Any PGX Daily users?

rgunn02 Posts: 169 Member
I was just wondering if any one has had success with it? Do you feel any different? Are you binging less?? Would you recommend it?
Sometimes I just can't stop eating :sad: - and I thought it might help me!



  • Xtine685
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    Hey there! I have been using PGX for 9 weeks now and I really like it. I noticed I was having a lot of bloating and I could eat all day. I find with the PGX if taken right, makes me feel full all day, most times when I would need to have a snack or a meal I'm not very hungry so I end up eating smaller portions which was my biggest problem. I had tried to increase my fiber with food but it just wasn't cutting it and the PGX has made me regular for the first time in a long time (gross I know). I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about the product but like I said if its taken correctly, it works! I also have only taken up to 4 pills before each meal and will stay at that dose for now, its working well for me.
  • j2thelo
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    Hi there - I just saw your post after I did a search on "PGX". I started PGX last week and like it so far. Are you still using PGX? How is it working for you? I am eating much less and have tons of energy, so far.
  • roses4
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    R u still using PGX? :smile:
  • I just started PGX this week, only 1 pill with (just before) meals so far, but may increase next week. Also back to my low(er) carb eating. I lost almost 40 lbs last year, gained most back... SO here I am again! Glad to see PGX is helping people....
  • sheisbrown
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    I have been using PGX for about a week and I must say that I think its doing its job for me. I feel less hungry and have completely lost the urge to pig out on sugar. Which is great! Plan to continue with it for now.
  • I have just bought my first bottle and trying it today. What do you think of the product?
  • I just started it, I have lost already 2lbs. I do notice that I do not have the sugar cravings. It is awesome!
  • KellyGirl888
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    Hi all, I have tried PGX starting with only 1 pill before meals, with lots of water. I find that it decreases my appetite (good) but I feel - and look - bloated. My tummy gets big and I feel massive. I am wondering if I keep taking the pills will this side effect be only temporary and work itself out? Or maybe this product just doesn't work for me.

    Has anyone else had this bloating issue?
    Thanks much!!
  • OhioVickieT
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    Kellygirl, i just got PGX today so have not started them yet. From what i have read tho alot of people do have the bloating the first day or so but it does go away. It will take your body time to adjust to the pills. I had to work today and didnt want to start them cause some of the reviews mentioned being gassy and didnt want to find out if i would be at work, :) Good luck!
  • KellyGirl888
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    Thanks justmeinohio! I appreciate the insight :)