Copying from friends' diaries?

How can I copy a recipe from my husband's diary to order to not have to keep inputting recipes for everyone? Our daughters can do it on their iphones, but I cannot figure out how to do it on the computer. I know how to copy from one day or one meal to myself.... but I want to be able to share with my husband.

Any suggestions?


  • jencooks
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    bump. wondering the same thing...
  • TexasSunny
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    Dang.... I got all excited... thought someone had an answer!!! Maybe you can only do it from the iphone app?
  • Nan_
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    I've wondered that too!
  • newmooon56
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    husband and I have not figured it out- on the computer or phone- no joy.

    We sit and compare - the best we can do- We read a lot of labels so we're versed on what we are looking for so we can build the recipe, be close to correct as possible and also match - since we eat a lot of the same foods- just diff. portions.

    Sharing recipes should work here- we all post recipes- hopefully theres an answer or soon will be?
  • JessMason24
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    hoping there's an answer coming soon...
  • amyhoss
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    Can't you submit the recipe to MFP database?
  • kaajay
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    just a suggestion: if you and husband share same amount of calories, after inputting inot one diary, get the total and add as quick calories.

    ...ack, I just reread postings -- different portions... right.
  • Barbellsandthimbles
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    I don't see any way to share recipes from one diary to another. If you enter the recipe as public, then you can search for it on the other phone to add but if it's not public/published (whatever they call it on here!) then it's only going to show on your phone.

    Hopefully I'm wrong and someone will tell you how to share food easily! :D
  • NelehY
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    Firstly we each had to make our food diaries 'open to view by others'.

    1) Husband logs in on one window and opens to the menu page required
    2) I open up another window and log in
    3) Go back to Husbands window and use quick tool to copy to date
    4) Select date and copy - which then appears in my diary

    Not sure if it's the proper way but it seems to work for us.
    We also do the same/similar for copying recipes over.

    Hope that helps!
  • superpapa16
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    With the websiteyou cannot copy a diary entry from one user to the other. If it's a recipe you can submit it to the database and then search for it under the other account. This is really something that should be updated!

    For those asking about the app you can, at least on the iPhone app, click on the "wrench" when looking at a friends diary and then there should be an option to copy it to your diary.
  • Busymomshantell
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    I input the recipe on my page, enter it by it on a day where nothing else is listed. Go through my phone to get total nutrient count and make it a Food so my hubby can use it. It would be great if there was a way to copy - it gets annoying to do everytime I cook something. But making him a food, is a lot easier than reentering the recipe again.
  • kattbyrd67
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    Until we can share, whichever one of you inputs the recipe needs to input the portions. First do the other person's portion, give them the calorie count to quick add, and then change the portion to what you actually ate. It's a pain, but it will work...and it's less of a pain than having to enter the recipe twice.
  • c4pn
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    I take a serving size from a recipe and input it under "my foods" for my boyfriend's account so that it lists all the macros when he logs it and I don't have to input all the recipe stuff twice.
  • bellesouth18
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    Cut and paste. Highlight the info you want to have by clicking and then dragging the cursor over the words. Do control+C to copy what you just highlighted. Open your diary or a word processing program on your desktop (like Wordperfect, etc.). Do control+V to paste it into the new page. :happy:

    If you copy it from his onto something to use for a hard copy, then you can input the info into your diary.
  • tvanhooser
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    I tried submitting a family recipe to the database so that I could easily copy it over to my daughter's menu without having to re-enter the whole thing but it didn't work. It just told me they are "in the process" of collecting recipes for a sharing feature in the future but that it isn't available yet. I searched in the database for the recipe I entered and it didn't show up. So definitely not fully functional there. I hope this "coming soon" feature is sooner than later because I use the recipe calculator ALOT since we do alot of cook from scratch and family recipes at our house. And since my daughter pretty much has to eat what I fix, it would be EXTREMELY helpful to just share all the family recipes with her page. I don't care so much if I can share them at large, although I'd be happy to do so but being able to send a recipe to a friend at least -- that would be SO helpful. If any of TPTB are listening to this -- HINT HINT!! :o)
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