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200lbs+ been doing NROWL4W?

Magenta15Magenta15 Posts: 852Member Member Posts: 852Member Member
Just wondering if anyone between 2-250 has done or tried NROWL4W and enjoyed it and reaping the benefits? Been wanting to read for a while and finally have it. Have you seen significant fat loss as well as muscle building? Is it a good starting point? :). I really want to work on yes losing weight but changing the shape of my body rather than focussing on a number :)



  • DopeItUpDopeItUp Posts: 18,827Member Member Posts: 18,827Member Member
    Starting weight really doesn't have anything to do with doing weightlifting routines. Crap I think I started when I was close to 300lbs. No big deal. Being that heavy means you're probably a little stronger than the average person in fact ;)
  • LozzeLozze Posts: 1,954Member Member Posts: 1,954Member Member
    I did. My fat seemed to shrink but y scale weight stayed the same. Got too discouraged and stopped. I'm currently maintaining my weight because my food choices aren't the best. People still keep telling me that i look like I've lost weight so something must be working right?

    I'm starting again tomorrow night.
  • Rayman79Rayman79 Posts: 2,038Member Member Posts: 2,038Member Member
    Great attitude! I am so glad to hear you use the term 'fat loss' and not 'weight loss'.

    Start now. Take advantage of the muscle you have under there, and work it out to make sure the bulk of the weight you do lose is fat and not muscle tissue.

    Like most people, I wish I started resistance training a lot earlier. Use the lessons learned from so many of us, and start yesterday! :P
  • ichoricaichorica Posts: 525Member Member Posts: 525Member Member
    I am over 200lbs and was doing New Rules (I moved on to Stronglifts). I was looking to decrease my body fat so I lost a lot of inches but the scale didn't really do much. I knew that was a possibility going into it though so I wasn't surprised. I definitely agree with Rayman, include some weights in your plan!
  • meshashesha2012meshashesha2012 Posts: 8,344Member, Premium Member Posts: 8,344Member, Premium Member
    i started out at 224 and now 192. I've since moved on to stronglifts and an starting olympic lifts.

    I lost a lot of fat (3 pant sizes worth). I wasnt doing the program to gain muscle, but to preserve as much as possible while I lose weight. Only 10% of what I lost has been muscle and I hear that's pretty good.

    Definitely start now. you'll lose scale weight much slower than someone not following such a program. This is because you'll need to eat quite a bit more than MFP guidelines in order to recover for your workouts. Just stick with something above your BMR but below your TDEE (NROL4W recommends no more than a 20% decrease of your TDEE) and you will lose.

    Keep track of your measurements and use a fat caliper. Dont be discouraged by any initial weight gain as that's just going to be water retention
  • Magenta15Magenta15 Posts: 852Member Member Posts: 852Member Member
    hmmm. ok thanks everyone :) I shall keep reading then figure out where my starting point is... have people been doing it from home with success... I live on an army base so the weight side of my gym is almost always packed... lol
  • shivlesshivles Posts: 468Member Member Posts: 468Member Member
    Hi there! I don't have weight to loose but I'm on this program too, it's nice to see you focused on fat loss not just weight loss :) I'm working out at home, you need access to a set of dumbbells and a barbell (mines a 50kg set) a swiss ball, chin up bar (later on) and a workout bench. You can improvise though, a wall makes a good workout bench and kids play parks have things you can use instead of a chin up bar. But you can pick them up fairly cheap. I also recommend monitoring progress with a fat caliper and tape measure, good luck, hope you enjoy it!
  • Magenta15Magenta15 Posts: 852Member Member Posts: 852Member Member
    great! thanks! that shouldn't be a problem... just need a chin up bar, and hubby and I wanted to get a workout bench anyways a long with a few other things. thanks again!
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