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  • CJisinShape
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    The truth is, you don't need to eat healthy foods to lose weight. Eating healthier foods is ideal, of course -- but, it's more about calories in, calories out.

    Here's an easy example with less healthy options:
    Mcdonalds: Angus Bacon & Cheese Burger (790 calories), Large Fries (500 calories), Large Coke (310 calories) = 1600 calories
    Mcdonalds: McDouble Burger (390 calories), Small Fries (230 calories), Large Diet Coke (0 calories) = 620

    For example, Hebrew National makes a 97% fat free all-beef frank that is only 40 calories!

    Thanks for the tip!!!
  • ShaneOSX
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    Getting a membership to a place like BJ's, Costco, or Sam's Club might be very helpful if that's an option for you. Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper.

    Also Trader Joe's is quite cheap and among the healthiest stores if you have one near you.
  • chrissayya
    I change what I eat based on what is on sale. :)

    The only thing is you'll probably have to be more open to trying a variety of foods - shopping by sale items versus specific foods.

    ^ This! I'm a graduate student and this year I spend all my free time doing a clinical placement (unpaid) at the hospital plus my five classes so I understand money being tight but changing what you eat based on sales really helps. I also live in NYC which is super expensive and it even helped here :) Throughout the year I saved SO much just by being flexible and stocking up on meats when they were marked down. Plus I discovered lots of new fun foods!
  • WannaBeThin87
    WannaBeThin87 Posts: 58 Member
    I live in PA & including myself there's 3 to feed. We try to spend about $100 a wk at most & that adds up quickly when I'm trying to buy healthy foods to myself and other foods for my bf & our son
  • amytag
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    Shop sales, and clip coupons. Most stores offer double-coupon weeks each month. Use this time to stock up on non-perishables. Ground turkey is healthier, and cheaper than, ground beef. Buy store brands - they often have less calories than the national brands.

    Buy fresh produce when it's in season. Cherries are under $2/lb for me right now. Freeze them and you'll have good nutrition in the winter. Next go for frozen veggies. I also buy 5lb bags of potatoes and use them for soups, baked, or roasted.

    Breakfast foods are cheaper too, so consider eating them for dinner. Example: scrambled eggs with wheat toast and some fruit. Or a veggie omelet.

    I generally spend $75 per week for a family of 4.
  • kittyr77
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    Buy a big bag of oatmeal for porridge for breakfast, really cheap, nutritious and filling. You can add a half banana or some honey to sweeten.
    Whole wheat pasta and brown rice are healthier and more filling and still quite cheap, potatoes you can buy cheap too
    Cheaper proteins include lentils, pulses, "basics" range fish (not pretty cuts but abslutely nothing wrong with it!), turkey tends to be cheaper than chicken
    Fruit and veg often cheaper at local greengrocer than supermarket
    Buy in bulk on offer and freeze what you dont need right now
    Make big meals (casseroles etc) and freeze portions for later
    Make pasta sauces out of tinned tomatoes, onion, dried herbs, can make a big batch and freeze.
    A lot of unhealthy convenience foods are actually more expensive.
    I lived like this ^^^ years ago when i was a student and i looked pretty good! :D
  • misstori09
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    Hi, I am in the same position. However, quitting is not an option since I need to lose weight to improve my quality of life. I shop at a store called Sav-A-Lot, and let me tell you this is the best store! The price of the fresh fruits and vegetables are sooooo much cheaper than the regular grocery stores. So don't get discouraged, check around and see what you can come up with. Good Luck

    Created by - Nutrition Facts For Foods
  • AmyS79
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    All you need is meat, fruit veggies.grains all the other stuff you dont need. 100 calorie pack stuff I feel is a wast of money it dont fill you up and you need to overcome cravings for those foods to enjoy whole food.
  • _quirky_girl_
    _quirky_girl_ Posts: 27 Member
    I buy fruit and veg that is on sale and then work my weekly menu around it. I eat beans and eggs for protein. I make my own bread. I buy no processed food except for corn flakes and soy milk. It is inexpensive to eat this way but it can also be a lot of work to turn raw ingredients into a meal. I know that not everyone has the time to eat this way but it works for me.
  • toysbigkid
    toysbigkid Posts: 545 Member
    I'm in the same boat, cut calories and exercise...that's how I have been losing it. I try to cut out as much proccessed as I can and buy as much fresh as possible...Good luck!!!!
  • Maddielen
    Tap WATER is free -- drink it in abundance!

    Then go for a 30 minute walk around the block!

    You CAN eat healthier and get exercise without breaking the bank.
  • prism6
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    I don't know if you live by an aldis store,or a bargin grocery store, but frozen vegetables,peanutbutter,eggs,some frozen chicken,are all great to keep in the fridge to help your menu. Oatmeal with frozen fruit,yum... It is fall,so you may get a month of produce at reasonable prices...take advantage and go into your diet with gusto during this season of plenty
  • kevin3344
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    I guess I could start out by counting calories & exercising even if its just walking.

