Outstanding Bugs Being Worked On

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Hello! Thank you all for going on this bumpy ride with us to launch our new community theme. While we know change takes some time to get used to, we want to acknowledge that we do see that there are some bugs big and small that have come up with our transition to our new theme. We'll be keeping a running list of bugs and their status for the next few weeks while we address these pain points.

  • NEW icon is not showing unread count: OPEN - This should be showing how many are unread which helps with visibility and lets you know how much catching up you need to do.
  • Profanity Filter not working in Notifications: OPEN - 😳 If you participate in a thread that has profanity in the title, it will not be filtered out in your notifications.
  • Notifications Preferences on Mobile too big for the page: OPEN - When viewing the Notification Preferences on Mobile you have to scroll left to right to view the checkboxes to manage your notifications.
  • Group Leaders Name List: OPEN - When viewing a group on mobile where there is multiple group leaders the list of names does not wrap to a second line. (Our forum provider has already responded that they do indeed think formatting of groups on mobile is not ideal and is looking into it as a whole).
  • No easy way to return to Page 1 of a Discussion on Mobile: OPEN - Currently you can only go back one page at a time on Mobile.


  • Community displaying a blank page in the Android App: FIXED - Android users should be able to access the Community via the app once again.
  • Line Spacing in Posts: We have reverted back to BBCode which should resolve the line spacing issues with new posts.
  • Spoilers are not working for images: We have reverted back to BBCode which should resolve the issue with not being able to add an image to a spoiler.
  • Unable to bookmark Discussion in Groups: FIXED - Bookmarking or un-bookmarking a discussion in a group results in an error message (Workaround - If you open the specific discussion you want to bookmark/unbookmark the functionality still works within that discussion). This has been resolved. Members can now bookmark/un-bookmark a discussion from the list of Discussions within a group.

Other Improvements Made:

  • MyFitnessPal icon in the Navigation Bar now opens to www.myfitnesspal.com with in the same page. It no longer opens a new tab.