please help

Looking back my 1st 50 pounds just melted off of me with little work ( eat under my cals and about 30m exercise 3-4 days a week 1500). it only took me 6 months. then the next 30 pounds about 4 months was a lot of work ( hour a day 5x a week eating 1500) Now I feel like I have to kill my self to lose anything. The last 3 months most of it working out almost 2 hours a day (burning over 900 cals)I have lost 2 pounds in that time. Now most of the last couple week I have not been doing much. this week I have been back on track. It's just getting to hard please help


  • you are not eating enough given the amount of exercise you are doing.
    eat more.
    good luck :flowerforyou:
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    you are not eating enough given the amount of exercise you are doing.
    eat more.
    good luck :flowerforyou:

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    I just move it down 300 cals 2 days ago to try to help
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    Do you eat back your exercise calories? I looked at your diary and it looks like you have alot of calories left over? You have definately done an awesome job at losing weight! Im newer to this but what i can tell you is that when i started i was eating 1300 calories and doing cardio 5 days a wk for 40 mins and didnt lose a pound for wks! Then after reading several posts about calories etc i tried uping mine to 1600 and started losing weight! I mean i lost 3 pounds within 2 days! I also eat back my exercise calories to refuel and keep my muscles! I would try and up it for a little and see if that helps??
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    Eat more and you will start losing again (when I say eat more, I mean eat more clean food).
  • We all hit a "wall" in weight is part of the process. You have done so great to lose 50 pounds! I am not an expert, but it does sound like you are possibly working out too said "2 hrs. a day" that every day? Our bodies need recovery time. My trainer has been encouraging me to take 2 days a week for recovery. Sometimes, taking a few days off does wonders. I had hit a "wall" in weight loss for 5 weeks, and was so frustrated! But, after taking a few days off and enjoying a 3-day family reunion (filled with food!), I ended up breaking through that wall and lost 2 pounds during that break. Maybe you are pushing yourself too far! Remember, this is a lifestyle that you must be able to live with for the rest of your life, and not a short-term weight loss goal. We must be able to pace our journey and be okay with hitting a "wall" will pass. Just breathe and let your body recover! It will reward you for the break, I think. Good luck!
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    I had mine set at 1500 and did eat back some. I did very well up untill 3 month ago this last month I have try stoping working out for a week and now lowering cals.
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    I believe your metabolism is slowing down because you are eating less and working out more.. If you want to set yourself up to live on 1200 calories for the rest of your life and you can live on that go ahead... Look at all the people that have lost over 100 pounds and kept it off? Eat good foods, as clean( unprocessed) as possible, good fats (peanut butter olive oil) and 60 min a day for exercise is plenty. Remember this is a lifestyle if you try too hard you won't be able to keep it up... It's your choice
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    Check out this thread - good info here - you are not eating enough!
  • I'm new here...been on mfp for 3 days now. Just saw your post and think you're doing great and should be proud of yourself for losing so much weight! Don't give up! I don't have many friends on this site yet and would love to add you to my list. Keep up the good work:):smile:
  • I think you're doing great! Give yourself a pat on the back for all the weight you've lost :smile:
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    You have hit a body is trying to stabilize itself. I hit that wall in March and yo yo'd within 5 pounds since then, until August. Just look at what your are eating, make sure you are getting enough protein and eating as much raw, whole foods unprocessed foods as you can. If you are not doing weight training a couple time a week, you might consider adding that.

    I don't know about you, but it took me decades to put on the weight.....I know it won't go away overnight. It takes patience and effort to remold eating and activity habits.

    Good Luck and be well!!
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    The closer you get to your goal, the longer it takes. It becomes very important to eat enough, otherwise your body will try very hard to hang onto that weight. When I got close to my goal, I upped my calories, and continued to eat back all my exercise cals, and it came off at about a 1/2 to 1 lb per week average. Although I would only actually see a loss on the scale every 2 -3 weeks. Even now on maintenance, I have continued to lose (5 pounds over about 2 1/2 months).
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    Check out this thread - good info here - you are not eating enough!

    Props for the link.

    Do this and understand that once you have less to lose you need to eat more to lose it.
    Give fat a reason not to exist!
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    I'm not an expert but the research I've read suggests that exercise will help you tone, keep you healthy, and keep weight you've lost OFF, but it won't help you lose weight long term. And you've already lost a lot.

    However, all the exercise uses a LOT of calories and your body is going to want to keep every calorie it can get.

    I think you should follow the guidelines the site gives you. Calculate your maintenance calories. Subtract the calories needed to lose what you want to per week. Eat your calories.

    Exercise to keep you healthy and happy and help your body readjust to your new shape and size. But eat the calories you need to maintain that level of activity.

    Everyone is telling you to eat more and that may not make sense to you. But what you're doing isn't working. Try something else.
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    Tremendous job on your weightloss! Have you considered taking a full diet break? You might be interested in this:
  • You may have to shock your body....are you doing the same type of exercise day in and day out? Are you eating the same things everyday in the same way? Try eating what you would eat at dinner for breakfast...etc. Mix it up basically... Also, try doing different type of exercise...rollerskating, boxing, tennis etc...GL