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Scale obsession?

MichellereducfMichellereducf Member Posts: 168 Member Member Posts: 168 Member
How often do you weigh yourself? Some "experts" advise weekly, some never, some monthly, etc. I've found that as I'm losing weight I'm becoming obsessed with weighing myself. I weighed myself 3 days ago and then again this morning. I lost over 2 lbs., not sure if this is accurate but I have been exercising more and eating less the last couple of days. Maybe for me this is a way to make sure I don't slip and eat something fatty or slack off on exercise. What is your scale story?


  • parisiantwystparisiantwyst Member Posts: 41 Member Posts: 41
    I do it weekly now, I found that I was getting disappointed when my weight fluctuated day to day, and I would rather have a rounded out figure at the end of the week. Then, if I was a bit heavier that day, I feel GREAT the next week when the scale says I've lost something ridiculous like 5lbs! I know its not "really" 5lbs, but its nice to see big jumps every once and a while rather than little ones every day.

    Just my two cents.
  • WonderobWonderob Member Posts: 1,372 Member Member Posts: 1,372 Member
    So long as you grasp the concept that your weight will fluctuate a few pounds from day to day thenI don't think it matters how often you weigh yourself

    I use the scale as a useful tool for tracking progress on a week by week basis

    I use the scale as a bit of interest on a daily basis

    It's when you measure daily - and do something with the daily information that it becomes an issue
  • TheLessOfMeTheLessOfMe Member Posts: 71 Member Member Posts: 71 Member
    I'll weigh myself whenever I feel a little curious but have an "official" weigh in once a week. I also get my mum to measure me whenever I go home which is about every 2-3 weeks. you'll get a better idea of your progress if you measure as some weeks you may gain muscle weight!
  • cdb369cdb369 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    I am totally 'scale obsessed'! I weigh myself through out the day. I am a food crazy person and found that if I weigh myself often, it helps to keep what I want out and what I really need going in. Food is my first and last thought every day. Even after a big meal I am planning the next one. Not that I need to eat it, but what can I make for others as well.
  • dovek11dovek11 Member Posts: 94 Member Member Posts: 94 Member
    I weigh every morning. It works for me. I do fluctuate. I don't call it obsession. I would rather see it daily and see when it goes down, than to get on once a week, and that day happen to be a higher weight day, and think I had made no progress that week.
  • Remi79Remi79 Member Posts: 349 Member Posts: 349
    I weigh myself every morning! lol I try not to, but I just can't help it. I love seeing the number go down and if it doesn't I know I have to try a little harder that day.

    Edi: I just weighed myself and I lost .02 from yesterday! It just puts me in a better mood. That's 7.02 lost since July 2, and .08 until I'm in the 170's! My goal is to be at 178 August 13, I hope I surpass that!
  • FireWifeMommax2FireWifeMommax2 Member Posts: 7 Member Posts: 7
    I weight myself every morning. Not obsessed at all just like to keep track. If I have a bad day of eating it shows the next day and it helps to get me to focus. If I have a good day of eating and working out it usually shows too. So weighing daily, or every other day really helps my motivation.
  • RhonndaJRhonndaJ Member Posts: 1,617 Member Member Posts: 1,617 Member
    I think I may be getting obsessed with it because it's not doing what I want it to, regardless of my effort. Officially, I only weigh once a week and record, unofficially I tend to get on it daily. I need to stop that.
  • dead_stardead_star Member Posts: 11 Member Posts: 11
    i weigh myself every day.

    if im disappointed by what it says on the scale it motivates me even more to stay on track that day.

