Apps for 10K training?

I've mastered the 5K and my goal is to start training for my first 10K. Are there any apps you would recommend?

Thanks! :)


  • l_nelson20
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    Zen labs has a 10KforPink app for the iphone that is free and works just like C25K. If you are past the 5K then you just start on week 9. I don't know about android apps.
  • wa_tracy
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    I just dowloaded the 10K for Pink free app. But the thing is that it has you running then walking after you've mastered the 5k (you can skip ahead beyond the 5k part of the app.) What I've looked at, though, is online training schedules because it tells you how many miles to run each day, and on what days, and it doesn't have you walking. I know if I did an app for a 10k and I walked per the app, I won't start running again. Once I stop it's hard to get going, so I just focus on improving my miles on each run. I've actually looked into half marathon training online instead of the 10k and will start training for that before a half marathon I plan on doing next Summer. I use the Nike+ app and I can set a distance run on there and the app tells me how far I've gone (I set it for notifications every .5 miles too) and that's my new method of running since mastering the 5k. Good luck!
  • Moriarty_697
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    For what it's worth, walking breaks are actually beneficial, especially for the longer distances. Does it take a little discipline? Yup. But I also find the walking breaks leave my legs in better shape for the running parts. I'm a big fan of Galloway's books and he offers a lot of good reasons why walking breaks make you a better runner.
  • wolfchild59
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    I don't know if he has apps for every one of his training programs (I know there are some), but I followed this Hal Higdon plan to the letter for my 7-K and 10-K training and steadily increased pace every single week:

    I was so happy with my results from that program that he was the first place I turned for my half marathon training as well.
  • freew67
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    Also curious so see what Droid apps are out there. Im starting to ramp up training for a 10K also.
  • secretlobster
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    I started with C25K and loved it, but when I transitioned to running 10K, I found that I really didn't need a training program... All I had to do was run 5K regularly, then once a week, push myself further. It didn't matter how much.

    I tried "Bridge to 10K" which is an app for 5K graduates, but the intermittent walk breaks (every 15 minutes) broke my momentum and actually made it harder for me to run that distance. Once you're running 5Ks regularly without walking, you don't really need a program to give you walk breaks. If you really need one (and I sometimes do if I get a side stitch or my body is screaming at me), take one. Learn to trust your instincts. There will come a time when you don't need or want a training program to dictate your runs, especially if you start racing (which is awesome) and just want the ability to push yourself.