What are you running in?



  • Stardiva37
    Stardiva37 Posts: 169 Member
    i am in ascis and nike air max
  • chuckyp
    chuckyp Posts: 693 Member
    New Balance Minumus: MT10 for trail running and MR00 for road.
  • Kooraloo
    Kooraloo Posts: 375
    Nike Lunarglide +4 Premium.
    These are AMAZING!!
    I've never had a proper "running shoe" and my old shoes hurt me so bad. These were a lot more expensive then I wanted to get but were so incredibly comfortable. I can wear these all day and jog-walk 7 miles and not even have sore feet whilst in my old shoes I'd go 10 mins and up to 2 miles and I'd be limping, my ankles killing me, and sore feet.
  • bacamacho
    bacamacho Posts: 306 Member
    Good running shoes can be pricey so I use them only for running. I graduate my old running shoes to my walking about shoes. Grocery shopping, chasing kids at the park or beach, etc. :smile: