To SmartPhone or not

I joined today and want to do this the right way.

When I will have an opportunity to log food while working is not going to be convenient.

I have a dinosaur cell phone that only calls and texts, so I dont even know how to use a SmartPhone.

I do not want to lug my laptop around looking for an Internet connection off and on all day.

I don't think writing it down in on a piece of paper will ever get to laptop. Or maybe it will.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to stay honest about logging food/exercise daily?


  • jboccio90
    jboccio90 Posts: 649 Member
    I would pre-log it, I have a smart phone and never used MFP on it.
  • norabeth
    norabeth Posts: 176 Member
    I love my smart phone with the MFP app. But if a new phone is not in your budget I would definitely get a journal that you can keep in your purse. I started with a journal before I discovered MFP. Good luck hon :drinker: :happy:
  • Gidzmo
    Gidzmo Posts: 904 Member
    It takes a while to get used to a new routine. Even if you just carry around a pad of paper and pen to write things down, it's a start
    (That's what I do when I'm out, as I don't have a smartphone, either).
  • 82ale
    82ale Posts: 32 Member
    I don't have a smartphone but do have a kindle fire. Is that an option for you?
  • samf36
    samf36 Posts: 369 Member
    I got a fitbit and it has been a very good investment for me. It tracks my steps and adjusts my calories. You might start you logging by pre- logging you food for the day and then make adjustments in the evening when you have time.
  • After a couple days of logging my food it got pretty easy to remember what I ate during the day. If you are worried you will forget just keep a scrap piece of paper in your pocket and then you will have it when you get home! :)
  • DryHeet
    DryHeet Posts: 61 Member
    I still use a spiral notebook (7 x 5) because I like to journal more stuff than just food and exercise. But if that won't fit your lifestyle my next suggestion is to plan ahead. Each night sit at your computer and enter everything you plan to eat and drink the next day into your MFP food diary. If I have a plan for each day I have greater success staying within my calories limits.

    I hope you can find a method that works for you - welcome and good luck!
  • WendySue67
    WendySue67 Posts: 17 Member
    I also log everything before I eat (in the morning). Start with a plan and then stick to it. It's a lot more fun to eat when I know I'm already within my calorie goal for the day. That includes eating out--I go online and make decisions about what to order and then log it before I even go. I prefer this method over logging it after the "damage" has been done and I can't fix it. Good luck to you!
  • Crissthetealcat
    Crissthetealcat Posts: 21 Member
    Do you have a computer at work? I have the SmartPhone app, but mostly use it at restaurants and dinner parties. At work, I log everything on a sticky note that I stick to my monitor. Then, after I clock out for the day, I quick log everything in the computer at work. That way, I know what's left in my allowance for evening before I go out and about errand running and getting home hungry. This has helped me to stay on track more times than you will ever know.

    If you eat out or in groups a lot, the SmartPhone could help quite a bit, if there is any way to afford it. (Or Kindle or Tablet or what have you.) It helps me make better choices without getting stuck in a rut.
  • claw0416
    claw0416 Posts: 95
    I use both my computer and iphone. I love the app, it keeps me alot more accountable than before I got this app. I would write all my food down and plan to put it in at then end of the day, but somehow by then end of the day, that was the last thing I wanted to see was another computer screen. I also had a problem with keeping my calories and nutrients in check. Once i got the app, it was easier at lunch I could do it all at once. And of coarse when I get bored I pop on it. I am not sure if the Androids allow you to see the topic forums but that is the one bad thing about the iphone app, you cant get into the forums unless you go to the internet and type in the address for it. But other than that I have access to my account to make changes and log all your entries. I also like the phone so when I am unsure of what I am about to eat I can google it, search onhere or other sites to make sure I am making the right decsion or at least know what I am consuming is about to kill my diet for the day.

    Good luck! I would be interested to see what you end up deciding to do..All I do know is MFP has really helped me. I may not lose all my weight over night, but by keeping my self accountable and learning from others on here, I will be able to lose it and keep it off. And have a new healthy life style not just a diet.