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NSV Size 8! Pics

LaSutopiaLaSutopia Posts: 1,195Member Member Posts: 1,195Member Member
OMG! I fit in a size 8 pair of pants! I went shopping today because it is our tax free weekend here and Kohls was having some awesome sales. Well I found a bunch of stuff for my kids AND snagged me a new outfit for a trip we are taking soon! I was just goofin off thinking I would try on some size 8 pants cause they were cute, but did not think they would fit....Imagine my surprise when they did! They are Vera Wang capris pants and they were originally $50! I scored them (in a size 8, did I say that yet?) for only $10!! Can you tell I am excited? :bigsmile:
I also got that shirt on sale from $30 to $9.99. Love it to! I am still considering my self a size 10 until I try on some differnt types and styles of jeans/pants cause the sizes run different, but hey, I am still super excited about this! That 8 is 10 SIZES below what I was wearing and year ago.



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