    You said it, let's start there. Keep a daily log and stay within your calorie limits each and every day. Exercise when you can.

    Then, slowly work in healthy choices into your diet. It doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing thing. Replace mac & cheese with fresh veggies, for example. Replace a snack with fresh fruit. Water for soft drinks (or sweet tea if you're in the south like me).

    My diary is not entirely "healthy". I still go out with friends, have drinks and eat out often. BUT I stay within my calorie limits (on most days anyway!) where I can. I exercise. I run. If I know I'm going to be at a restaurant I'll try and choose a healthy choice, grilled chicken and salad for example. If I can do it, you can, too. But it all starts with logging.
  • bf43005
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    What do you use to flavor your chicken & veggies.
    Wisters-I will take a look, thanks!

    Bottled light salad dressing. Wait for a good sale and stock up on it. Let the chicken sit in it overnight or during the day.
  • trackercasey76
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    I eat a lot of wild game that I shoot myself. WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY healthier then store bought meat and cheaper too. If you don't hunt try contacting a local game processor and see if they know anyone that will donate some.
  • nxd10
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    First: You have to figure the price per meal, not per pound. It makes a difference.

    Try a whole chicken. It's good for several meals for my family of four:

    One great roast chicken dinner in the oven or crock pot
    Next day meat with sides of veggies or in a stir fry
    Boil the bones for two or three days of soup
    Take the small bits of leftover meat, chop them up with celery, raisins, and mayo or kefir or yoghurt and you have chicken salad

    There is no way in the world it is less expensive to eat badly. Choose wisely and learn to cook what's cheap. Just never buy anything that's labeled low fat or low calorie or low sugar. THOSE things are expensive. Meat, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are all your best bet.

    Also try:

    A small piece of fish makes a nice chowder with milk, onions, corn, and some greens

    Cheap veggies:

    Frozen ocra, turnip greens, spinach, etc.
    Beets (buy the ones the greens have gone bad on and they cut them off)
    Rutabagas (really awesome steamed with cheese and nuts and mixed with greens)

    It isn't hard to make your own bread
    And it is dead simple to make soup

    You can buy lots of things bulk in a health food store cheaply - just ignore the ridiculously pricey things they have in packages.

    Good luck!
  • PatNotFat
    PatNotFat Posts: 8 Member

    Buy fresh simple unprocessed food - that includes oil which is highly refined!
    Eat like your Granny used to eat.
    Eat meat as a flavouring rather than your primary source of protein.
    Beans and other pulses should be your primary proteins.
    Keep chickens if you have space - you'll get plenty of cheap protein - and maybe a few eggs to sell!
    Eat lots of veg.
    Eat food that is in season.
    Only buy what you'll need - don't be conned by bulk buys in supermarkets unless you can freeze or store the excess food.

    Ok - happy noshing. & sorry for the lecture!
  • cbaac03
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    I live in PA & including myself there's 3 to feed. We try to spend about $100 a wk at most & that adds up quickly when I'm trying to buy healthy foods to myself and other foods for my bf & our son

    I live in PA too (Pgh area) and we also shop on a budget for myself, hubby and toddler. My husband has no desire to eat on a diet (nor does he need one). It takes a bit of creativity but I try to find meals/recipes he will enjoy and I can fit into my daily goals. Try websites like and Also, shop farmers markets, grocery store sales and use coupons. Do you have Bottom Dollar near you? They have good produce and dairy that is very reasonably priced. Everything there is pretty reasonable actually, and they take coupons too. Aldi is good too but Bottom Dollar has more of a variety. If you shop at Shop n Save or Giant Eagle go to their websites or download the app for the store and register your store rewards cards and load them up with coupons. You can then combine store specials, coupons on your card and paper coupons!! Feel free to add me!!
  • nxd10
    nxd10 Posts: 4,570 Member
    What do you use to flavor your chicken & veggies.
    Wisters-I will take a look, thanks!

    Bottled light salad dressing. Wait for a good sale and stock up on it. Let the chicken sit in it overnight or during the day.

    And balsamic vinegar or rice vinegar (even cheaper). Yeah, it looks pricey in the bottle but you only use it half teaspoon at a time.
  • danasweetlips
    I am currently living in an isolated community. The closest grocery store is an hour and a half away. In the summer time there is no problem getting groceries, the winter is a different story. In winter months, there is no road,well, not very often. I usually have no fresh fruit or vegtables. I go to frozen. Much cheaper AND your body is getting the nutrients it needs. With the frozen fruit, I usually stick in a blender with protein powder and skim milk, I have a healthy shake. If you don't have these things, grab a handful, let it thaw and it as is........they are delicious. Same with frozen veggies, just don't over cook and they taste name brands work just as good as the big names............good luck!!!!
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