    but really i guess its whatever works for you, and how you react to what the scales tell you
  • b1505b1505 Member Posts: 103 Member Posts: 103
    I try to weigh myself daily, mainly because I like to see how things affect me such as diet and exercise. If I go over my calories one day and don't exercise it's interesting to see if the scales go up or not. If I do gain it gives me more motivation to work harder for the rest of the week.
  • lamilli09lamilli09 Member Posts: 355 Member Member Posts: 355 Member
    At my lowest weight, I had started weighing myself three times a day. It was an unhealthy obsession. Now, I weigh myself once every two weeks or so. I guess it depends on if weighing yourself feels like a compulsion, haha :)
  • anc8391anc8391 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    I weigh myself every day, but not out of a sense of anxiety or anything. If someone was feeling anxious and compulsive about it, I would say that is NOT a good sign. For me personally, I can get instant feedback about fluctuations in my weight. If I eat too many refined carbs (ie white bread which I love!) I will literally blow up 2 pounds over night. If I waited a week, it would be 2 x 5 days, which is too much of a jump for me to allow to happen:) I would rather be able to catch myself and figure out what I ate (or how much - maybe I'm okay with 1 piece of bread from a restaurant, but not 3 or 4:) so I can stay with what is healthy for my body. If I go up a little bit overnight I don't freak out, I just make a correction for that day and am more conscious not to slide with the treats. If I don't weigh myself daily I don't stay conscous of what I am eating and very quickly slide back into bad habits. I also should add that I just started tracking my food again, so once I kind of know what I can eat and how much and how my body responds, I expect I'll back off the daily weighing (especially once I reach my target weight).

    It's different for everyone though ,but I hope this helps.
  • ButterflyJourneyButterflyJourney Member, Premium Posts: 46 Member Member, Premium Posts: 46 Member
    I weigh in every morning about an hour after I wake up, but before I consume any nourishment. this is when I am at my true weight and it helps me to plan my day. IF the scale is up, it allows me to look at the diary from the day before to see what changes I made to it. Was my sodium higher than normal? Did I get enough fiber in? How many fats did I consume? Was it a high gluten day? these are things I want to know before I start that day's eating. That way I am sure to eat healthy. Do I think I am obcessed? No. I know that I don't ever want to weigh 238 again, so I am willing to do my part to keep the weight off. Journaling, cardio, strength training.
  • RealWomenLovePitbullsRealWomenLovePitbulls Member Posts: 729 Member Member Posts: 729 Member
    I weigh all the time, but only log it once a week.. when u get on the scale and still see a low number, it motivates me more to keep it up because i can see its really working... i always thought losing weight was hard, but its really not once u get the motivation
  • frandofrando Member Posts: 588 Member Member Posts: 588 Member
    I weigh myself first thing on Friday morning, I like to make it consistent.

    For me to measure myself at a certain point every week means that, at least in my mind, my body fluctuation are at the same point each time (I'm probably completely wrong!).

    Also I make sure I don't eat before I do it, literally I get out of bed and go to the bathroom scales. I was told by my doctor its a more accurate way of doing it as you may change what you have for breakfast, for example, and that would effect the results.
  • bubsyhbubsyh Member Posts: 57 Member Member Posts: 57 Member
    I am doing a MFP weigh at the end of most months now. I have hit my target for July! Now for end of August I want to be 170!
  • Gigglie_01Gigglie_01 Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
    I weigh myself daily mainly to watch my weight and be observant of what I am doing other than counting calories. However I only log it once a week.
  • Lesley2901Lesley2901 Member Posts: 373 Member Posts: 373
    I weigh myself every morning. I don't worry about slight fluctuations but I watch for an upward trend so that I can take control before things get out of hand! I generally know what to expect before I step on the scales as I know what my eating habits have been like the day before.
  • mfs1011mfs1011 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    I weigh every morning. I do this as part of my diet routine. I do it to stay disciplined and focused.

    Whenever someone offers me a random 'fat bomb' I think of what the scales will tell me and think twice before stuffing that 600 calorie slice of cake in my gob.

    But am I 'obsessed'? I don't think so. I don't starve myself or totally deprive myself of the odd treat. It's just that using the scales regularly is part of my diet regime and strategy.
  • ktrn0312ktrn0312 Member Posts: 723 Member Member Posts: 723 Member
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