What happens when you run in the rain

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One of the questions often asked by beginner runners is, "What happens when it rains?" My answer: you get wet... And oh boy, did I today! :laugh: The sooner they invent windscreen wipers for glasses the better - I nearly ran straight onto the river!



  • Dawnhasajeep
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    I was going to say... You get wet!

    Good for you for running in it! I love running in the rain.
  • amateurdude
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  • billsica
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    Awesome. i bet you ran faster too.
  • BerryH
    BerryH Posts: 4,698 Member
    Awesome. i bet you ran faster too.
    Too right! Not only did I not overheat, I knew there was a hot shower and a cup of tea waiting for me.

    Sadly, I'm not dry-clean only or I might have shrunk.
  • Contrarian
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    When I run in the rain, I feel like a badass. Good for you!
  • MB_Positif
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    Running in the rain is severly underrated! So fun and it has its benefits!!
  • lax75
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    LOVE running in the rain - feels good, keeps me cool. and makes me feel so virtuous! :-)
  • Cliffslosinit
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    No one can see my tears...lol
  • LorinaLynn
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    I would love to run in the rain today. I sweat so much, I end up just as wet whether it's raining or not, but it feels sooo good in the rain!
  • Beastette
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    I love the added bonus that my allergies don't flare up as much. Good on you.
  • shivles
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    Every time I go out I wish for rain! I love it when it's so heavy I need to put my phone in a sandwich bag :)
  • 76tech
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    I love running in the rain. Road or trail, it's the best time to get out there.
  • robin52077
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    I need to put my phone in a sandwich bag :)


    I never go out in the rain to exercise because I HAVE TO have my phone on me, for various reasons, and I am afraid it will get ruined. Never thought of this! Now I can go walking, hiking, to the track, etc, in the rain and not worry about it.
    WHY did I never think of this?
  • heartsoulshannon
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    Ahh I love running in the rain :) My fave! I can't run again 'til August 30th and I'm counting down the days!
  • Yanicka1
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    My best runs happened in the rain.
    Love it.... sadly we are having a very hot and humid summer.
  • twaltemade
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    Cool...a wet t-shirt thread. ;-)
  • Donnaovercomer
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    I have yet to have the priviledge of running in the run, I have always used it as an excuse not to run but after reading all these posts I might have to get out there, I diid not know all the fun I was missing.
  • SueInAz
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    Usually when it's raining here there's also thundering and lightning. I try to avoid running when I could get fried! LOL Plus I have the glasses issue, too. I might run into a cactus!