Your first TV Crush?



  • emmab_73
    emmab_73 Posts: 33 Member
    Davy Jones from the Monkees

  • Joshua Jackson - I was a huge Dawson's Creek fan!! LOL
  • MissFit0101
    MissFit0101 Posts: 2,382
    JTT- Jonathan Taylor Thomas LOL
  • bcampbell54
    bcampbell54 Posts: 932 Member
    Hayley Mills, in Thomasina (on Walt Disney Sunday night show) when I was 6 or 7..
    I am that old.

    Then I saw her on something else more current at the time, and realized that she was an old lady of perhaps 11 or 12.
    I was heartbroken, yet intrigued still.
    Little boys, I tell ya!

    Edit: Memory is shot - it wasn't Thomasina, it was Polyanna, and there was a scary black and white one I saw earlier that got my attention.
  • Shelbert79
    Shelbert79 Posts: 517 Member
    Leonardo DiCaprio when he was on Growing Pains. I still think he's cute.
  • Asha0714
    Asha0714 Posts: 88
    Three letters: JTT.

    I was SO in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, it's ridiculous. I was like 10, maybe younger, I don't really remember. I just remember begging my mom for those teen magazines with pictures like this of him so I could plaster them on my bedroom walls:


    OMG and Andrew Keegan. I probably watched Camp Nowhere about 8723048273 times in the 5th grade. I was so in love with him too.


    ^^me too!

    I was convinced that i was going to marry one of them. My walls were completely covered with posters
  • Maxwell Smart. I was 7. :)

  • kmel2479
    kmel2479 Posts: 102 Member



    Yay I'm not the only one!! I LOVED him!!
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas :love:
  • jjl0412
    jjl0412 Posts: 278 Member
    Barbara EDEN!! oH YEAH GEEEENIE!!!

  • oregonzoo
    oregonzoo Posts: 4,251 Member
    Jonathan Brandis on SeaQuest.
    Nerd Status locked in.


    then he kilt himself :|
    He was SO cute!
  • MissFit0101
    MissFit0101 Posts: 2,382
    Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement


    Yes! JTT was my first and many others followed, but he was definitely the first!
  • starnca
    starnca Posts: 4 Member
    Rick Springfield as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital.....dreammmmmy to the end. Even if he is a freak!:love:
  • emmab_73
    emmab_73 Posts: 33 Member
    My dad said when I was 10 I had a huge crush on Ben Affleck in the movie Pearl Harbor

    My husband still won't let me watch movies with him in it. Because I have freely admitted I would climb him like a tree.

    Too funny!!!
  • Zach from Saved By the Bell


    that kid from Brink (Eric Von Detton?)
  • twaltemade
    twaltemade Posts: 68 Member
    Marcia Brady...she was groovy
  • MariaLivingFit
    MariaLivingFit Posts: 224 Member
    Scott Baio from Charles in Charge and Tony Danza from Who's the Boss!
  • Ange03063
    Ange03063 Posts: 55 Member

    I will always heart Zack Morris!
  • britlocs
    britlocs Posts: 124
    mine was megan good from the nickelodeon show,cousin skeeter

  • Skeels
    Skeels Posts: 929 Member
    The Soul Train dancers