Jillian Michael's 6w6p

Hey I just started Jillian's 6w6p, and I was wondering what would it be under so I can track it on my excersie chart?


  • myfitnessval
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    your closest bet is aerobics, high intensity. until i had a HRM thats what i tracked my JM workouts as.
  • shelbiejo
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    I was told to do it as general circuit training for all her videos.
  • Thank you so much!
  • Giraffe33991
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    How to track Jillian Michaels DVDs in MFP

    The Biggest Winner Series(all) = cardio @ high intensity
    30 Day Shred = circuit training
    No More Trouble Zones = circuit training
    Banish Fat Boost Metabolism = cardio @ high intensity
    TBL Power Sculpt = circuit training
    TBL Last Chance Workout = circuit training
    Yoga Meltdown = circuit training
    Shred-It = circuit training (use a kettlebell or dumbbell)
    6 Week 6 Pack = strength (so you can track each exercise in the workout)
    Ripped in 30 = circuit training
  • jacqui1612
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    There may not be an entry for it in the database. The best thing would be to get a heart rate monitor. This way you can set it up and it will calculate your calories burnt based on your heart rate. It will a lot more reliable and accurate than MPF's calculations. And if you get one use it for every time you exercise.
    I have a Polar FT7 which is great and the brand seems very popular. There are some cheaper ones so if your on a budget go for them. Look on Ebay for second hand ones or ones going cheap even.
    Hope this helps :)
  • zenchild
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    I gave up and got a HRM. It reads WAY different than MFP estimates. Maybe circuit training?