1 year - Less of me to love (with pics)

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I started down this path on August 1, 2011. I was at my highest weight (377) and starting to have health issues. This was June 2011:


I started working with a trainer several times a week and it has been worth every penny. He mixes things up and I don't get bored - very important when you have the attention span of a ....oooh, look...something shiny.

As of my 1 year mark, I've lost 80 lbs and 62.5 inches.



I've done things in the last year that I thought I wouldn't do - like crunches and push-ups. I flew for the first time in 4 years. And, I bought a bicycle and really enjoy it (when it's not 107). I've been in a little bit of a lull the last couple of months, but I got too comfortable so I'm trying to reset my inner voice to *kitten*-kicking.

Bring it on, year 2!


  • Adara13
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    Well done!! You look so much happier in the last pic! If it was me I would be very proud!
  • veerichie
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    Nice results so far!! You look so happy.
  • Crystal0827
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    You have such a beautiful smile! I love your attitude! Way to go!!! Awesome progress!
  • ShreddedTweet
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    Great job!!!!
  • 1didit
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    You are an inspiration.... I have started stopped like a peak hour traffic jam. You've shown me I should get out on the open road. Thank you. You look amazing!
  • MouseFood
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    well done, girl!!! I know that is hard :O
    you look really good, and I bet you feel a lot better :)
  • beachlover317
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    Wow, that is awesome! You should be so proud of yourself - quite an accomplishment. You look fantastic!
  • 80Ben
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    Well done! Great progress!
  • Amazingday
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    What a difference a year can make!!!! I have had a lull myself your post inspires me to get moving before my year anniversary to keep the loss going! You really look fabulous!
  • SuzieBikiniBound
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    Awesome progress! Keep it up!
  • Great job! You look great!! Very inspiring. THANKS!!
  • Jking826
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    Nice results so far!! You look so happy.

  • zophiel67
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    Amazing! Very inspiring! You look great- so much younger!
  • shirleyisblessed
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    Girl you have made great progress, be proud of yourself. I don't know you, but I am proud of you. Keep up the good work!
  • Great Job!!! I have just started my journey and you are definitely an inspiration :happy:
  • Go you! An amazing achievement! Here's to a fantastic next year!:drinker:
  • It's people like you that inspire others :)
  • funkylemur
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    Wow, that has just given me the kick up the butt I need - to see how well someone has done ... congratulations x
  • pro tip for people wondering if a sex change was involved: right click on the top photo and select "open in new window"

    Awesome work, OP!
  • BazAbroad
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    Be proud...