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my 3 NSV's of yesterday

SquibleSquible Member Posts: 359 Member Member Posts: 359 Member
So my day yesterday started badly when I couldn't be bothered to get up for my run in the morning.

Then at work someone brough in cakes as it had been thier birthday, I managed to stay away for awhile but hunger overcame me and I went to the kitchen with the intention of having some cake. I looked, I looked at calorie content and sugar etc, and I turned round got my raspberries from the fridge and had those instead- NSV 1!

Later on I got an email from a job agency I am with about a possible interview on Friday, I got my hopes up massively for this as I have been looking for a new permanent job for over 6 months now and I keep going for interviews or getting rejected just from my CV which over the course of 6 months has gotten me very down. Anyway got way overly excited about mayb having an interview, to find out they didn't pick me for an interview and I don't get a reason why. So mood =ZERO at this point and the first thing that croses my mind is food, you know junk food make me feel good food for a second. BUt I didnt go to the shop when I got back from work, I just moped around the house and annoyed my boyfriend HA! - NSV 2 Didn't eat out emotion.

So as I said moped around house looking for something to munch, luckily we have NOTHING in our flat that is junky and bad for us so I would of had to go to the shop and spend more money I don't really have on food I know wouldn't really make me happy. I was getting really bored and restless and frustrated I couldnt get chocolate to make me feel better so I looked up when my gym closed and it was still open for a couple of hours so at 9PM! I went and sat on the stationary bike for 45mins -NSV 3!

Afterwards I felt SO much happier! And I was so happy and surprised by myself for doing all that and over coming barriers.


  • cjhart81cjhart81 Member Posts: 200 Member Member Posts: 200 Member
    Wow thats amazing to have 3 in one day! Im very proud of you.. you did sooo well! you should be very pleased! :)
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