"Drop some weight" lecture still ringing in my ears



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    None of us are here because we got it right first time around. This site is great - no crash diets, no starvation, but support and education about living a healthier slimmer lifestyle.

    You have taken the first step - well done! :happy:
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    The results from my yearly physical are also what brought me to MFP in mid-June. I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic---freaked me out.

    I too used to be an athlete all through high school and college. Slowly building up some cardio endurance and lifting weights has made me realize how much I missed being strong.

    I'm here for the long haul, not in a huge rush to lose the weight as long as I can keep it off. I hope you can keep yourself motivated, I've learned it has to be me kicking myself in the *kitten*, not anyone else.

    Take the great advice already given, especially about logging everything. Get a food scale and start practicing portion control.

    Good luck in your journey, starting here is an awesome first step.
  • YOu have taken the first steps. Like everyone else has said, record everything and I would like to add, record your steps. I bought a FItBit and wear it all day. Just start walking at least 30 minutes a day.10, 000 steps at day =5 miles. Dont buy or keep your food weaknesses in your house. If you want to indulge in a cookie here and there...do it while you socialize or go out. Use this website or the app on your phone to record, once you actually see the numbers, you will see where you need to cut back. As you were an athlete, you already know or have an idea of what you are to do. I have always know what to do, I just lacked the focus to do it. 31 days ago, I made the decison to love myself more than I loved my food. I started with the 24 Day challenge and I am going strong. I decided to go with the Paleo diet which means that I try to eat clean 90% of the time(clean means no processed food) I have lost 17 pounds and 6 1/2 inches.30 minutes of exercise a day. I even bought a bike.(hadnt ridden in 15 yrs.) If I can do it, you can do it. Choose to love yourself and get an accountability partner who will give you the words you need to hear when you want to throw in the towel. IT makes all the difference in the world. Connect with us online if you wish. I am a stress eater. I had to learn to exerices when I am stressed and change my thinking that food is fuel for my body not pleasure for my taste buds. Be Blessed!

    PS. I bought the FitBIt because I could sync it with my fitness pal.
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    baby steps! one day at a time is what i always tell myself,,, i have battled with my weight my entire life. up and down like crazy.. i can honestly say use mfp is keeping more focused then ever...
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    I have been here a couple of times,but I guess practice makes perfect:smile: If you could use a friend I'm almost the same age, and have to get rid of over 100 pounds ( don't know where I could hide them:noway: ) You could always buy a Suv... easier to get into and out of :love:> Just kidding
    I know where your coming from, the reason I'm here is that my knees and back are getting angry at all the weight they have to carry. It doesn't help much to worry about how we got here, it's time to take the information we can find and put our effort into becoming a better , healthier us. I love to cook and have a few very good and healthy recipes. My problem is more on the exercise and portion control front :sad:
    Hope your having a great weekend anyway
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    All the advice given is spot on. Log everything and start moving and the weight will some off.

    Add me for support if u like.

    Good luck.
  • Let's all help lift each other up. Just joined today and what great posts I am reading. Some very inspiring and encouraging people.
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    feel free to add me!
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    You can do it and coming here is a step in the right direction! You look like you have a great sense of humor and there's a lot of fun people on MFP to help keep you going.
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    Welcome Rho! You've certainly come to the right place!! Feel free to add me if you wish.
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    Welcome to one of the best online communities around!
  • Welcome to one of the best online communities around!

    That's for sure
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    You have an advantage, and it is one that helped me quite a bit -- you're a former athlete. You, then, know exactly what needs to be done. That muscle memory and self-awareness never goes away -- it's what allowed me to lose 100 lbs. in 6 months.

    My advice to you is simple: stay at a slight calorie deficit and begin by walking every day for up to an hour. Before long, you'll be pushing yourself and having flashbacks to 30 years ago. When that starts happening, you're back.

    I'd be happy to count you as an MFP friend.
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    It helps to prefill your diary for the day, a day or two in advance. That way you have a plan for the day and dont "wing it" and end up eating too much.
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    Good luck making a healthier, stronger you. It's all for the best in the end even if it seems tough :wink:
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    You have taken a great first step. MFP is a very good tool. I log everything that I eat. The first day I was astounded at how much was on there. It really does help me control what I eat. I allow my friends to see my food diary and I don't want them to see anything bad. Don't forget the exercise.
  • Hi Rho!

    Boy, did you come to the right place!! This is the best way to track exactly what your eating & track your exercise. Your Dr has pointed you in a direction where you can succeed! She sounds like one smart cookie!! Sending you a friend request!! Good luck with this new journey!!

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    Keep it simple.

    One day at a time.

    Just be kind to yourself. We are always our worst enemies when we realize we've made some big mistake. You can change this. Log everything. Learn from it. Understand that it will be two steps forward, one step back while you are learning. There is a big learning curve to all this.

    You've begun. Do what you can today, and start adding to your successes.
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    Hi Rho, and welcome! Please add me as a friend. We're on the same journey with similar weight loss goals.
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    I know how you feel. Former boxer here.

    Fill out your profile correctly, be honest in your logging, and get out there and get some exercise. It CAN be done!