Fage yogurt

I just discovered the deliciousness that is Fage Greek yogurt. I tried other Greek yogurts, but they did not taste good to me. Does anyone have any great recipes using it?


  • Elen_Sia
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    I use 0% plain non-fat Fage Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream and mayo in my chicken/egg/tuna salad recipes. Very smooth and yummy. Also ups the protein, which helps me.

    Once in a while I'll mix 1 tsp of regular BBQ sauce with 1 tbsp of the yogurt and use it as a dip for hardboiled eggs. DELICIOUS! :smile:
  • Oh_Cat
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    I live on the stuff :D

    I like it as a pre workout snack with a teaspoon of jam and a teaspoon of crunchy peanut / almond butter.

    It's also a great sour cream sub as Elen said!
  • ctumbarello
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    I add a tsp. of honey, some berries, and 1/4 c. grapenuts! My daily breakfast feels so decadant, and lasts me until lunch. I never ate breakfast before, but this is quick, easy, and filling. Love it!
  • I'm Greek and I have to inform you that there are better -when it comes to taste- greek yogurts. Fage is delicious too!
  • Coffeeholic8
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    It's the number one item on my shopping list each week, bought a dozen tubs today, and I use it for so much. In place of cream, to make dressings and sauces and just to enjoy on it's own or with fruit , honey, peanut butter and so on.
  • jltaft21
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    All great ideas. Annie, what are the brands you like? I tried another that was not a good texture, but it was like dannon or yoplait. I have acces to a whole foods and trader joe's that might have other brands.
  • JenniferNoll
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    I make my own. I'll post the recipe here.

    Heat 6 cups milk (skim, 2%, the choice is yours, I use reconstituted dry milk) until it steams and small bubbles form around the edge. Take the milk off the heat and allow to cool 20 minutes. Mix in 2 tbs. commercial yogurt (made without gelatin) with a whisk. Pour into a wide shallow container. Loosely cover and set on a heating pad. Set on medium and allow to sit overnight.

    Line a colander with coffee filters and pour yogurt into colander. Set the colander in a bowl and allow to drain. The whey that drains out can be used in place of milk or buttermilk in baking or in place of milk in pancakes or waffles. Refridgerate yogurt for a few hours before eating.
  • quixoteQ
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    great when mixed with cottage cheese as a base for a buffalo ranch dip, or onion dip, or a madman mixture of both (think bouillon, minced onion, garlic and onion powder, dill, ground pepper, and frank's hot).

    fantastic as a part of overnight oats recipes (think 1/2 cup milk, 1/4 cup uncooked old fashioned oats, 1/4 cup fage, 1 T unsweetened cocoa, 1 T chia, 1 1/3 T ground flaxmeal, 2 or 3 T PB, 2 tsp honey, 2 tsp ground coffee--chill in fridge overnight and eat cold)

    delicious with nearly any fruit (think bananas, mango, and especially pineapple).
  • mgobluetx12
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    I like it in my morning smoothie:

    1 container Fage
    1 apple
    1/2 banana
    3 cups spinach
    1/4 cup raspberries
    1 Tblsp Chia seeds
    8 oz cold water and 5 ice cubes

    Throw it all in my Ninja blender and I have a delicious, protein and vitamin-packed smoothie for about 350 cals.
  • Jackie_Paper
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    I put it in smoothies sometimes when I am out of coconut or almond milk.

    1 small tub of plain Fage
    1 banana
    2-3 leaves organic red kale
    sometimes a few leaves of baby spinach
    frozen fruit mix [peaches, strawberries + pineapple mix is a bag I have been buying @ Publix.]
    chia seeds
    1/4 cup orange juice

    The yogurt keeps everything a nice consistency but not too thick, and the frozen fruit helps with that too + makes the drink a nice cold temperature instead of lukewarm and kind of gross.
  • Jackie_Paper
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    O dang someone who types faster than me already put up the smoothie idea!!!
  • I've used it as a base for alfredo for shrimp and linguini alfredo sauce. I just used it in place of the milk and cheese
  • postrockandcats
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    I'm Greek and I have to inform you that there are better -when it comes to taste- greek yogurts. Fage is delicious too!

    Like? :)
  • My wife and I like chobani.
  • I prefer Chobani as well. I love substituting it for sour cream, mayo and use it in shakes.. Extra protein which I need
  • piebird79
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    I make my own frozen yogurt with Fage Greek yogurt. I've made mango, triple berry and strawberry so far. You use 3-4 cups of frozen fruit, 3/4-1 cup yogurt, 1/4-1/2 cup superfine sugar and a little bit of lemon juice. Process the frozen fruit in a food processor. Add sugar, process some more. Then add the yogurt & lemon juice and process for a while to aerate. You could probably substitute Splenda for sugar, but it would taste weird I think. You can make your own superfine sugar by putting regular granulated sugar in the food processor and blending it for 15 seconds, give or take.
  • MissNations
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    Add in raspberries and honey to make a yummy dessert!
  • Love the Fage yogurt too and didn't know it could use for some many other things! Thanks to everyone for sharing!
  • dwarfstarzero
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    I LOVE Fage and Chobani. I've been eating Chobani every morning for breakfast, and I'm madly in lust with the blood orange flavor. This thread is full of great ideas for greek yogurt! I've been trying to find work-arounds for keeping milk in the house regularly for things like smoothies, and I know soy milk is not great for my fella because of the hormones, also I'm crazy about milk products like sour cream and cream cheese, so this will work as a great substitute! Thanks for posting everybody!
  • gabi_ele
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    For a more savory idea,
    cucumber and garlic
    different herbs like basil and oregano, dill, chives, parsley
    I also use it instead of sour cream, in cheesecakes... the sky is the limit