I’m so confused on the smoked has points thing?? Why Weight Watchers??
  • MystikPixieMystikPixie Member, Premium Posts: 342 Member Member, Premium Posts: 342 Member
    I haven't read your post, BUT, just by the title I will answer "Yes" I've always thought the program insane. I was on Nutrisystems site forever, they had a great little free calorie counter then they switched it up like WW and made it impossible to know what to add. That was what led me over to MFP so many years ago.

    It also doesn't help that some of the most horrible people I have ever known in the world for Pro-WW, so it may be that I'm just biased.
  • Shoechick5Shoechick5 Member Posts: 221 Member Member Posts: 221 Member
    I'm positive on the list I have smoked fish is included as being Zero.

    Here's the list

    edited December 2017
  • cathipacathipa Member Posts: 2,992 Member Member Posts: 2,992 Member
    I have been saying this ever since they got rid of the old points system. But brace yourselves...2018 is coming soon and the commercials will be everywhere!
  • MissyCHFMissyCHF Member Posts: 337 Member Member Posts: 337 Member
    But who eats a whole pineapple? I love it, but that's a lot of food.

    A volume eater.

    There are people who get satiated by a lot of food. If fruit and veg are free food? PARTY TIME!!!!!

    In fact, I'm sitting here now eating almost a pound of broccoli.
    Cooked or raw? :smile:
  • GottaBurnEmAllGottaBurnEmAll Member Posts: 7,722 Member Member Posts: 7,722 Member
    It's not that different from most low carb diets. I lost significant weight twice with Atkins, eating all the meat, eggs, and cheese I wanted. Vegetables were allowed, most fruit was not, at least not in the first weeks. I never had the slightest idea how many calories I was eating. I found that by focusing on protein and fat, I was full longer. I'm sure that's the same idea with weight watchers. If you eat 16+ oz of chicken breast, you get full. If you eat it frequently, you get both bored and full, so don't want as large a portion.

    By demonizing simple carbs, they make sure that you don't overeat the foods that not only don't make you full, but can trigger binge eating in some people. When I couldn't eat sugar, I didn't really crave it. When I did, I wanted more and more.

    You know what, I initially lost weight low carbing. I also gained weight low carbing. Fullness? Meh.
  • lemurcat12lemurcat12 Member Posts: 30,886 Member Member Posts: 30,886 Member
    But who eats a whole pineapple? I love it, but that's a lot of food.

    How do you think people get fat???

    Maybe it's a blessing that, while I can enjoy pineapple in moderation, too much gives me cankers, then.

    I love pineapple, but weighed what seems like an extremely generous amount to me, and it was about 100 cal. I was pleasantly surprised (I'd assumed pineapple was quite caloric) and often have about 50 cal as a dessert.
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